Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1440

Chapter 1440: Blackscale Exterminator

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He looked in the direction from the roar of the beast, and suddenly saw a tens of thousands of behemoths slowly moving in this direction, step by step.

The monster was completely dark, with black scales full of houses, covering almost all parts of the monster except its head.

These black scales have a natural pattern, like a mysterious formation.

An extremely terrifying coercion came from the body of the black monster, making Zhao Yuande shivering slightly.

At this time, Xiao Jin on Zhao Yuande's shoulders had bright eyes and thrilled with excitement, as if he saw delicious food!

"Tweet!" Little blond yelled anxiously, as if a hungry person saw food for a long time.

"You greedy bird, wait a minute! Let's see what this guy is!" Zhao Yuande glanced past.

"Black Scale Demon Beast Virtual Shadow, Second Grade Fairy Beast, Vitality..." Zhao Yuande saw the word Virtual Shadow and suddenly sighed in his heart. It seemed that Xiao Jin's hope was lost.

However, although this black scale beast is only a phantom, its power is still unimaginable. If it is not suppressed by the rules here in the world, I am afraid that only need to open his mouth to swallow Zhao Yuande!

"Roar!" A pair of deep-skinned eyes of the Black Scale Extermination Beast had seen Zhao Yuande's existence, and he rushed towards the building with a roar.

But soon this big guy experienced the bitterness. He was directly bounced out by the white light curtain as soon as he threw it. The huge body flew out thousands of feet directly. The ground shook violently and the whole floated. The mainland seems to have sunk a lot.

The Black Scale Extermination Beast looked at the white light curtain in horror, never daring to rush over, just staring at Zhao Yuande all the time.

It's just a ghost image, how can it be so realistic? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned.

At the same time, he also understood that this white light curtain is a safe zone, no matter how powerful the opponent is, it can't be destroyed.

Through Sun Yangs experience imparted to him, the ranking is not based on the speed at which you are killing this black-scale beast of destruction, but the overall performance of you, so he did not rush out of the light curtain, but began to observe this Does the big guy have any weaknesses?

But looking at the other person's black scales, Zhao Yuande knew that with his own strength, he may not be able to break through the other party's defense. Although there are no black scales on the head of the Black Scale Exterminator, there are dozens of pairs on the head. A terrible black thunder flashed on the length of the length of the unicorn, this kind of thunder turned out to be a terrible evil.

This was the Sky Lei that landed only when he was promoted to Immortal Realm. Zhao Yuande felt that if he was really chopped by this evil shame, although he would not be hacked to death, he would have a short-term stiffness. Mermaid.

It seems that this is a place to pay attention to, and there is Mosha Yinlei, the entire head is too dangerous.

He then looked towards the belly of this big guy, such as Dragon Tiger, whose belly was weak.

But he was disappointed that the opponent's abdomen was also covered with black scales!

This black-scale extinct beast seems to be a large buffalo magnified many times, but its tail is dragged behind like a crocodile, thousands of feet long, and the entire continent is gently shaking between random swings.

The tail is obviously also one of the big guy's attacks!

"Forget it! Try it first! Only in real battle can you see the weakness of the other party!" Zhao Yuande looked at it for a long time, and finally could only shake his head helplessly, rushed directly out of the light curtain, towards the black scale extermination beast Just rushed over.

Xiao Jin on Zhao Yuande's shoulder turned into a three-foot length at this time, and excitedly blew into the sky.

Only the sky is its territory, and it will exert its most powerful advantage in the sky.

"Beast, eat me a sword!" Zhao Yuan took out the nihility sword and shot out an invisible sword light.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande seemed to be standing in the middle of the sea, and a heavy wave rushed toward the black scale extermination beast.

"Aw!" The body of the Black Scale Extermination Beast swayed slightly, a pair of eyes filled with disdain, and the long tail swept directly behind him.


The whole ocean's artistic conception shattered, and Zhao Yuande felt an irresistible force of terror sweeping towards him directly.

And the light of his sword from the Void Sword hit the long tail, just a little spark.

"Give me back!" Zhao Yuande didn't step back. He stood on the spot and exhaled, the shining starlight between his palms, and a magnificent wild world suddenly appeared behind him. He used twelve points of strength in one blow, and he wanted to see how terrifying the tail of this black scale exterminated beast was!

"Boom!" Zhao Yuande's full blow hit the tail of the Blackscale Exterminator.

Then I saw Zhao Yuande flying out like a broken kite, hitting heavily on a broken high building!

The tall building seemed to be under a terrible impact, collapsed instantly, and the sky was full of dirt and dust.

"Oh!" Although the black scale extermination beast swept Zhao Yuande, but it was not very good, a huge scale shattered at the collision, and blue blood flowed out of the scale shattered.

"Damn it! What a powerful force!" The tall building where Zhao Yuande was buried was exploded in an instant, and Zhao Yuande burst out of the ruins covered with smoke. His mouth was faintly visible at this time.

The Black Scale Extermination Beast is completely red, and a roar is heard. Thousands of black lights are shot from his body, cutting the void, tearing the world, and instantly making the whole continent enveloped by the black edge in.

Zhao Yuande was shocked when he saw the sound. At this time, a black light had come to him, and he tried to bombard it with a punch.


The black light turned out to be a reduced scale of black scales. The black scales cut his skin at once, almost slicing his fist out of it.

"No!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the terrible crisis coming, and thousands of black lights gathered towards him.

He immediately turned into Kunpeng and turned continuously in the void, moving at high speed, dodge the black light again and again.

Those black lights seemed to have long eyes, and they always followed behind Zhao Yuande, no matter how Zhao Yuande flew.


At this time, Xiao Jin's cry came from high above.

With a cry, a horror wind crossed the sky. At this time, Xiaojin seemed to turn into a golden sword, and cut directly towards the head of the black scale extinct beast.