Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434: Sun Yang Was Injured

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"Get out of here!"

Zhao Yuande collected the giant stone pebble and was in a good mood. He turned around and saw a purple celestial frog rushing, suddenly showing a smug smile.

He hit the purple celestial frog with one palm, and immediately tumbling the purple celestial frog in the water.


The purple celestial frog shouted reluctantly, but rushed again.

"Let's go out and fight again!" Zhao Yuande's body suddenly rushed out of the water, standing in the void looking down at the Purple Celestial Frog.


At the beginning of the human frog war, although the purple celestial frog was not Zhao Yuande's opponent, he was beaten repeatedly, and his mouth was poisonous, but he couldn't help Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande, while coping with the attack of the purple celestial frog, secretly slapped the madness of the purple celestial frog.

Its true that human beings die for food and death for food!

However, Zhao Yuande soon lost patience with it and originally intended to accept it as his pet, which has now been irritated by the other party!

He simply put on heavy hands again and again, Kunpeng's incarnation combined with terrible power, and soon he cut the purple celestial frog all over the body, and almost broke it!

"Oh! Ouch!"

This guy seemed crazy, and refused to give up, even if it did, he would not stop!

He didnt know that the purple celestial frog has been guarding this stone egg here for millions of years. He could feel that the life force in the stone egg became pure and powerful day by day. These days, the huge life energy will be harvested, and then the next level will be impacted in one fell swoop.

Unexpectedly, the waiting of millions of years has been gone, and it has gone crazy!

"Tweet!" Just when Zhao Yuande wanted to finally solve the Purple Sky God Frog, a familiar cry suddenly came into his ears.

The golden-winged Dapeng young bird fostered in the other side of the world made an anxious voice at this time.

He was stunned for a moment. The little guy was able to observe the outside world through his own soul and seemed to be very anxious to hear its cry.

He stopped his hand and recruited the little one.

After so many days, the little guy has reached three feet long at this time, like an ordinary eagle falcon.

As soon as the little guy appeared, he threw towards the Purple Celestial Frog excitedly.

"Huh!" an eagle cried.

The dying purple celestial frog lying on the ground heard the sound, and suddenly his body was trembling.

At this moment, it seemed to be awake, kicking the ground with both legs, jumping a hundred feet high and trying to escape.

But at this time, the golden-winged Dapeng young bird's body suddenly swelled and turned into a golden giant bird with a pair of claws, and it caught on the head of the Purple Celestial Frog.


The head of the Purple Celestial Frog suddenly shattered.

The golden giant bird opened its big mouth, and began to rush to the huge body of the purple celestial frog!

"Good guy! These claws are sharper and stronger than my Kunpeng real body. It seems that he can already come out to help me fight!" Zhao Yuande looked at this scene, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

But in less than half an hour, the golden giant bird ate the body of the purple celestial frog. Its body shrank and finally became the size of a slap. It fell on Zhao Yuande's shoulder and rubbed Zhao Yuande's face intimately with a small head. .

"Hehe! Little guy, you already have the strength to help me, stay with me and fight with me in the future!" Zhao Yuande gently scraped the little guy's head with his fingers.

"Tweet!" The little guy nodded vigorously, the excitement in his eyes could not be concealed.

"You can't always call you a little guy, you will call Xiaojin in the future!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment.

The little guy nodded and agreed.

He thought through the name of little guy, he left the little guy in the twelve ascendant city, the cute dragon-eating roar like a cute little rabbit!

"Hey! When exactly can I return to the Twelve Dengxian City, and when can I find the little guy back again!" Zhao Yuande shook his head gently, his face showing melancholy and expectation.

He felt that he should not be far from this goal!

He has now reached the Emperor Realm, if he is in the lower realm, he is already qualified to enter the Twelve Ascension City!

But he doesn't know how to return, even if he knows how to return, can he overcome the mysterious man with endless black prison with his current strength?

Obviously the result is not!

He wants to upgrade the cultivation base as soon as possible, it is best to be able to ascend to the realm of the **** emperor, and then it is best to be able to unlock part of the secrets of Black Rock, and then come to the twelve ascendant city!

When the time comes, there will be revenge and revenge, and no one can stop him!

"Xiaojin, let's go!" Zhao Yuande lightly touched Xiaojin's little head, and then flew towards the palace of trial.

"Tweeting!" Xiao Jin's claws grabbed Zhao Yuande's shoulder, and his eyes showed an extremely excited light.

Outside the trial palace, Zhao Yuande saw Zhao Shishishen Tu Yingjie from afar.

At this point, several people were anxious.

"What happened?" Zhao Yuande fell before them and asked.

"Sun Yang was injured and he was very heavy!" Zhao Shizi said slightly, "Only you can save him!"

"Injured? How did you get hurt?" Zhao Yuande was puzzled. "Did you get hit hard in the second hurdle?"

"No! He was irritated by someone. In the safety zone, who mobilized. If he didn't stop right away, the rules would probably kill him directly!" Zhao Shixi said solemnly.

"What! Take me right away!" Zhao Yuande was startled. He didn't care about asking who infuriated Sun Yang, and life-saving is the most important thing now!

When Zhao Yuande saw Sun Yang, he was burnt black, almost all his flesh and blood were burnt, and there was a weak breath lying there.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly used his soul to explore his injury. At this time, the meridian in the body was almost broken, and the sea of blood in the body was broken into several pieces. Even when the sea was known, there were Dao cracks, which made his soul fall into a deep sleep.

Zhao Yuande rushed forward, madly urged by the undead force in his body, pouring huge life energy into Sun Yang's body.

"Hey! Useless, he is already a waste!" At this time a voice came from the crowd, full of schadenfreude.

Zhao Yuande didn't pay attention to the other party at all, and he was too lazy to see who the other party was. This was not as important as Sun Yang's injury!

After a while, he rescued Sun Yang, and it was not too late to clean up the other party!

With the infusion of Zhao Yuande's huge life energy, Sun Yang's body has not changed much, but his meridians, the sea of blood is quietly recovering.

Seeing Sun Yang's meridian blood gradually recover, Zhao Yuande slowly exhaled, and then took Sun Yang directly into his body world!