Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Samples Will Not Scare You

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This is how the old water **** reacted, and a water shield directly covered his son, thus avoiding the danger of the whole room being fragmented.

At this time, a golden light rose from the top of Jianmei Youth's head. This golden light rose without any obstruction, and a breath of heavenly air circulated throughout the space.

Suddenly, there was a sound like fairy music in the sky. Pieces of petals fell from the sky, and the next aura broke through the ground at this time, and the endless golden gods flowed out from under the earth, forming under the sword eyebrow youth A huge golden lotus lifted it up!

"I'm relying on it! The gods of the sky are rushing to the lotus! This is a sign of promotion to the emperor's realm!" Even the one-stop ring burst into swearing. He had only heard of legends in this scene, but he didn't expect to see it with his own eyes today!

"It's still sighed! Don't hurry to take the opportunity to feel the power of the next heaven!" Zhao Yuande reminded him, sitting cross-legged and instantly falling into the blend with heaven.

Several people's eyes lighted up, and they began to learn from each other after closing their eyes.

Even the old water **** couldn't help but feel the avenue in heaven and earth at this time, and obtain the power of tao from it.

Countless people in the outside world have also seen the scene of this scene. The people with knowledge started to feel quietly like Zhao Yuande. At this moment, the whole Shenxu City fell into silence.

The realm of cultivation is divided into twelve levels, and ordinary people will be robbed from the sixth level. This is the calamity of the cultivator. Some people say that this is a jealous talent, and some people say that God is choosing the strong, but Regardless of how you think that every level of ascension will bring the baptism of Thunder Tribulation!

However, when the ninth level of realm mastered Heavenly Dao and promoted to the Emperor, God did not lower the punishment, but lowered the Flower of Heavenly Dao, so that those who were promoted could feel that Heaven Dao gained power from it.

This is the first and only time, no one can understand why this is!

I don't know how long after that, the power of heaven disappeared, but a proud laugh sounded in everyone's ears.

"Haha! How many years have passed, I finally became Emperor Shui Cangyun!" Jianmei Youth laughed in the sky and shook the Quartet, waking everyone up from Heaven's comprehension!

Zhao Yuande slowly exhaled a sigh of air and stood up. He gained some insights from the Flower of Heaven and Dao. Although he is unable to improve his strength for the time being, but if she can wait until she is promoted to the world, she can use these insights and her own Dao. Two in one!

"Stinky boy, what's your name? I'm afraid people don't know that we have another emperor in the Water God Palace?" The old Water God was full of joy, but still gave his son a slap in the back of his head.

"Old guy, I have become the emperor's strong, you still beat me!" Shui Cangyun pouted in a bit angrily, expressing dissatisfaction with the old water god.

"Hi! Your kid, dare to talk back!" The old water **** must start again, frightened Shui Cangyun back quickly.

"Shui Cangyun! You don't have to pay the bill! The bet between us is guaranteed by the brother of Water God!" Zhao Yuande looked at Shui Cangyun who wanted to slip away.

"You... you really want me..." Shui Cangyun's complexion suddenly turned red, and he was a strong man in the emperor realm, and he wanted to be a uncle in the face of a child in the realm of blood and sea god. Do you want your face anymore!

"You stinky boy, you are still not a man!" The old water **** kicked the water out of the sky with a kick, pointing at his nose and scolded, "If your boy gives me a turnaround today, I will break your bones. !"

"Uncle...Uncle..." Shui Cangyun looked pale and pale, but still squeezed out these two words!

"Hey! Good nephew!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and patted Shui Cangyun's shoulder pretendingly, "Remember not to underestimate people in the future, uncle is a lesson here!"

"Yes!" Shui Cangyun gritted his teeth and lowered his head, he felt that he had no face to meet people!

"It's almost the same!" Lao Shui God glanced at his son fiercely, and then came forward and laughed at Zhao Yuande, "Hey, brother! Is there a way to promote my brother to God Emperor? Brother I can I'm counting on you!"

"Well! Not now! But I am still a low boy, and I may have a way in the future!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old guy. He promised so much, and there was this one!

Shui Cangyun wanted to leave, and only then noticed the existence of the few black winds. They couldn't help but glance at them a few times, and their eyes were full of threats, which caused several people to fight a cold war.

"Hi, you dare to look at my friend! Believe it or not uncle makes you scare your pants!" Zhao Yuande saw Shui Cangyun's eyes, suddenly stopped.

"Huh! Even if they were sheltered by the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, I just glanced at them, and the Wantong Chamber of Commerce was not so overbearing that they would shoot me!" Shui Cangyun looked at Zhao Yuande very disappointedly. He didn't believe what the other party could say.

"Dare you talk to your uncle like this!" Zhao Yuande glared at Shui Cangyun, then waved to Ji Yuling.

Ji Yuling came to him very obediently, looking at Shui Cangyun with some fear,

"I see it! This is your aunt. Tell me your aunt's identity. Don't you scare your pants when you are ready!" Zhao Yuande gently held Ji Yuling's shoulder to show affection.

Your aunt! Shui Cangyun almost didn't faint by this title, a fart-sized girl even called her aunt!

"You said, I listen!"

Shui Cangyun was almost blown up by gas, but he couldn't vent his inner anger and could only hold his teeth to hold it. He wanted to hear what Zhao Yuande could say.

The old water **** on the side was also curious at this time. He took a closer look at Ji Yuling, and his heart suddenly burst out, but the blood flowed in this bloodline was the blood of the Ji family. The Ji family was the top family in the world of the Eastern Emperor and the world. The power is huge, and the Ji family is very short-sighted. It seems that my silly son is going to be pitted again!

"You have heard it! Your aunt is the little princess of the Ji family of the Eastern Emperor Great World, and she has been taken by the Yongchang God Emperor Shenhuang of the Emperor Great World and decided to be a closed disciple after her achievements! Divine Emperors short protector is famous. If he knows how you dare to threaten his disciples, what do you think will happen?" Zhao Yuande said, the head of Ji Yuling listened to the mist, and the old water **** was dignified. Shui Cangyun's face was bloodless, his body receding again and again!

" wouldn't be fooling me!" Shui Cangyun really had a pee, he was really terrified, this Yongchang Divine Emperor was a famous superpower in Wanjie, and he did have shortcomings The problem, but there is still a trace of doubt in his heart. Although this girl has a good physique, it can be called a genius, but it is not a demon level, and should not be favored by Yongchang Divine Emperor!

"Humph! I knew you wouldn't give up until the Yellow River!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "You can see that she is the rain spirit body! But what you don't see is that her rain spirit body is happening quietly. Change, towards the body of Yuqing! Do you know what system Yongchang Divine Emperor? It is the body of Yuqing!"

Zhao Yuande said that there was reason and evidence, and he said that Shui Cangyun was speechless. When he looked at Ji Yuling, who was snuggling beside Zhao Yuande, there was an envy in his eyes!

Being able to be seen by the God Emperor is definitely a great source of blessings! Even he is eager to get this opportunity now!

"Hurry up, call your aunt!" Zhao Yuande raised his voice and slammed.

"Auntie!" Shui Cangyun yelled and turned away. He didn't dare to stay here again, otherwise he didn't know what would happen in a while!

After he swears, he will never appear where Zhao Yuande is. I am not convinced that I can meet you again if Wanjie is so big.

"Sample can't scare you!" Zhao Yuande looked at the back of Shui Cangyun's fleeing, and he couldn't help but feel the extreme.

At this time, Ji Yuling blushed, and his heart was pounding. Zhao Yuande was so active for the first time. Although he pressed many titles for himself and said many things he didn't understand, it didn't matter!

"Haha! It's so hard for my brother to hide it!" The old **** of water called Haha and came forward to complain to Zhao Yuande, "Why didn't you introduce your wife to my brother early!"

"Brother didn't ask..."