Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420: We Dont Understand The World Of Genius

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At this time a majestic figure appeared at the door of the first palace.

"Congratulations to Master Bai for entering the 500!"

"Congratulations to Master Bai..."


Some people saw the screaming during the day, and suddenly the tidal wave of **** took a picture.

The battle in this zodiac is as short as ten hours and as long as several days! Not only can one see the fighting strength of a person, but also the heart and potential of a person.

Looking at everyone's flattering and eager eyes, there was a trace of satisfaction in Xiao Xiao's face during the day.

"Brother! Brother!" The people of the White Emperor Palace immediately came to surround the daytime, and their faces were full of worship.

"Brother, congratulations! You must win this time!" The young man with a fan also hurried forward to face the day's roar, and his attitude became more respectful.

"Huh!" Xiao Xiao looked at the younger brother during the day, the more satisfied she was!

The young man with a fan saw his gaze during the daytime, and his heart burst into a rage, knowing that if the master can really win this time, he will surely become his true cronies in the future!

There were not many capable men and women in the same boat beside the fairy emperor. It seems that he will become the right arm of the master on the road in the future.

He was fortunate in his heart for a while, thanks to not listening to the woman in red just now, he did not leave quietly.

"Four hundred and seventy-two?" Zhao Yuande grinned and smiled dismissively. "It's a triumphant achievement at this point, it's a real laugh!"

Zhao Yuande's voice was abrupt and harsh, and he frowned when he heard it in the daytime.

"Boy! You really dont know that the sky is thick and thick, do you know what this 472 represents? This is the total ranking that has passed the first level in hundreds of millions of years. If you have the ability to try, maybe you cant even rank one million. "Go!" At this time, the young man holding the fan had already regarded himself as his left arm and right arm on the road, so he suddenly sneered at the words of Zhao Yuande.

"Good! A little-known guy who just knows how to talk, what are you qualified to comment on Brother Bai!"

"You know a fart, Brother Bai's talent is almost the same as the Spiritual Emperor..."

"Forget it! This kind of person is not worth talking to him! This is just a fool!"


"A group of short-sighted villains added to an ambitious idiot, you are a perfect match!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiao Xiao and the crowd around him and couldn't help but grin, and his disdain made these people angry.

Of course, at this time, some people did not think that Zhao Yuande would only talk.

These people have seen Zhao Yuande shot before, especially the three women who are not far away are looking at Zhao Yuande with staring eyes.

"Yun Lan, do you say that Zhao Yuande is arrogant and ignorant, or is he confident?" An Yunqiu looked at Zhao Yuande, his face puzzled.

"Yes! This person has some skill, killing the Han family without hesitation, more importantly, his power is definitely not part of the daytime roar, I think he is not arrogant!" An Yunli said.

"I think he must be stronger than the daytime scream. His words seem arrogant, but maybe it is his heart!" An Yunlan said solemnly.

"Hey! We really don't understand the world of genius!" An Yunqiu shook his head, and there was a trace of helplessness on his face. "I thought I was already a genius, and now I find that I am really ordinary compared with them. , Ordinary ordinary people!"

"Yes! It's really unwilling!" An Yunli was also deeply touched.

They are all geniuses in Anjia. They are envied and admired by thousands of people in Anjia. They feel right to be able to enter the Huntian Immortal Kingdom and try them out.

But now the blows are too much.

"Sister cousin, everyone has a different way, don't be pretentious!" An Yunlan said lightly. "Now the infinite scenery does not mean that they will be able to become immortal emperors. The road to enlightenment is full of crises. This kind of genius is likely to forget these hardships and crises because of complacency and the pursuit of some people. They are also the easiest people to become the bones of the road to success!"

"Yun Lan! You must not be complacent, but you are our hope of setting up a home, and you must compare that Yao Kongzhu!"

"Yes, the two of you are also called the two great geniuses. They are definitely not worse than the daytime. You might as well try the Zodiac as Yunlan?"

"Go! Be sure to go, let this group of Baihezhou guys see, the central fairyland is the center of fairyland, and Princess An is the focus of the center!"


The two were just a little bit depressed, but when they talked about An Yunlan, they immediately opened their eyes excitedly!

An Yunlan was said by the two cousins, and his heart suddenly moved!

She also wants to know what the gap is between her and the sages, and how she ranks!

Of course, what she wanted to know most was where Zhao Yuande could be ranked.

"Okay! I'm going, but I still have to wait until that Sun Yang comes out!" An Yunlan finally made a decision.

"An Yunlan! Isn't it better than us?" Just when An Yunlan's words just fell, a woman who was covered in black gauze slowly appeared before her.

"Yao Kongzhu!" An Yunlan saw this woman, and her indifferent eyes showed a sense of war. "Okay! Since that is the case, then we will win or lose in the twelfth house! Let's compare the rankings, see Who can go further!"

"It's up to you!" Yao Kongzhu's voice was very pleasant, but there was a hint of murder in it. The woman's body covered in black gauze was curvy, but she released a chilly air. Unbearable.

"Then wait for their results!" An Yunlan said.

"it is good!"

During the day, Xiao Xiao rested for two hours before replenishing the consumption in the first level. He stepped directly to the second palace without hesitation!

People started to talk boringly about Sun Yang's ranking, and Bai Xiaotian's performance in the second pass.

At this time, more and more testers heard the news, whether it was the Emperor District or the World District, almost half of them came.

Now there are more than one hundred people here!

At this time, Zhao Yuande began to sit cross-legged silently, taking this opportunity to start practicing.

However, the people who practiced for a while were really too noisy. He always felt a little calm and began to sort out the gains of these days.

A dozen pieces of second-grade fairy treasures, a dozen pieces of third-grade fairy treasures, six pieces of fourth-grade fairy treasures, a large number of cultivation materials, fairy medicines, and tens of millions of top-grade fairy jade!

He sorted these things into categories, and after sorting them out, he sent many precious things to the other side of the world, and the others were put into several storage spaces.

After finishing these things, he opened his eyes again and found that there were already some people overwhelmed.