Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437: Fengtianxiandi

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Of course, there are many people who just look at the daytime whistle, such as An Yunlan from Anjia, Yao Kongzhu from Yao, and Mingqiu from Qianshan Xuan Palace...

These people are also the top geniuses of all major forces. He has absolute confidence. They believe that they will not be weaker than the day.

At this time, they were all eager to try to enter the trial palace to show their talents, but they still refrained for the time being. They were waiting for the result of the comparison between Sun Yang and Xiao Xiao during the day. Strong or weak.

"Brother Zhao, do you say that Sun Yang's third hurdle can break the record of the daytime roar?" At this time, several of Shen Tu Yinghao also came together.

"Sure!" Zhao Yuande nodded, his face full of confidence.

"Oh! Brother Zhao is so confident, just now Sun Yang..."


Several people chatted casually, and everyone looked forward to the third palace at this time, and even the daytime scream was a little excited.

However, the opponent has exceeded his ten ranks. This time, as long as the opponent enters the 406th position, he is considered a loser!

But soon he remembered the powerful creature in the third hurdle. He failed three times in a row, and defeated it only the fourth time. One of his own blood is still the same, this Sun Yang...

A little time passed, one hour... two hours...

At the end of the third hour, a voice came from Zhao Yuande's ear.

"Cai Yang walked out of the safety zone!" This is Zhao Xie's voice.

"Okay! Take him to me, I want to take him as a congratulatory gift for Brother Zhao to break the record!" Zhao Yuande flicked a hand, and a black figure appeared quietly in the crowd. It was Xuan Qi that Zhao Yuande had just accepted as a servant.

Xuan Qi was ordered by Zhao Yuande and quickly joined with Zhao Shizi.

The two quickly overtook Cai Yang from 30,000 miles away.

At this time, Cai Yangzheng and a woman flew towards the border between the Emperor District and the World District.

Cai Yang obviously also smelled a dangerous breath, and then quietly left while everyone was paying attention to Sun Yang.

"Cai Yang, please stop for me!" Xuan Qi and Zhao Xie came to Cai Yang in just a few moments and smiled coldly at him.

Not to mention Zhao XIV, even if Xuan Qi is more powerful than Cai Yang, he doesn't know how many times he is, but he has some headaches for both Zhao Yuande!

Only he can easily take Cai Yang directly with his own shot.

"Who are you!" The woman looked beautiful and a little arrogant. You can see that Cai Yang's attitude towards him knew that her status should be high.

"As long as Cai Yang, if you know it, leave quickly!" Xuan Qi said coldly.

He was originally a man of the devil world, and his temper was originally indifferent. Now he is accepted as a servant by Zhao Yuande, and he can't feel any resentment in his heart.

However, he knew the woman and did not kill him directly, nor did he cause trouble for Zhao Yuande, the master.

But what Xuan Qi didn't expect was that Zhao Shizi beside him was not shy.

"Go! Otherwise die!" Zhao Shizi received Zhao Yuande's order, but asked Cai Yang to be alone. If the woman dared to intervene and slaughtered directly.

"Do you know who I am?" The woman was stimulated by Xuan Qi's cold words before, but what she didn't expect was that another person dared to yell at herself and kill herself. She suddenly changed color!

She is the little princess of the Central Xianyu Fengjia. She is respected at all times and held in the palm of her hand by many people.

I have to say that the two brothers of the Cai family are masters who seduce a woman. The elder brother seduce Tian Yizong, a granddaughter of a great elder, and the younger brother is even more powerful to hook up with the little princess of the wind family.

"Organ, let's leave! Otherwise, I can't guarantee your safety!" Xuan Qi glanced at the organ, he still hesitated.

In the central fairyland, the Feng Family is almost as strong as the Anjiaji family, with a strong fairy emperor as a backing, even the Qianshan Xuan Palace and other strongest ancestors in Qianshanzhou Dare to provoke the wind family.

"You actually know my identity, that's not too fast!" The face of Qin'er was full of high expressions, looking at Xuan Qi and Zhao Shizi.

"You've been given a chance! Go to death!" Chao Shi spears out of Chao Shi's hand, and a spear pierces toward the organ.

As soon as the spear of chaos emerged, the world suddenly changed color, with Zhao 14 as the center, and the whole earth suddenly seemed to wither, and a sense of the passage of time in a thousand years rushed into my heart.

The organ was still high on the face, and she suddenly became terrified. She felt that her body seemed to be penetrated by a terrible sharpness at once, and it became full of holes.

She didn't expect that the other party would really dare to do it to herself, and the many life-saving means on her body had not been inspired.

But at this time, a white phantom burst out of her eyebrows.


Virtual Shadow took a direct shot towards Chaos Spear!

However, no matter how powerful the phantom is, it can only exert the strength of the world. This palm can't stop the terrible sharpness of the chaos spear, but it is stabbed by the chaos spear.


An accordion squirted a blood arrow, and then the whole person was directly exploded into a flesh!

"You dare to kill my granddaughter, I will let you die without a burial place!" The virtual shadow dissipated, but the voice of the incomparable Sen Han was heard.

"" Cai Yang on the side only felt a chill coming out of the body. He seemed to have fallen directly into the ice cellar.

What is the identity of the organ, her death will inevitably cause a turmoil in the fairyland, and in this turmoil, she will inevitably come to an end.

Xuan Qi took a deep breath when he saw this scene. This guy was so courageous, he didn't know that killing was easy and he wanted to get better afterwards?

"You, did you kill her!" Xuan Qi looked at Zhao Shixi with a very bad look. "Do you know who Fengtian Immortal Emperor? That is one of the eight immortal emperors in Central Immortal Territory. He, now killing his granddaughter, we are going to finish!"

"Humph! Coward!" Zhao Shibai gave him a faint glance. "There are only three people now. We won this kid. Who will know if you don't tell me!"

"But the phantom image just now!" Xuan Qi was stunned for a while. Although he was called a coward, it was very uncomfortable, but the other party did make a lot of sense.

"That phantom is just a mark of Fengtian Immortal Emperor, and now it can't be passed out in the trial space!" Zhao Shizi sneered, "Even if let him know what is our hand, Zhao Yuande's identity... hehe !"

Zhao XIV did not directly indicate Zhao Yuande's true identity, but revealed a trace of information.