Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: Blessing Is Deep

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Just when he was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a look around him from time to time.

There was a very cold atmosphere in his eyes, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

He didn't turn around to know who the owner of this gaze was. He felt that the young boy in Han's family must be inextricably connected with the master of gaze.

He is not in a hurry to pull this person out, he should slowly let him reveal his feet, and let him reveal his true identity.

The place of Qianshanzhou is adjacent to the Demon Realm, and there are demon spies in the Qianshan Xuan Palace. This is not a good thing.

The Qianli embankment was destroyed in the ant cave, maybe Qianshan Xuan Palace would fall because of the demon's spies, and Qianshanzhou will inevitably fall into the hands of the demon, then I am afraid that the entire Qianshanzhou will become a Slaughterhouse!

Now that Zhao Yuande knows this, he cannot let this happen!

He thought about it, I am afraid that only one person can stop this, that is the Spiritual Emperor!

Only the Emperor Lingxu could convince him!

Zhao Yuande thought about it alone. Several people in the Shentu family around him saw that he was sad in his eyebrows. He thought he was guilty of killing a few people in the Han family for an impulse, so he didn't bother him.

I don't know how long after that, a golden beam of light suddenly burst into the sky in the first palace, and the endless golden light reopened the clouds and rushed beyond Jiuxiao!

"This... what's the situation?" Many people looked at the golden beam of light for a long time, and couldn't help but grow their mouth in surprise!

"Is it true that Sun Yang, who lives in Sun's family, successfully passed the first hurdle?" someone whispered incredulously.

"That's it! Absolutely, I said this Sun Yang will definitely win!"

"Go... didn't you just say that Sun Yang is not as good as howling during the day?"

"Nonsense, you just heard it wrong!"


"Haha! This guy really surprised me!" Zhao Yuande felt a familiar breath appear before the first palace, not who Sun Yang was!

Zhao Yuande came to Sun Yang's side in one step and looked at the joy on his face, he knew that the other side succeeded.

"Hurry up and see how many people are there?" Zhao Yuandela walked to Sun Yu with Sun Yang!

They followed the first place until they reached the 465th place, and finally saw Sun Yang's name!

"Haha! Sure enough, it's much stronger than that idiot. I'm not wrong about you!" Zhao Yuande's face was taken for granted.

"Not all of Brother Zhao's vigorous cultivation, hehe!" Sun Yang also couldn't help but talk.

The Sun family, the Shen Tu family, and even the Xuanji Sect who had a little contact with Sun Yang couldn't help but cast envy and admiration at Sun Yang!

And some hostile forces such as Tian Yizong, the face of the White Emperor Palace is now full of dignity!

The talent displayed by Sun Yang has exceeded their imagination, they feel that they have been seriously threatened!

You should know that the most powerful immortal emperor in the Central Immortal Palace, Lingxu Emperor, was only 461 at that time, and the difference of the four was very close!

This is even more shocking than Zhao Yuande just showed great power, beheaded everyone in the Han family, and torn off the arm of the Six-eye Demon God!

The young man with a fan had already felt bad, and his face was disturbed. The things he expected were likely to happen. His eyes turned to the red woman next to him.

The woman in red also looked badly at him, and the two looked at each other, and immediately understood each other's thoughts.

"Find an opportunity to leave, it looks like Brother Bai..." The young man holding the fan hadn't finished his words. Suddenly, the second palace was glorious and generous, colorful clouds were floating out, and the beautiful music slowly sounded!

The crowd quickly turned their attention to the second palace.

"How is this going to happen? Colorful auspicious clouds, heaven and earth sounds, is it the daytime whistle?"

"Go! Hurry up and see!"

"Sun Yang has just broken the record of the daytime roar, and the daytime roar has made such a movement in the second light. Now there is a lot of excitement to watch."

"It really seems to be a fight between dragons and tigers!"


The young man with a fan who just wanted to leave saw this scene, and his eyes lit up, and he strode toward the second palace.

At this time, the colorful brilliance on the jade jade in front of the second palace was still flashing, and a figure was already standing in front of the jade jade at this time.

"Brother! How is it?" The young man holding the fan saw this figure and immediately came behind him, anxiously asking.

"Haha!" Xiao Xiao did not answer each other's words during the day, but laughed happily, full of confidence and endless pride!

The young man holding the fan didn't wait for the answer from the master, and simply turned his gaze directly to Jade Bi, and suddenly saw a name that shone with colorful lights.

"Four hundred and twelve! Brother is four hundred and twelve!" The young man with a fan almost jumped up in excitement. He turned his gaze to the people behind him, and his mouth outlined a smug smile.

The rushed people all showed extremely shocking light. Just now they were still shocked at the ranking of Sun Yang's first pass 465, and now they jumped directly to 412!

After everyone was shocked, they turned their attention to Sun Yang who was talking and laughing with Zhao Yuande. What they want to know now is how Sun Yang will react to seeing this ranking.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang also naturally heard the excitement of the young fans.

"Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang. He was really afraid that the other party would lose confidence in seeing this ranking.

"Brother Zhao, you look down on me a little bit!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande looking at himself, and immediately lowered his voice and said in the ear of Zhao Yuande, "Brother Zhao didn't know what reward I got in the first level, hehe!"

"Oh! The reward of the first level? What is it?" Zhao Yuande heard the word reward and couldn't help but brighten his eyes.

Every pass, Tiandao will reward you according to your achievements, and this reward is connected to the treasure house hidden in the void of the heavenly fairyland!

There are countless treasures in the treasure trove, and I heard that the Huntian Immortal Kingdom's strongest immortal treasure Huntian Banner was also in it. In theory, if you are amazing enough, you should have a chance to get this treasure!

Of course, this is only an assumption, and no one knows whether this treasure is still in the treasure house!

"It's a six-piece Xianbao Xunbao Wutian Promise Sword!" Sun Yang showed a smug look on his face, and he continued, "I got this Xianbao, and the fighting power is at least 30% higher than the original. I am absolutely confident. Not weaker than the daytime scream!"

You should know that treasures are also a person's chance and a part of one's own strength. Being able to get such treasures shows that Sun Yangfu has a deep fate!