Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428: Nine Soul Mosha Banner

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After the punch fell, Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was hitting a cowhide drum. Instead of shaking the opponent, his own arm was sore!

And his body was shaken out by this powerful anti-shock force!

Of course, the purple celestial frog was not as easy as Zhao Yuande thought. Zhao Yuande fell on the top of his head, and suddenly hit his head with a buzzing sound. The huge body rolled down on the ground and crushed a piece directly. Mountain range.


A few grunts of the Purple Celestial Frog turned up and roared at Zhao Yuande, who was still rolling in the sky.

Through its retreating and slamming on the ground, the whole land was sunk into it at once, and the body of the purple celestial frog struck Zhao Yuande as if it were a shell.

The purple celestial frog's posture is very weird now, with its limbs curled up like a huge ball.

The terrible speed makes the space around all four explode directly, and the terrible sound of thunder comes from the broken void!

"Your mother! When Lao Tzu is so bully, right!" Zhao Yuande's body instantly transformed into Kunpeng's real body in mid-air, but left the attack range of the Purple Celestial Frog with just a blink!

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande's Kunpeng really hovered in the sky, suddenly turned into a golden light, and cut directly towards the purple sky **** frog still flying.

With Kunpeng's blessing in speed and Zhao Yuande's indestructible flesh, this knife of golden light cuts a long, big mouth directly on the back of the purple celestial frog.

Suddenly white venom can be sprayed out of the wound, as if it rained on the ground!

As soon as these white venoms fell to the ground, the erosion of the ground was suddenly filled with small holes that were deep and unknown, and there were black smoke from the small holes from time to time. It makes people feel creepy.


There was obviously a fear in this croak.

The wisdom of the Purple Celestial Frog is not lower than that of human beings. Seeing his own poison can't help each other, and his own flesh is not as strong as the other, and many powerful supernatural powers are suppressed by the rules of heaven and earth here. meaning.

Weighing, this guy jumped from the ground and fled towards the distance.

"Can you still escape?" Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered.

Running away in front of Kun Peng is undoubtedly a daydream.

His figure flashed and appeared again behind the Purple Celestial Frog, once again crossing his palm to the opponent's back.


Zhao Yuande struck the back of the purple celestial frog with a palm, the purple celestial frog screamed in pain, and there was another long mouth on the back.

But there was no blood flowing out of the big mouth, and still the white venom was flying all over the sky.

The purple celestial frog was so painful that he didn't continue to run forward anymore, but his body shrank into a slap size and plunged into the soft soil.

"Did you escape?" Zhao Yuande grinned and punched the ground directly.


The earth shattered beneath his fists, all within a few hundred miles of the area were all thick crack marks, and countless small cracks continued to spread to the west and all directions!

Under the bombardment of this fist under the earth, the density almost instantaneously became ten times and one hundred times the original. The purple celestial frog that was originally going through the underground was now crushed into a flat piece, almost even in the stomach. All the viscera and viscera spit out.

It crawled desperately hundreds of feet underground, unable to move.

At this moment, the original azure world seemed to have fallen into endless darkness, and Zhao Yuande felt as if he had entered the Nine Nether Hell, with a icy cold all over him.

"What's wrong? Why is this happening?" Zhao Yuande felt something wrong, he looked up at the sky, and suddenly saw a black flag flying in the sky, and the endless darkness fell suddenly.

He felt a space change, he appeared in a barren black world, countless terrible monsters were opening their teeth and dancing claws, a burst of screams made people feel palpitation, let him understand at once, he was anxious !

Zhao Yuande instantly understood how this happened. When he left the security zone, he did feel that several people were behind him.

However, he didn't care at the time, because he had Kunpeng's real body, and his speed was enough to disrespect everyone, and these people could not catch up with himself.

But I did not expect these guys to follow here all the way, and also destroy their good things!

Zhao Yuande clearly felt that he could not sense the breath of the Purple Celestial Frog, and his plan to capture and surrender this time was a failure.

"Damn you!" Zhao Yuande's eyes suddenly became cold!

"Zhao Yuande, hand over the Demon God's Gate, hand over Han Yunlei, otherwise I will let you die today in the Nine Soul Mosha Banner!" A cold voice came from the sky, which was full of eerie taste , People can not help but listen to the bursts of horror in my heart.

"Xuan Qi! I know it's you! You are the heir of the Mogu gods, and the demon who broke into the Qianshan Xuan Palace!" Zhao Yuande grinned. What he said made the faces of the black people change!

" do you know! Who the **** are you?" Xuan Qi's body shrouded violently under the black robe.

And several other people looked at Xuan Qi inconceivably. Although they knew that Xuan Qi was with them, they didn't know the true identity of the other party.

They did not expect the other party to be the successor of Mogu, but that is one of the three giants of the demon world, equivalent to the level of the eight immortal emperors of the Central Immortal Palace. This kind of existing successor will be sent out to undercover, which refreshed their recognition know.

"Humph! I am Zhao Yuande! Zhao Yuande, who knows everything!" Zhao Yuande grinned, showing a smug smile.

"You're talking nonsense! I'm not a Mozu spy, I don't know Mogu God, I'm just Xuan Qi of Qianshan Xuan Gong!" Xuan Qi can mix this kind of status in Qianshan Xuan Gong, and his absolute tolerance is calm and absolute Beyond ordinary people.

"Oh! Really?" Zhao Yuande didn't care if the other party promised to admit it, as long as the other party won, everything would fall into place.

"Humph! Falling into my Nine Soul Mosha Banner, you dare to be so presumptuous! Give me, eat him!" Xuan Qi's voice was cold.

But as soon as his words fell, the monsters with their teeth and claws swarming toward Zhao Yuande!

"Humph! Some monsters still want to trap me!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly, not caring,

His body turned into a Kunpeng in the black and white space, the terrible golden light shining everywhere, all the monsters were crushed by the powdered bones that he hit, and a corpse with a monster landed on the ground and quickly turned into a black smoke to dissipate.