Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430: Demon Rape

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Hearing the previous sentence, Shen Tu Yingjie was a little puzzled, but when he heard that Zhao Yuande might be in trouble, his face suddenly disappeared.

Zhao Yuande and his elder brother Shen Tuyinghao are good friends. They have a good relationship with his brother-in-law Ji Mingzhen, and they are also very good to them. Yu Qingli has no reason to refuse.

"Go! Follow me." Shen Tu Yingjie came to the other four of Shen Tu's family and waved to them.

"What's the matter?" Shen Tu Binger was curious.

Others looked at Shen Tu Yingjie strangely, waiting for his reply.

"Brother Zhao has something to ask us to help!" Shen Tu Yingjie looked around and lowered his voice.

Several people looked at each other and all nodded gently.

At this time, Zhao Xie came to Xuan Jizong several people again.

"Zhao Yuande is a bit troublesome and needs your help!" Zhao XIV is also very direct.

"Okay! Let me go!" Duanmu Feiyun stood up first.

A few others, you look at me, I look at you.

Their minds are weighing at this time, and Zhao Yuande can't solve the trouble. What can they do?

"Let me go too!" Zhengyu little Taoist also came out in one step.

There was no Zhao Yuande and Zhao 14 appearing at the beginning. They may have been killed. At this time, if Zhao Yuande is in trouble, he will naturally contribute.

"And me!" Jiang Jian, who had been silent, finally came out.

Only Sun Wen lowered his head and said nothing.

"Go!" Zhao Shizi looked at Sun Wen coldly, turned and left!

The three looked at Sun Wen and shook their heads helplessly. They didn't know what Sun Wen thought, but everyone had their own ambitions and they couldn't force them if they didn't want to go.

At this time, with nineteen people in total, they left the safety zone and flew towards the entrance of the azure world.

Zhao Shishi was very careful in the way, but as soon as he entered the azure world, his eyes suddenly became cold.

With the barriers of the azure world, his reaction is still not very clear, but as soon as he entered the azure world, he instantly felt Zhao Yuande's position.

And in which direction at this time, from a distance, there is a black mist lingering.

Zhao Shizi knew it in an instant!

Zhao Yuande's previously discovered demonic **** detail Zhao Shizi naturally knows, but later put down this time because he paid attention to the comparison between Sun Yang and Xiao Xiao during the day, but did not expect that the other party would follow Zhao Yuande and put a set on Zhao Yuande. It's stuck.

"Zhao Yuande was trapped by several Mozu criminals. Everyone listened to my orders, and don't act rashly. After a while, our division of labor is best to be able to take them down in one fell swoop!"

"Devil Rape!"

Everyone suddenly changed their face when they heard this.

He thought that Zhao Yuande had just grabbed Han Yunlei of the Han family, and charged the other party's Demon God's Gate, and also suspected that the other party was a demon spy.

Now it seems that Zhao Yuande's suspicion is right, even that there are Mozu traitors among the testers.

But immediately they all showed excitement in their eyes. If they could seize the demon traitors, they would definitely get the reward of their families. If the amount of subdivision is enough, maybe the treasures will also be given in the central fairy palace!

It is important to know that the battle between the fairy realm and the demon realm has lasted for a long time, and the hatred between the two realms has reached a point where it is difficult to resolve.

Although the battle between the two realms will not involve the strong men above the fairy monarch, the battle of the people below is very fierce.

Especially the younger generation, as long as they reach the Divine Emperor Realm, they will basically be sent to the battlefield of life and death in the two realms, and all of them who can survive the life and death are not real powerhouses.

It is also because there are too many dead people. As long as it is a big family, no one has a brother and sister who died on the battlefield in the two realms. So as long as the devil is mentioned, many people hate their teeth.

There is hatred, and there is a lot of gain, so they are very excited, a heart has been beating.

"I have felt that they have five people in total, and you will deal with one in two! I will deal with one alone, I dont ask you to kill each other, just try to hold them down! As long as Zhao Yuande is out of trouble, these people are all on the knife board. Fish Meat!" Zhao Shishi is a divine emperor who is powerful in the end. He has a powerful soul, and without disturbing the other party, he has figured out the number of the other party and made a division of labor.

In fact, he is not worse than anyone in terms of talent, and he also controls the spear of chaos. As long as he is given time, none of these five people will survive!

At this time, Zhao Yuande, who was trapped in the Nine Soul Mosha Banner, also felt the arrival of Zhao Fourteen.

"Hey! Xuan Qi, why don't we discuss it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly said.

"Why? Don't you want to open it!" There was a hint of surprise in Xuan Qi's voice, "As long as you hand me the Demon God's Gate and Han Yunlei, then I will let you go!"

"Let me go out? Are you not afraid that I will expose your identity as a devil?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Hum! As long as there is no evidence, a disciple of a surname of Sun family in your area will say that no one will believe you after breaking the sky!" Xuan Qi said lightly, his tone full of sarcasm.

"Oh! But there are countless people who saw Han Yunlei offering sacrifice to the Demon God's Gate, and saw the appearance of the Six-eye Demon God with his own eyes, how do you explain these people?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

"This is very simple, I said that it is not the door of the demon god! I will find someone to transform the door of the demon god. The next time it is taken out, the powerful of the fairy world will find that the so-called door of the demon **** is just an ordinary one. Xian Bao, of which only a six-eyed demon is imprisoned!" Xuan Qifeng is light and light, but his words do reveal his huge energy!

Find someone to transform! This is not something ordinary people can transform, at least they all need a Xianbao Refining Master!

And listening to the other party's tone, this Xianbao Refining Master may appear in Baihezhou, even outside the ruins of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom!

This Xianbao Refiner is bound to be the spy of the devil world!

"Such a thing..." Zhao Yuande's tone suddenly dragged on, "Then I will answer..."

When Xuan Qi heard Zhao Yuande say this, he was immediately excited, but he hadn't waited until the word'shall' was spoken, and suddenly his face changed.

"No! There are enemies!" Xuan Qi exclaimed, "Immediately lay the five elements of Heavenly Devil..."

"It's late!" Zhao Yuande's Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing appeared behind him, and a thick three-flavor real fire burned directly towards the sky above his head.

By this time, Zhao XIV had quietly killed them.

Zhao Shizi naturally found Xuan Qi, and the other four were entangled by Shen Tu Yingjie and eight others.

These demons are all hiding their heads and tails, and their faces are covered with thick masks, making people unable to recognize their appearance.