Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432: Picking Peaches

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In order to allow him to become an immortal body, his master Mogu Shen merged a drop of the world's precious water with his body, and since then he can change a lot, even when facing opponents of the same level, he can almost maintain it. Not dead!

Of course, it is not infinitely immortal. Like Zhao Yuandes immortal body, his undead body will be destroyed after his blood is exhausted!

Mogu once mentioned to him that among these heavens and the world, there is only one thing that can really destroy him, that is the legendary Qinglian true fire!

Mogu explained the various forms of Qinglian true fire, all kinds of breath and even the people who could have it to him. He was afraid that one day he would encounter Qinglian true fire!

He didn't expect that he was so proud that the other party really took out Qinglian Fire!

escape! At this time, the only thought in Xuan Qi's mind was a word, escape!

But how can Zhao Yuande get his wish, his Kunpeng really is the world's fastest, and there is no other right in the same level!

Of course, Kunpengs speed is no faster, and it cant be compared with the shuttle of the void, but if you want to shuttle the void of the fairy world, then I am afraid that you need to reach the fairy land only!

In other words, before Zhao Yuande was in the fairy land, the speed could be proud of the heavens and the world!

"Forget me! As long as you forgive me, this Nine Soul Mosha Banner is yours!" Xuan Qi's thoughts about crying at this time are all there.

The guy on the opposite side started to have Qinglian true fire, but he didn't want to bite to deal with himself, and he was so smug that he was so cheap that he reminded the other party that this is death!

"Humph! Do you think it's useful for me to keep the Nine Soul Mosha Banner?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a hint of sarcasm.

This thing is a magic treasure. If you use it in the fairy world, I am afraid that you will be caught as a devil.

"This... I still have several fifth-grade immortal treasures, hundreds of millions of top-grade immortal jade... as long as you put me these things are yours!" Xuan Qi gritted his teeth, and felt that it was worthwhile to give up everything as long as he was alive. .

"Haha! Are you scared stupid, Xuan Qi!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help laughing. "As long as I capture you, isn't it all mine?"

"You... I fight with you!" Xuan Qi couldn't help but sacrifice the Nine Soul Mosha Banner.

The dark lacquered surface was overwhelming and shrouded towards Zhao Yuande!

He wanted to abandon this treasure, trap Zhao Yuande, and escape as soon as possible!

However, Zhao Yuande has been trapped once by the Nine Soul Mosha Banner, and it is no longer possible for him to draw on the calabash again.

Zhao Yuande's mythical Kunpeng, then shrugged off the envelope of the Nine Soul Mosha Banner.

"Xiaoqing, take me to him!" Zhao Yuande pointed at Xiaoqingdao in his hand.

"Yes! Master!" Xiao Qing responded softly, turning into a blue lotus, slowly and steadily moving towards Xuan Qi.

Xuan Qi felt the breath of Qinglian's true fire, and his body shivered involuntarily!

At this time, even if he wanted to escape, he couldn't escape, because the most feared thing of the united holy water he merged was Qinglian true fire!

At this time there was a wave of fear from the depths of his heart. This fear made his body stiff. Not to mention fighting, even if he could not stand!

"I surrender! Don't kill me, don't kill me!" Just when Qinglian kid fell in front of him, he finally found despair, how scared he was before death.

Obviously owning an immortal body, it is clear that taking ten and nine stable can achieve the powerful physical constitution of the fairy emperor...He is unwilling, he does not want to die, he wants to survive!

"Master, what should I do now?" The blue boy turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"I didn't expect this guy to be so useless. Since he surrendered, then spare him a life!" Zhao Yuande walked over with a smile, pointing at Xuan Qi's eyebrows.

Xuan Qi suddenly felt the strength of his body receding like a tide, and his stiff buttocks sat on the ground.

"Well! There are two ways for you now." Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face.

"What is the way?" Xuan Qi heard the other person's tone, and suddenly seemed to catch a little hope. He raised his head and looked at Zhao Yuande subconsciously.

"First, surrender to me and become my servant. I will naturally excuse you! Second, I will hand you over to the fairy emperor of the Sun family. He will take everything out of your mind. Come out." Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

Although this guy can overcome him among his peers in the heavens and the world, it is impossible to kill him. With such a physique against the sky, he may become a fairy emperor in the future. So his value is very high, so it is a pity that he is treated like a spy!

It is better to let him become his own servant and a sharp knife in his own hands!


Xuan Qi's face appeared hesitant!

The reason why he invested is that he didnt want to die first, as long as he cast himself, he could be handed over to the celestial realm. Although the secret in his mind could not be kept, his value was very high. He believed that these celestial realm The guy should use himself as a bargaining chip and negotiate with the master Mogu, and then strive for the greatest benefit!

However, the first request made by Zhao Yuande has seriously exceeded his imagination!

Become a servant of others and lose freedom for life, so what is the point of living?

He shook his head without hesitation!

"I choose the second one!" Xuan Qi's answer made you feel a little unexpected, but he did not care too much.

"Okay! Since you choose this way, then I will respect you!" Zhao Yuande's hand suddenly flicked on Xuan Qi's body.

"What... what are you going to do? Stop, stop for me!" Xuan Qi felt that each time the other party tapped a place, the spiritual power in his body was reduced by one point, and his own inner world actually had a crumbling at this time. , The feeling of wanting to fall out.

"Don't you choose the second one?" Zhao Yuande stopped and looked at each other in confusion.

"You... what are you doing?" Xuan Qi looked at each other in horror.

He felt that there was some disorder in his body at this time, and his spiritual power was unsustainable. Even if the blood sea was undulating at this time, it seemed that some kind of terrible change had occurred.

"I naturally want to abolish your cultivation behavior! You are now very dangerous. If you do not abolish your cultivation behavior, my heart will not let go! And you are so big in the inner world, I think it is a pity to break up directly , Simply pick it up, if you find a better Xianbao refiner, maybe it can be made into a large storage space! And your body is integrated with a holy water, if I strip it out, it is worth the price. Baby!" Zhao Yuande rubbed his hands, his eyes sparkling, his face even more excited smile.

" are more fierce than our Demon Race!" Xuan Qi was almost scared by hearing Zhao Yuande's words.

Pick out the inner world, you are picking peaches!