Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Help Me

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"Remember me! Don't leave the Trial Palace recently!" Sun Yang repeatedly reminded.

"Okay! Okay, I'm not going to go out!" Sun Xiaoqi waved impatiently.

"Brother Zhao, this girl is like this, and I can't help it!" Sun Yang reluctantly smiled at Zhao Yuande.

"Very cute." Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Brother Zhao, why don't we try too?" Sun Yang looked at the first hurdle in front of him and couldn't help but eager to try!

"Good! I have been looking forward to it for a long time!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, but when he saw Zhao Shi fourteen, he couldn't help but feel a bit sorry.

Zhao XIV cannot enter the Trial Palace. Entering the Trial Palace requires his own identity jade card, and the identity jade card must be refined by himself.

"You are looking at Sun Xiaoqi here!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Zhao Xie.

In fact, if the reward is a kind of sentiment, or a kind of exercise, Zhao Shide will also get the way through Zhao Yuande.

But just as two people were about to enter the Trial Palace, a figure flew in the distance.

"Sun Yang, Zhao Yuande, listen to me. Sun Daoyi is already in the hands of our White Emperor Palace. If he wants him to live, he will exchange things with him!" The person quickly fell into the security zone, watching The madness appeared on their faces.

"Oh!" Sun Yang saw the person appear, and suddenly appeared a smile on his face.

Sun Xiaoqi, who was on the side, was grunting and almost laughed out loud.

Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a good look. He looked forward to what kind of feeling the other party would have if he knew the relationship between Sun Yang and Sun Daoyi.

"Don't believe it?" The man thought that the other party didn't believe it and sneered. "I have already passed on the news that you are here to Brother Bai. I believe he will be here in person soon. Don't be dumbfounded!"

All the people before the first level of this matter also opened their eyes one after another, and they have been aroused a lot of interest by the other party's words.

Has the face been torn between the Sun family and Baidi Palace? It seems that a big show is about to be staged!

They passed messages one after another, and soon there were more and more people watching here.

And Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang did not rush into the first level at this time, so they began to wait for the daylight to come.

"By the way, she almost forgot Duanmu Feiyun. She should have taken out the Qibao Liuli Tree at this time!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Duanmu Feiyun at this time.

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it too!" Sun Yang suddenly heard curiosity when he heard this.

"Miss Duanmu, has Qibao Liulishu already got it?" Zhao Yuande entered the body world and saw Duanmu Feiyun stunned at this moment, he couldn't help asking.

"Oh! It's done!" Duanmu Feiyun was still a little uneasy at this time. His emotions on Zhao Yuande's face were very complicated.

"Okay, then come and watch a good show! But you have to change your appearance a little bit, otherwise it will bring trouble to Xuan Ji Sect!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"A play?" Duanmu Feiyun puzzled.

"I will know when I come out!" Zhao Yuande said nothing, waiting for her to change her appearance, and then pulled him out of the body world directly.

At this time, there were already forty or fifty people gathered before the first pass, and a few people of the Xuan Ji Sect were also listed.

"You go to Xuan Jizong's side! Don't show your feet in front of Xiao Xiao in the daytime!" Zhao Yuande said to Duanmu Feiyun.

"Huh!" Duanmu Feiyun looked at Zhao Yuande with complicated eyes, and he couldn't help sighing for a while.

What a thoughtful and considerate man, a pity... pity...

Duanmu Feiyun quickly returned to Xuan Jizong's side. She didn't know what to say to the people, and there was shock in her eyes.

They turned their gaze to Zhao Yuande, and their faces also showed gratitude.

Zhao Yuande just nodded slightly to them.

The people of Xuanji Sect also seemed to have been asked by Duanmu Feiyun, and did not show much.

Especially the two girls who are familiar with the young Taoist Zhengyu, looked at Zhao Yuande with curiosity at this time, not knowing what they were thinking at this time.

When everyone was in a hurry, there were more than a dozen silhouettes in the distance, and it was the daytime roar!

What made Zhao Yuande a little surprised was that, beside Xiao Xiao in the daytime, in addition to the young man holding the fan and the woman in red, he was standing again with the black warrior, and he came back to life again.

"Does he have similar exercises to his undead body?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little curious about the black warrior.

At this time, the **** armored man was looking at Zhao Yuande, Zhao 14 and Sun Yang with fierce faces.

He was detonated by three people and lost nearly two-thirds of his blood.

Now his realm is vain and his combat power is greatly reduced. He has changed from a genius to a mediocrity. It is basically impossible to pass the trial palace!

"Sun Yang! I didn't expect you to dare to be here!" Xiao Xiao fell in front of the first level during the day, and her eyes stared at the three of them coldly.

"When we are afraid that you will not succeed?" Sun Yang couldn't help but grin. Anyway, he had already seen his face with Xiao Xiao during the day, and even begging for mercy is now useless.

"Well, Brother Sun! It's a waste of time to talk about this kind of people. Let's quickly enter the first level!" Zhao Yuande waved at Sun Yang without even looking at the daytime.

"You really don't see the coffin and weep, see who this person is!" Xiao Xiao waved his hand during the day, and a disciple of the White Emperor Palace behind him directly pulled a person from the space and threw it on the ground, not Sun Dayi. Who!

At this time, Sun Daoyi had recovered his sobriety, and he saw people watching around him, looking at Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande, and suddenly his face was ashamed!

He knew that his life was over! There is no chance to climb to the top of cultivation again!

Under these eyes, he was thrown on the ground like garbage, how could he have a face in front of these people in the future!

A heart demon has been planted in his heart. Unless he can kill the day scream, this heart demon cannot be removed at all!

The power of the daytime scream is especially what he can shake, so the demons are destined to always be with him!

This stain will make him unable to lift his head in his life!

"Who is this person? Why do I feel so familiar?" Sun Yang suddenly saw an exaggerated expression on his face when he saw Sun Daoyi, "Yeah, cousin, how could it be you? How about a handsome unparalleled cousin? Will he become a prisoner?"

When Xiao Xiao saw Sun Yang's performance during the day, he suddenly felt a sudden in his heart. He could feel the irony in Sun Yang's words. Doesn't the other party care about Sun Daoyi's life or death?

" me!" Sun Daoyi already knew that he had no hope of competing with Sun Yang for the position of young master, but even then he didn't want to die, he knew if someone was at this time Only the cousin in front of him could save him.

Therefore, he could only look at Sun Yang pleadingly, expecting that the other party would watch his cousin's relationship save his life.