Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438: Gift

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"Master...... What identity?" Xuan Qi couldn't help but stunned when he heard Zhao Shisi's words. It seemed that Zhao Yuande's identity seemed very remarkable, and even the Fengtianxian Emperor couldn't help it.

"You will know it in the future! Don't think you are very wronged when you become his servant, and soon you will find out that you are actually making money!" The trembling Cai Yang grabbed.

"This...this..." Xuan Qi couldn't figure it out!

Heavenly Wind Fairy Emperor is a powerful existence similar to his master Mogu God's fighting power. Zhao Yuande is not afraid of Heavenly Wind Fairy Emperor, so naturally he is not afraid of his master. What is the identity of the other party?

"Successful!" Zhao XIV's voice passed to Zhao Yuande's ear.

Zhao Yuande's face suddenly smiled, and now he waited for Sun Yang to step out of the third level.

I don't know how much time passed, the third level finally lighted up again, but this time it was not colorful light, but white light.

When Sun Yang's figure appeared before the third palace, his steps were obviously staggered, and his face was full of tiredness, but there was a trace of excitement in his eyes.

Seeing Sun Yang appear, almost everyone's eyes fell on him.

When seeing his state, many people were suddenly stunned, especially during the daytime. He knew that there was a place in each palace to restore the injury. Is the injury to the other party too heavy to recover?

There was a flash of joy in his eyes during the daytime.

And there are many people who have the same thoughts during the daytime. They all shake their heads slightly, some people have regrets on their faces, and some people are gloating!

However, some people saw the excitement in Sun Yang's eyes, and their hearts suddenly had some speculation.

Zhao Yuande stepped forward and helped Sun Yang.

"Injured?" Zhao Yuande felt Sun Yang's breath and could not help but frown slightly.

"My soul is hurt, but it's nothing serious!" Sun Yang smiled and said, "I'm mainly afraid of Brother Zhao's anxiety, so I came out without recovery."

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande's face only showed a gratifying smile.

He turned his gaze to the jade bi at the door, and suddenly found that the white brilliance on the jade flashed continuously. Sun Yang's name was soon found by him.

"Three hundred and ninety-nine!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly when he saw the ranking.

"Hey! My soul is the weak point. This ancient creature in the third level has a powerful attack power of the spirit, I am a little bit reluctant!" Sun Yang's face showed a trace of sadness.

"No matter how you have won!" Zhao Yuande's mouth hung with a slight smile, turning his head towards the daytime roar.

At this time, Xiao Xiao had also seen Sun Yang's ranking, and his face suddenly showed a very ugly look.

And many people also saw Sun Yang's ranking at this time, and their faces showed a wonderful look.

"This Sun Yang has really risen! Although it did not exceed the daytime scream for the third time, but the sum of the first two times exceeded him!"

"It seems that this time it was screaming during the day, but I wonder if he would recognize it?"

"It should not be denied! He is also a descendant of the White Emperor. How can he say that in the presence of many geniuses in the Central Immortal Territory, if he does not admit it, it is too shameful!

"It seems that a genius really appeared in the Sun family. If Sun Yang does not die, he will definitely become a fairy emperor!"

"It seems to be a good relationship with Sun Yang in the future, a fairy emperor is not a joke!"


"Yes! Congratulations Brother Sun... Brother Hexi Sun!"

"Brother Sun won a victory and won the competition. Brother Sun will have to communicate with us in the future!"

"Brother Sun... I have a younger sister, Tian Xiangxiang, I don't know Brother Sun..."

"I have a sister who is as beautiful as a flower..."

"My girl..."


Suddenly, the sound of horse fart came like a wave, instantly submerging Sun Yang in it.

Seeing the situation during the day, he turned around without hesitation and left. What are you waiting for without taking this opportunity? Is it waiting for the other party to make a bet?

"Howling during the day! Do you want to go like this?" Suddenly a voice rang in everyone's ears.

Everyone's eyes suddenly shifted from Sun Yang's body to Xiao Xiao's body during the day.

"What do you want?" Xiao Yuan looked at Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang who walked slowly towards her during the day, and could not help but gritt their teeth.

"Fulfill your promise, be willing to gamble and lose! As a successor of the Bai Emperor during the day, you won't even have this credit!" Zhao Yuande smiled coldly. How to treat Baidi Palace, how to treat Baidi and his old man!"

At this time, Xiao Xiao seemed to have eaten a dead fly, and his heart was roaring with rage, who gave him this bad idea!

He looked around and suddenly found that the young man holding the fan was not there, and he almost jumped up.

"Good! I'm willing to gamble and lose!" He shook his teeth and took off his things one by one during the day. The armor, boots, rings, belts...

"Haha!" Sun Yang just felt very happy at the moment, and felt a suffocation in his chest, and the whole person felt suddenly transparent.

Many people looked at the grotesque look of the daytime and couldn't help but become weird. During the daytime groaning and humiliation, there will inevitably be demons in his heart. It seems that his way forward will be extremely bumpy!

"You're satisfied now!" Xiao Xiao was all bright and clean during the day, just wearing a white big pants, her face was bloody.

"Haha! Satisfied! Satisfied! Get out!" Zhao Yuande laughed and took a big shot in the sky to take everything in Xiao Tian's body in the hand and handed it to Sun Yang. "Brother Sun, this is your booty. , But you have to collect it!"

"Sure! Certainly! I will occasionally come out to observe and observe, but this is the strongest evidence that Baidi's successors have lost in my hands!" Sun Yang also laughed.

"..." Howling teeth groaned during the day and shouted at the few people in the White Emperor Palace. "You are all blind, so don't hurry to find a suit for me!"

"Oh!" A disciple of Baidi Palace hurriedly took out a set of clothes and handed it to Xiao Xiao during the day.

"Go! I found the second son and I'm going to pick up his skin with my own hands!" Xiao Xiao dressed in the daytime, and his face overflowed with murderous opportunity!

This second son, he was humiliated by the last bad idea! This time it was even more ruthless. I peeled myself down in front of everyone, and just thrown everyone into the Central Fairy Field.

He saw Anjia, Yao and Feng from the Central Xianyu who couldn't help but cover their mouths and laughed!

"Brother Sun, I still have a gift for you! Come with me." Zhao Yuandela held Sun Yang and quickly left the safe area.

At a glance, Sun Yang saw Cai Yang carried by Zhao Shizi!