Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424: An Attitude

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But although you are thousands of feet tall, the gate of the demon **** is too small compared to the head of the six-eyed demon god. The six-eyed demon **** wants to break free, but did not expect it to be so easy, but stuck on the door.

Seeing Sanwei Zhenhuo blasting on his shoulders and smelling his own burnt flesh, Liumu Demon almost cried!

"Forgive me, forgive me, I'm wrong! Really wrong!" The Six-eye Demon God only felt a terrifying force hit his wound again, and the cracks in his bones were getting bigger and bigger!

"It's too late! It's too late!" Zhao Yuande urged the Yinyang and Yangzhao Tianjing, and Sanwei Zhenhuo shot again.

Even Zhao Yuande felt a loss of spiritual power this time!

The release of Sanwei Zhenhuo consumes too much spiritual power, and even his endless **** guy has only released it three times and will be exhausted. It can be seen that if you want to urge this mirror, you still need the support of Xianli!

Sanwei Zhenhuo burned for the third time, the shoulders of the Six-eye Demon God had only burnt black bones, and the bones were full of cracked lines.

"No! No..." The Six-eyed Demon God was stuck in the Demon God's Gate, and he could not go back or forth tonight, seeing that one of his arms would be broken, and finally screamed in horror!

After Zhao Yuande's third impact, the arm with a length of several thousand feet finally snapped off his shoulder!

"Haha! Great harvest!" Zhao Yuande grabbed his broken arm and directly entered his own body world.

"Oh! I remember you, I remember you! We will meet one day!" Six-eye Demon God broke his arm and suddenly gave a frightened and unwilling scream, but he also got away because of this, this guy six The eyes stared at Zhao Yuande fiercely and gradually retreated to the door of the demon god.

"Remember, remember! See you next time, it's your death time!" Zhao Yuande sneered disdainfully, a demon monster equivalent to God Emperor Peak Realm!

The young boy of the Han family was already desperate at this time. In his view, the Six-Eye Demon God who should be able to sweep through all of them was actually left an arm here by someone alive!

He completely lost his fighting spirit, and the whole person was like a frosted eggplant, and he put his head on his head.

"Now the boy of the Han family, please explain to me why there is such a thing as the door of the demon god!" Zhao Yuande walked step by step in front of the boy of the Han family, his big hand stretched out and pinched his neck directly, holding him hard Raised it.

"I...I..." The young boy of the Han family was completely white, but he couldn't say anything.

"Is your cold family colluding with the demon world and want to subvert our fairy world!" Zhao Yuande shouted sharply.

"No... no... this has nothing to do with our Han family, it has nothing to do!" The Han family boy heard this and suddenly waved his hands in shock!

"It's not your cold family colluding with the demon world, where did your demon god's gate come from?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "This thing can't be in the fairy world. Only the devil realm will make it. Is there a devil in your cold family? Strong!"

Zhao Yuande's words are to pull Han Family into the quagmire, so that everyone can hear the fact that Han Family colludes with the Devil Race!

"We have no Han family, absolutely no!" There was a trace of despair in the Han family boy's voice.

"Yes or not, whether you have it or not is not yours! I will imprison you and wait for the trial space to hand you over to someone who can pry your mouth open!" Zhao Yuande was imprisoned without hesitation His spiritual power and physical body imprisoned him in the void prison of the other side of the world.

"This Demon God's Gate, I will bring it back together, and turn it in!" Zhao Yuande took the demon God's Gate, which had lost its strength, into a slap-sized door again.

At this time in the crowd, a pair of cold eyes stared at the gate of the demon **** in Zhao Yuande's hands.

Zhao Yuande felt something different, hurriedly looked along that feeling, and suddenly saw a black figure sink into the crowd.

"Humph! Can't help it?" Zhao Yuande looked at this black figure and naturally knew who he was.

Zhao Yuande strode back to the safe area, and everyone's gaze finally changed.

He used to think that he would only stay in the bragging zone, but now it has completely changed. This is simply a peerless fierce man, stronger than the daytime roar!

No wonder people look down on howling during the day, that is really capable, really a genius among geniuses!

At this time, a group of people in the Baidi Palace looked very unsightly, especially the young man with a fan. There was a faint feeling in his heart.

Except for Duanmu Feiyun, the others in Xuanji Sect looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with extremely complicated expressions. They never knew that Zhao Yuande was so powerful and so against the sky! It is even more awesome than the daytime scream!

His departure is really a big loss for Xuanji Sect, and I don't know what Xuanji Sect's ancestors thought!

There is an unbelievable look in the eyes of the young Taoist Zhengyu, but he is a person in the Central Immortal Realm. He has seen countless geniuses, and he is also a super genius.

However, in his eyes, many of the geniuses in the Central Immortal Territory are rarely compared with Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande returned to the Shen Tujia family and smiled at them.

"Thank you for your action just now." Zhao Yuande arched his hand.

"Ah! We can't do anything to help, Brother Zhao, don't laugh at us!" Shen Tu Yingjie hurriedly waved his hand, his face embarrassed.

But at this time, his heart was full of joy. Zhao Yuande's performance made him overjoyed. Several of his family's companions didn't believe what he said, and felt he attached too much importance to Zhao Yuande.

After this battle comes down, that one is not with deep respect and fear in the eyes!

"Hey! Brother Shen Tu needn't say much, all I need is an attitude!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the people of the Xuanji Sect not far away, and pointed to the Sun family, "Look, one is my original Zong Door, one is the force I belong to now, and none of them come out to help me."

Actually, Zhao Yuande didn't expect these people to help himself, but he didn't have the least expression, didn't it make people feel chilly?

Of course, Duanmu Feiyun's feelings were also remembered in his heart.

Just as everyone watched Zhao Yuande talking, the miserable Yao Kongzhu was finally recovered!

She looked at Zhao Yuande with complicated eyes, and there was a trace of terror in her eyes.

Fortunately, she was not angry for a moment and decided to fight with Zhao Yuande outside the safe area, otherwise she would have become a soul of death! Now it seems that I am not even an opponent even in the heyday!

Zhao Yuande solved everyone in the Han family in the trial space, and the sulking in his heart was also out!

He has completely calmed down now, considering what he should do next.