Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1441

Chapter 1441: War

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The eyes of the black scale extinct beast suddenly widened, looking at the golden light transformed by Xiaojin, which even had a deep fear.


Xiao Jin's speed is faster than that of Zhao Yuande's incarnation of Kunpeng, directly hitting the head of the black scale extinct beast.

Suddenly, a deep scar was cut on the head of the Black Scale Exterminator, and a burst of black blood spattered from the wound.

At this time, the black electro-optical lights on the long horns of the Black Scale Extermination Beast sizzled and shot towards Xiaojin.

Although Xiaojin is fast, he is still shot by a black electro-optic.

Suddenly, Xiao Jin was scorched black in the body of the electricity, rolling in the air repeatedly, and fell towards the ground.

"Xiaojin!" Zhao Yuande was anxious and rushed towards Xiaojin's landing.

"Roar!" But this time the Black Scale Demon Beast raised his front leg, the hoof enough to cover a few hundred feet in size, and kicked fiercely towards Xiaojin.


At this time, Xiao Jin, who was about to fall to the ground, suddenly burst into endless golden flames, and the flames burned, shining the entire sky with golden light.

The black-scale extinct beast's big foot girl stiffly touched this golden flame and immediately made a series of noisy noises.

That huge hoof burned in an instant.


The eyes of the Black Scale Extermination Beast were all frightened. She hurriedly retracted her hoof and stepped **** the ground, trying to extinguish the burning golden flame on her feet.


It is a pity that the golden flame seems to be immortal. No matter how the black scale exterminates the beast how to tread, the flame is immortal, and the more fierce it is, the more it burns to see the white bones!

Zhao Yuande once thought that the other party was just a phantom, but he didn't expect it to be so vivid. He couldn't help but feel very mysterious.

This must be a very mysterious and powerful formation. From the mysterious formation of the formation, we can see the power of the Heavenly Kingdom.


Seeing that the flame could not be extinguished, the black scale extermination beast groaned in pain, and a black light flew from his body and directly cut off the burning half of the foot.

Suddenly black blood splattered from the wound, making the earth corrode.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was close to Xiao Jin. He didn't feel that the golden flame on Xiao Jin's body threatened himself, he did not hesitate to wrap it in aura, and flew hundreds of miles in a flash.

The little blonde whined softly, the golden flame burning on it seemed to burn it very uncomfortably, and the eyes of pain were full of pain.

However, Zhao Yuande didn't know what to do at this time. He felt that there was something powerful in Xiaojin's body that was awakening, but he didn't know how to help each other.

Just when Zhao Yuande was somewhat helpless, a black mist erupted from the dream of the Black Scale Extermination Beast, as if a dark world came down at once, but the entire floating continent was completely black in a flash. Surrounded by mist.

"This is!" Although Zhao Yuande was flying in the air at this time, he also felt that something was not right, and an extremely dangerous force seemed to be attacking himself.

His figure flickered in the void, and soon flew to the higher sky again.

To his surprise, however, there was already an invisible diaphragm in the high altitude of three thousand miles, which blocked his figure.

At this time, the black mist below had chased, and rushed towards him quickly.

There was a burst of howling at this time in the dark fog, as if a flying sword with a handle was shuttled back and forth.

Zhao Yuande had nowhere to go, plunged into the black mist, and the yin and yang sky mirror above his head shot out the fire, which instantly illuminated the black mist.


As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the black mist, he saw that under the light of the fire, twelve black scales were shooting towards himself.

These twelve black scales seemed to have evolved a very mysterious sword formation, and silently came to him under the cover of the black mist.

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande regretted that he should come in with a spear of chaos. The Void Sword grade he owns now is a little low, and although he now understands the sword intention, in front of such a powerful opponent, the sword intention cannot hurt the other party at all.

His head turned quickly, thinking about what to use to resist the attack of these black scales.

"Boy! Black Rock for you!" At this moment, the voice of the old man with a white beard passed into his ears, and the black rock that seemed to be the hilt appeared in his hands.

"How do you use this thing?" Zhao Yuande looked at Black Rock in his hand and couldn't help but feel a little puzzled.

"Communicate with the spirit, imagine the form you need!" said the old man with a white beard.


Zhao Yuande gave a light drink as the other party said.

Suddenly felt that the black rock in his hand suddenly thinned out a three-foot sword blade. The blade blade was unreal as if it were a white beam of light.

But Zhao Yuande felt the terrible power in this white beam of light!

"Crush me!" Zhao Yuande waved Black Rock in his hand.

The world seemed to turn white all at once, and the endless black mist all flew away when Heiyan waved over!


There was a soft noise, and the twelve black scales were divided into two halves, falling lifelessly to the ground.


A tragic cry came from the depths of Black Mist. Apparently the fragmentation of the twelve scales made the Black Scale Extermination Beast seem to have been hit hard.

"Swallow the vortex! Start!"

The stars in Zhao Yuande's hands were disillusioned, and the ten colors continued to rotate. A huge black vortex appeared slowly rotating above his head. The black mist around him was quickly drawn into the black vortex at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly created an independent space in the inner world, releasing all the black mist inhaled into the black vortex into this independent space.

The black mist was rolling around, but it couldn't keep up with the speed of absorbing the vortex.

"Roar! Roar!"

In the depths of the black mist, bursts of roar came.

"Swoosh!" Thirty-six black scales spun out, forming a more fierce formation.

"Bihai Chaosheng!"

Zhao Yuande sipped, and the continent tumbling black mist suddenly turned into a vast ocean, endless huge waves tumbling!

The thirty-six black scales that had originally fallen on Zhao Yuande's head seemed to be endlessly distant from Zhao Yuande, as if across a vast ocean.

"Crush me!"

The black rock in Zhao Yuande's hands, with white light shining, directly penetrated the thirty-six black scales, tearing apart the terrible formation at once.

As soon as the formation was broken, the thirty-six black scales were suddenly confused, and they crackled and fell directly to the ground.

The black vortex above Zhao Yuande's head turned faster and faster. Within a few hundred feet of the circle, there was no black mist at this time.