Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415: Trial Palace Rewards

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As soon as they entered the world zone, they immediately felt as if they were being crushed by an invisible mountain, their strength was suddenly restricted to the world, and a sense of repression came to their hearts.

The Trial Palace in the World Zone is not far away from the junction of the two realms. They only flew half an hour, and they saw a huge palace appearing in the sky!

The palace is divided into a total of twelve, it seems to be arranged in a certain mysterious pattern, and it seems to give people a mysterious and unpredictable feeling alone.

"This is the Trial Palace in the World District. The Trial Palace here is different from the Emperor District. It is said that this is a virtual battle with many ancient creatures. Every battle will have a very generous reward as long as it wins! "When Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande's eyes, he knew that the other party knew nothing about it, so he explained.

"Fight against Archaic Creatures!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed a longing!

"Good! And each palace is a ghost image of an ancient creature. As long as the legend can successfully defeat the ghost image of twelve ancient creatures, it will fight the ultimate ghost image of the ancient king of God! The ghost of ancient creatures, the Trial Palace will lower the reward according to your fighting level!" Sun Yang said that he was a little bloody.

"What! There is such a good place! Why didn't you say it early!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were dazzling, and he felt that this place was completely prepared for him.

"I... I thought Brother Zhao knew! Didn't the information I sent to Brother Zhao read it?" Sun Yang couldn't help but wonder.

"Oh! Haha... I'm too busy practicing, I forgot!" Zhao Yuande found the materials sent by Sun Yang from the storage space, and it really introduced the trial palace in the two regions in detail.

"This material is only available to our five forces. Brother Zhao, take a good look!" Sun Yang said.


They soon fell before the twelve trial palaces.

As soon as he reached the range of one hundred feet before the trial palace, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a powerful breath covering the whole world. He felt as if he was being stared by a pair of invisible big eyes, giving him a feeling of being peeped.

However, Zhao Yuande, who has read the information, is not nervous at this time, because he knows that this is a safe area of the entire trial area. This force is the cohesion of world rules. The purpose is naturally not to peep at them, but to maintain order!

To make this a peaceful zone!

At this time, there were no fewer than a dozen people in front of the trial palace. At this time, they all sat cross-legged on the ground, some of them showed contemplation, some of them showed loss, some of them showed a touch of joy, and others Looking around...

When Sun Yang saw the man looking away, there was a slight relief on his face.

This pretty girl looking away is just a little eccentric Sun Xiaoqi.

"Xiaoqi!" Sun Yang called her gently.

When Sun Xiaoqi saw Sun Yang, a smile appeared on his face, and he ran a little excitedly.

"Sun Yang, you are finally here! Do you know? I'm in the second house!" Sun Xiaoqi didn't seem to face the uncle's consciousness at all, but called Sun Yang's name directly.

"Second house? Not bad! I don't know how you rank? Have you entered the top one thousand?" Sun Yang didn't take it seriously when he heard the other person calling his name directly, as if he was already accustomed to this name, but curious Asked about the trial.

"No... I ranked more than 19,000 in the first level, the second house... The second house ranked a little higher, more than 17,000..." Sun Xiaoqi's face suddenly changed when he heard this from the other party. Somewhat upset.

"It's okay! Just pass it... It's not bad to say more than 10,000 people. It hasn't been known that millions of people have successfully passed the trial. It's amazing that you can rank more than 10,000!" Sun Yang said in fact It's also true.

For hundreds of millions of years, more than a few million people have entered the trials of the Heavenly Kingdom, and I dont know how many people have successfully passed the first and second levels!

And Sun Xiaoqi can rank more than 10,000 among these millions of people, it is really not easy!

This also shows her high talent!

"Xiaoqi, what about your sister? And Sun Daolong, how many levels did they pass?" Sun Yang was still curious about the other two.

"What is my sister...that's my sister, OK!" Sun Xiaoqi's obvious face showed disappointment when she heard the words of her sister.

"Good! Your sister..." Sun Yang smiled bitterly.

"It's about the same. My sister also passed the first level, and he is working on the second level! Anyway, there are five days in each level, and I can't die, but I can't beat it again! As for the nasty Sun Daolong, now In the third level!" Sun Xiaoqi said.

"What's their ranking?" Sun Yang is most concerned about this.

"My sister's first level is a little over 20,000, and Sun Daolong is 50,000 away! This second level, Sun Daolong, this guy doesn't know if he is suddenly enlightened. He ran in front of me and took more than 15,000..." Sun Xiaoqi seemed to Very reluctant to see this Sun Daolong is stronger than himself, unhappy with pouts all over his face!

"Well! Sun Daolong is good, he probably got some kind of reward in the first hurdle, let his strength advance, so as to..." Sun Yang nodded, his face showing a clear look, he was suddenly curious Looked at Sun Xiaoqi, "Xiaoqi, I don't know what reward you have received after two levels?"

"Humph! I won't tell you!" Sun Xiaoqi held his head high, ignoring Sun Yang, but his eyes showed a little cunning.

"As long as you tell me, I will give you the pot of cloud fairy Jinlan after going back!" Sun Yang smiled slightly, and threw a killer directly.

"Really? Great!" Sun Xiaoqi jumped up excitedly. "I have valued your pot for a long time...No, it's too cheap for you!"

It's such a big secret that I only change a pot of spirit flowers.

Then she immediately denied it and tried to pretend to be indifferent, but anyone could see the desire in her eyes.

"Oh! Never mind, that fairy fairy orchid has been raised by my mother for more than ten years..." Sun Yang smiled at the corner of his mouth.

"Okay! Okay, I'm telling you!" Sun Xiaoqi heard the other party's repentance, and he didn't dare to hesitate anymore and agreed directly.

"It's almost the same!" Sun Yang smiled, he knew the temperament of this girl.

"I got a magical power in the first level, called Sun and Moon Rotation! But it is too esoteric, I cant understand it! In the second level, I got the immortal power, and the potential in my body was stimulated, but I didnt have the fighting power. What a big relationship!" Sun Xiaoqi said with some disappointment.

"Oh!" Sun Yang heard this from the other side, and he couldn't help moving his face.

A kind of magical power, which stimulates the potential in the body. These are the rewards that people dream of. This guy is so reluctant, really speechless!

"Okay! Magical powers must not be seen by others! And what you need most now is to go out and practice!" Sun Yang just said here, and suddenly remembered the threat of daytime screams, he couldn't help but say helplessly, "Recently, you still Dont go out and stay here. There is some conflict between us and the Baidi Palace, and even Sun Daoyi was taken away by him!"

"The guy Sun Daoyi was finally arrested!" Sun Xiaoqi didn't expect to feel the atmosphere when he heard this hour. Instead, he waved his fist in excitement. Zhao Yuande was a little speechless.