Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436: Coordination Point

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Since then, Sun Yang has been thinking of revenge for his sister, and began to practice crazy.

Now Cai Nan is already a strong man in the realm of God Emperor, and today he made a mockery of Sun Yang, and it was Cai Yang's brother, Cai Yang, who angered Sun Yang!

The man's face was ugly, and his words were vicious, and just a few words angered Sun Yang, leaving him irrational under the rage.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he asked again, "How did you get out of the second pass this time?"

"I'm 409, three places higher than the daytime scream!" Sun Yang said with a slight smile on his face.

"That's right! This person must have been found by the White Emperor Palace, just to make you lose the third hurdle, so won't you win you directly? You are still too impulsive!" Zhao Yuande patted lightly Pat Zhao Yuande's shoulder and say, "Hold out the anger after going out! You can rest assured that as long as this person dares to walk out of the safety zone, I will capture him and leave it to you!"

"Good! I listen to Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang nodded, his eyes showing gratitude.

"Go! Let's go out." Zhao Yuande took Sun Yang directly away from the inner world and reappeared in the safety zone.

Sun Yang's intact appearance made many people's eyes unbelievable, especially the White Emperor Palace, and suddenly felt the conspiracy failed!

When the young man holding a fan saw Sun Yang appear, he pulled the woman in red and left.

"Hurry up! We leave here and go to the Trial Palace in the Emperor District."

"Okay!" The woman in red also gave Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande a deep look, with deep fear in her eyes.

"Sun Yang! Your life is great!" At this moment, a young man with a sullen expression slowly walked out of the crowd. He looked at Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande a little somberly, a flash of coldness flashed in his eyes.

"Brother Sun, how do I listen to the sound of a dog barking, do we have imperial masters among us?" Zhao Yuande looked at the young man with a sneer on his face.

"Probably there is a spiritual master in the White Emperor's Palace! It is the dog they released!" Sun Yang followed Zhao Yuande's words and never looked at the young man.

"Oh! Really? The White Emperor Palace is too ridiculous! Just let a mad dog come out, what if you bite someone!" Zhao Yuande looked at the direction of several people in the White Emperor Palace with some grievances, he suddenly Seeing the black warrior, pointing at him, "Hey! It's you, I'm talking about you, take care of your dog in the White Emperor's Palace. If he comes out to bite again, believe it or not next time. Lucky!"

"If you don't want to die, please cooperate with me!" Zhao Yuande's cold and quiet voice came from the ears of the black warrior.

The black warrior had a dark complexion, and the guy on the opposite side was too arrogant. He could hear that the other party was threatening himself with red fruit.

But he was really afraid of Zhao Yuande. The other party could kill his powerful existence. If he wanted to die, he might not be able to stop him!

"Cai Yang, please shut up for me, don't say it again!" The black war armor finally reluctantly exited.

"" Cai Yang heard the black war armor's real interface, and couldn't help but change his face!


Suddenly a small laugh came from the crowd, apparently someone couldn't help but laughed out of the blue.

Zhao Yuande just said that Cai Yang is a dog in the Baidi Palace. Someone in the Baidi Palace told Cai Yang to shut up. Isn't this a disguise to admit that Cai Yang is a dog?

Everyone at the scene couldn't help but cover his mouth and laugh, only Cai Yang's face was blue and white at this time, almost going to run away!

He no longer has a face to stay here, turn his head and leave!

"Brother Sun, this time you are blessed by misfortune, the third hurdle should be able to throw the daytime screams farther away!" Zhao Yuande patted Sun Yang's shoulder and smiled.

When Zhao Yuande saw Cai Yang leaving, he made a look at Zhao Xie, and Zhao Xie quickly followed him in a hurry.

"During the day, Xiao Xiao is no longer in my eyes!" Sun Yang nodded confidently, "Huh, Brother Zhao, this little guy?"

Only then did he see Zhao Yuande looking at Xiao Jin around his shoulder with curiosity.

"This is Xiaojin! It was the Jinpeng bird we got last time when we were fighting. I took it from Xuan Jizong!" Zhao Yuande touched Xiaojin's head intimately and said to it, "Xiaojin, this is My good friend Sun Yang."

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin whispered, and then faced Sun Yang with a continuous mass, and the small nose kept shaking, seeming to remember Sun Yang's smell.

"Hello Xiaojin!" Sun Yang also extended his hand, ready to touch Xiaojin's head.


I didn't expect Xiaojin to avoid it without hesitation, but also screamed at him very dissatisfiedly. It seemed to be saying that we were not familiar with what you did.

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help grinning.

"This little thing, no face!" Sun Yang withdrew his hand in embarrassment.


They talked and laughed, and soon came to the third level.

At this time, Xiao Xiao did not come out in the third pass. Sun Yang nodded to Zhao Yuande and walked directly into the third palace.

"Brother Sun! Come on this time! This is your chance to rise. As long as you can win the daytime roar, it will be considered that the younger generation in Baihezhou broke their name and won their self-confidence, and the road in the future will be extremely broad. "Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang's back and silently nodded.

Sun Yang has just entered the third hurdle, the third light shines, and a figure appears in front of the third palace.

At this time, Xiao Zhi was complacent during the day, and there was a hazy white brilliance all over her body. At a glance, she knew that it was the reward of passing the third level.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look at the jade jade, a flash of light flashed on it, and a person's name was constantly flashing.

"Oh! Three hundred and ninety-six! This guy has successfully entered the 400, and it is worthy of the successor of Baidi, it seems really not to be underestimated!" Zhao Yuande's face also revealed a slight difference.

During the day Xiao Xiao naturally saw Zhao Yuande on the opposite side. He strode up to the people in the White Emperor Palace with his chest high, and when he passed Zhao Yuande, he gave Zhao Yuande a provocative look.

"Don't look at the joy you are slamming now, and you will soon cry!" Zhao Yuande's mouth was full of mockery.

"Humph!" Xiao Xiao's face was gloomy during the day, but he didn't speak, but just snorted back to the people in Baidi Palace.

Everyone naturally saw the ranking of the daytime roar, and his face was full of shock!

After tens of thousands of years of trial and error, no one has ever entered the top 400. Now the daytime roar has broken the record of many years of silence. Many people are very awesome and admire him.

As long as it doesn't die in the middle of the day, the future achievement of the position of the Immortal Emperor is a matter of stability, so many people have stepped forward to congratulate and plan to have a good relationship with it.