Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443: Hide Ranking

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He identified these fifteen things, and found that only the blood of the first ancestor Void Beast, and the gold leaf of the ancestral tree of life, were more in line with his requirements.

Next, he turned his eyes to Fu Lu, who was both mysterious and eager in his eyes. Just drawing some characters on a small piece of paper possessed the terrible power of heaven and earth, and what kind of heaven and earth laws did these characters carry.

He saw that the most life-saving card was Fu Mi, as long as Fu Mi was lost, the power was shocking.

If you can also master the method of making rungs, you can make a lot of runes afterwards, and you cant just drop them when you encounter invincible enemies.

He flew around in his head, but it didn't delay him to identify those symbols.

"Nine-Star Sky Lei Rune condenses the horror power of the Heaven Tribulation when the nine stars were born, and the explosive power can threaten the powerful in the fairyland..."

"Shake the Glacier Rune, Shake the Sky God Territory to take the endless cold, which can freeze the power of the fairy realm..."

"Endless Hellfire Talisman..."

"Tongtian Divine Sword..."


Most of these spells are of the attack type, and there are auxiliary types such as the'Juyuan Immortal Rune' that condenses the power of the world, the'Green Dragon Runaway Rune' that helps escape, and the mysterious'Jun Yun Rune' ...

Zhao Yuande finally turned his attention to two Fu Lu, the Green Dragon Dun Tian Fu and Jiu Xing Tian Lei Fu, one of these two was to escape and the other to kill the enemy.

After seeing all the treasures, a total of seventy-two breaths have passed by this time. He has chosen a total of five satisfactory treasures, silver shining armor, the gold leaf of the ancestral tree of life, the blood of the ancestral void animal, and the blue dragon escape the sky. Fu, Jiuxing Tianlei Fu!

He first attacked powerfully, and the defense was fair. If he escaped, there was Kunpeng's real body, even Xiaojin's speed was faster than his Kunpeng's real body!

Now, what he needs most is the improvement of the realm. There are two treasures for the realm improvement. The gold leaf of the ancestral tree of life can let his flesh open the third star, and even realize a little bit of the life source in advance. For his immortality The body has a powerful role.

The essence blood of the ancestor Void Beast can let him understand the origin of the Void and let him be promoted when he is promoted to the God Realm!

However, he is now in the early days of Emperor Realm, and there is still a long distance to be promoted to God Emperor Realm, so in the end his choice is that the ancestral tree of life has gold leaves.

"I want this!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the golden leaf!

"Good! Congratulations to you, you got the golden leaf of the ancestor of life!"

The voice sounded, and the golden leaf fell into Zhao Yuande's hands.

Suddenly a vast sea-like life force constantly fluctuated in his palm, giving him a wonderful feeling as if he was in the ocean of life.

"Breaker, you now choose to go out of the first level, or stay here to recover the injury!" The ancient majestic voice sounded again.

"Stay here to recover!" Zhao Yuande feels that he is still refining the gold leaf of the ancestor tree of life here. He needs strength and he needs to improve his strength as soon as possible!


Zhao Yuande only felt the glory in front of him, and he appeared in a hall full of golden glory.

Zhao Yuande felt that the spirit of the fairy in the hall was very rich, which was almost a hundred times that of the outside world. He couldn't help but marvel at the thoughtfulness of the heaven.

But he has forgotten that this is the trial space for the imperial prince of the heavenly heaven. Naturally, it is perfect, and you must think of it in various places!

Although there are also recipes for the gold leaf of the ancestral tree of life, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt dizzy when he saw the materials he needed. There were hundreds of materials, at least all of which were third-grade fairy medicines, and the most important thing was the need for an ancestral dragon. heart of!

The ancestral dragon between heaven and earth has long been extinct. Where can he find this kind of thing!

So now there is only direct refining!

The process of refining will not be repeated one by one. Anyway, all kinds of brilliance flash, infinite life force rushes, and finally broke through the shackles of the third star, and successfully opened up the fourth star under the left foot, and it has also begun About one-tenth.

However, every time you turn on a star, you need a few huge energies. Zhao Yuande was a little surprised to estimate it. If you want to fully turn on the fourth star next time, you need ten gold leaves of the ancestral tree of life!

This made Zhao Yuande a little shocked, but also a little helpless!

If the opening of the Nine Stars of the Chaos Eucharist is too simple, then it will be too against the sky!

Zhao Yuande felt that the power contained in his body was so magnificent that even with a star in front of him, he could smash.

He made a rough estimate, and now his strength should be comparable to the strongest peak of Divine Emperor!

"How do I get out of the trial palace?" Zhao Yuande asked at this moment.

"Just walk out of this palace! However, you can choose whether or not to hide your name!" said the ancient majestic voice. "Only the top 100 can choose whether to let your name appear on the outside jade bi! "

"Well! I choose to hide!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, before speaking.

Thirty-five of them are far beyond Sun Yang and howl during the day, if you let everyone know that it will inevitably cause a huge sensation.

At that time, it may lead to the attack of local powerhouses!

This is not a joke. There are hidden forces among the major forces that specifically assassinate the genius of the enemy forces.

Most of these assassins are deceased soldiers trained by the sect, one by one, not afraid of life and death, but only know to complete the task.

If the ordinary assassin came to Zhao Yuande, he was not afraid, but if the assassin appeared above the fairyland, he would definitely die with his current strength!

At this time, the outside world has boiled up, and the two fairies from the central fairy field have come out of the first level in tandem.

Their rankings were also close to each other, An Yunlan was No. 321 and Yao Kongzhu was No. 332!

The ranking of these two people suddenly shocked many onlookers with their mouths wide open!

The fairy in the Central Fairy Realm is indeed a genius against the sky. Compared with the descendants of the Bai Emperor, the young master of the Sun family is much stronger!

At this time, Sun Yang's face also showed a bit of anxiety. An Yunlan and Yao Kongzhu were able to achieve this ranking. He was not surprised at all because he had already felt powerful from both of them!

He knows the rules in the Trial Palace. You can use any fairy treasure, you can lead the powerful fierce beast fairy beast, and you can use powerful spells!

Although these external factors cannot be fully regarded as your strength, they are also considered as a part of power!

What makes him anxious is that Zhao Yuande has not walked out of the first hurdle so far. Did he encounter any difficulties?

The Shen Tu family, Xuan Jizong, and even many people who noticed that Zhao Yuande entered the first hurdle couldn't help but frown.