Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426: The Power Of The Heavenly Kingdom

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"Good! Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, he asked with great interest, "What kind of ancient creatures did you encounter in this first level?"

"In the first hurdle I encountered a terrifying existence of three heads and six arms. Although its strength was suppressed in the world, its strength is extremely powerful, and its vitality is extremely thick. It is even more than the mutant icefield bear we encountered. Be strong!" Sun Yang mentioned the creature, and he couldn't help but show a deep fear on his face.

"If it wasn't for Xuan Ming God Armor, I'm afraid I couldn't reach this ranking at all! According to my conclusion, this first hurdle is to test your comprehensive strength. It takes a long time to grind and toughen your opponents!" Sun Yang said .

"Oh! That's the case." Zhao Yuande nodded. He saw that Sun Xiaoqi had arrived behind Sun Yang, and he couldn't help asking again, "Sun Xiaoqi, what ancient creature did you encounter in the first level? How did you defeat?"

"I... I met a unicorn with a length of thousands of feet. This cow is very powerful, but it is very clumsy. I spent twelve hours to kill it!" Sun Xiaoqi heard Zhao Yuande questioned and hurriedly answered.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded, he also decided to break through the first level.

"Brother Zhao, looking at what you mean, it seems to be thinking..." Sun Yang's eyes suddenly showed the light of expectation!

Zhao Yuande's power is most clearly understood. His heart suddenly jumped fast at this time. He hardly needs to know that Zhao Yuande's ranking will inevitably shock the world!

Even... even he felt that Zhao Yuande might enter the top 100!

"Oh! There is indeed this idea." Zhao Yuande nodded.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, many people also showed their expectation in their eyes.

Although they knew that Zhao Yuande was incredibly powerful, there was no clear standard for how strong he was and how far he was against the sky. If he entered the first level, it would be clear at a glance.

At this time, the daytime roar standing at the gate of the second palace naturally learned the ranking of Sun Yang from the mouth of the people around him, and his eyes turned to Sun Yang.

He has just walked out of the second palace, and he has also won the ranking of 412, and he has also obtained a huge benefit after successfully breaking through the customs, which makes him confident. In the next third test Enter within 399!

So his eyes are full of raging fighting intent! Full of unprovoked provocation!

"You see that idiot is challenging you!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiao Xiao during the day and couldn't help but sneer from the corner of his mouth.

"Relax! I'm torture him steadily!" Sun Yang patted his storage ring, and the six-pin Xianbao Huntian Wuji knife was lying quietly at the moment.

Sun Yang's eyes looked at the daytime roar without fear, which included confidence, warfare, and a trace of excitement!

"Has the sword been refined?" Zhao Yuande thought of this most critical question.

"As soon as it falls into the hands, it will be refined automatically. The means of the heavenly kingdom is really not imaginable!" Sun Yang nodded and couldn't help sighing.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande was slightly surprised, but nodded quickly.

He really knows how powerful the Heavenly Kingdom is!

The ability to kill a leader of the Chaos Giant Clan has far exceeded the current fairyland!

In the current fairyland, if it comes to a tribe of Chaos Giants, I am afraid that it does not even have the power of a battle, it can be pushed horizontally!

This shows the power of the heavenly kingdom of Immortals, how powerful the Immortal Realm was at that time, I am afraid that it is stronger than any Star Sea!

It seems that history is really not as recorded now, and the fall of the three great kingdoms of Baihezhou was not caused by the killing of each other. The destruction of the three great kingdoms must have the shadow of those ancient gods.

If it were not for the invasion of the ancient gods, I am afraid that the fairy world is still under the rule of these powerful fairy countries!

In detail, he has both the blood of Chaos Giants and the blood of the Royal Clan of the Heavenly Kingdom, so he has a deep disgust for these invading ancient gods!

Those ancient gods who have truly lost their homes and want to find new homes in the heavens and the worlds are just fine!

Although they occupied the land of the heavens and the world, they did not cause damage to the heavens and the world!

And the so-called Daotian, whose heart is sinister and insidious, is actually coaxing the Chaos Giants to fight against the great immortals.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt he had a long way to go. Since he learned that he inherited from Chaos Giant Clan and Huntian Immortal Kingdom, he felt that his goal had been quietly changed!

He has a feeling that although the endless years have passed, Daotian must still be living well at this time. He wants to get this culprit out. He wants justice for the heavens and the world and the Chaos Giants!

"Brother Zhao, I'm in the second level!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande's face dignified and his expression on his face kept changing. He didn't know what he was thinking. He reminded him gently.

"Oh! Good! I look forward to Brother Sun's performance!" Zhao Yuande patted the other person's shoulder and nodded gently!

Sun Yang nodded, strode toward the second palace, and compared with his **** when passing by during the day.

"Humph!" He snorted coldly during the day, his face suddenly cold.

He is not in a hurry to enter the third level this time. He wants to restore the loss in the second level just now, but also to calm down some floating state of mind!

Before he came to the third palace, he sat quietly and recovered!

At this time, people who have been watching around have already started to discuss!

"The first hurdle during the day is 472, and Sun Yang is 465, so that Sun Yang is already seven fewer than it, and the second hurdle is 412 during the day. I wonder if Sun Yang will reach this height?"

"I think it's choking, Sun Yang may be more suitable for the first level, so he will lead the daylight!"

"Good! This day Xiao Xiao has a solid foundation and strong blood! Just look at his performance in the second level. He still has this infinite potential to dig. Maybe he can successfully enter the 400 in the third level. Within bits!"

"It's just a difference of seven places, and it's nothing..."


At this time, many people are still very optimistic about Bai Xiaotian because of the 412th in the second pass. I believe he is stronger than Sun Yang!

At this time, Sun Yang also walked into the second palace in the eyes of many people and started the second pass!

Zhao Yuande exhaled for a long time. He knew that Sun Yang would not be able to get out in three or five hours when he entered the second pass, so he had to use this time to do something, and he could not stand here dumbly and wait!

He quickly walked out of the safety zone and flew towards the blue body of the blue body!