Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1444

Chapter 1444: A Lot Of Discussion

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"That Zhao Yuande is so powerful, why hasn't he come out yet? Is it..."

"I don't know! But he shouldn't do it with his skill!"

"It might not be possible! I heard that ancient creatures appear randomly in every level. Maybe he is unlucky and encounters a beast that restrains himself!"

"Well! This is not impossible, but it would be a pity if it was so! I look forward to him before he can enter the 200!"

"Hey! Before two hundred... This is a bit exaggerated! I remember that in the long years there was a king named Immortal Emperor named Hengyuan Immortal King. He seemed to be one hundred and eighty!"

"He can't compare with the Hunyuan Immortal King..."


Sun Yang could not help but frown as he listened to the discussion.

At this time, An Yunlan and Yao Diaozhu who appeared from the first level also heard that Zhao Yuande also entered the first level after them.

Yao Kongzhu's face suddenly showed a cold color, and Zhao Yuande made her ugly in public, and she must retaliate.

I originally thought that the other party's talent is outstanding, and the fighting strength should be higher than his own ranking. Now it seems that this is not the case.

But this also made her feel a little helpless. If the other party ranked higher than yourself, you can ask the family to send an assassin to kill the other party in growth, but now it seems that you can only find a way!

And An Yunlan didn't quite believe it, but she knew deeply about Zhao Yuande's strength, before she thought the other party could even enter the 200!

Did he get the exercises in it and forget the time? Or is the temporary realm increase delaying time?

But at this moment when there was a lot of discussion, a glorious golden beam of light suddenly broke out in the first house. The beam of light soared into the sky and swept the entire sky dome instantly, and the whole world area was suddenly golden!

"This... what the **** is going on? Why is this happening?"

"No! You see...that's...that's Zhao Yuande, he came out!"

At this time, everyone's eyes were focused on the door of the first level. Sure enough, a tall Weigan figure appeared, and Dao Jinguang wrapped his body, making people feel like they saw a fairy king coming to the world.

"How many are he, and why is there such a gorgeous scene!"


Everyone looked at Jade Bi in unison, but looked up and down but did not find the name of Zhao Yuande, which made many people slightly stunned!

"No? How is this possible? Absolutely impossible!"

"No! Look, Yao Xianzi and An Xianzi's rankings have been extended by one!"

Everyone looked at the past in a hurry, and suddenly found that An Yunlan had become 322, and Yao Kongzhu had become 332!

" possible? Why doesn't his name appear?"

"Never heard of this situation! It has never happened since the record!"

"Good! Since the record, I know that the highest one is the one hundred and eighth Hunyuan Immortal King...and the first hundred people have never shown their names!"

"According to my ancestor's guess, the top 100 should be all princes of the heavenly kingdom..."

"What! Can it be said that the prince of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom is more powerful than the Hunyuan Immortal King?"

"How is this possible? If it were so powerful, how would the heavenly kingdom be destroyed?"


No one knows, and no one will know, only to enter the top 100 will have the option to hide their names!

Just as everyone was discussing, Sun Yang rushed in front of Zhao Yuande in one arrow step, looking up and down Zhao Yuande excitedly.

"Brother Zhao! You... did you break through?" Sun Yang asked in surprise.

"Good! I got a little benefit in it and broke through a little realm!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled.

"How many are that?" Sun Yang asked eagerly.

Zhao Yuandeng glanced at the look around, and did not answer directly. Instead, he said with the soul: "I said you must not be agitated, it is unnecessary to show anything!"

Zhao Yuande warned in advance, otherwise Sun Yang might be too excited, and people might guess some.

"I know!" Sun Yang heard Zhao Yuande say this, and he couldn't help but look more expectant on his face.

"Thirty-five!" Zhao Yuande replied gently.

"Goodong!" Sun Yang swallowed hard, and his face was incredible. He almost screamed when he saw Zhao Yuande.

Fortunately, Zhao Yuande just reminded him in advance, which made him a little prepared.

"Otherwise how can I hide my rank, if other people know the name, I am afraid that I will wait for an endless chase as soon as I go out!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Hey! How many brothers are Zhao, how could they be hidden?" The Shen Tujia and Xuanji Sect Sun's family, as well as some people who had some relationship with Zhao Yuande, all rushed over.

"Shhhh! It's two hundred and thirty-five!" Zhao Yuande looked at so many people's eager eyes, his face was embarrassed, but in the end he pretended to look helpless and lowered his voice, "Just You can choose whether to hide the ranking if you are within 250!"

Zhao Yuande said this to see that everyone did not understand the matter of hidden rankings. He also knew that everyone who entered the trial this time, except for Xuan Qi who was guarding his slaves, may not be able to enter the 250.

"It turns out so! Congratulations!" Many people suddenly looked at Zhao Yuande's extremely fierce eyes, but this is 235, a few have been able to surpass this rank in hundreds of millions of years, there are only nine people recorded, seven of them Both are kings of immortal emperors, and the remaining two are also immortal emperors!

Zhao Yuande can achieve this rank, at least in the future will be a great fairy emperor strong!

Who wouldn't want to stammer in this kind of top power in the future!

"Brother Zhao! Congratulations! My family is very lacking in the talents of Brother Zhao. If Brother Zhao is willing to go to the central fairyland, my family is willing to provide Brother Zhao with the most ideal cultivation environment, the most suitable for Brother Zhao's fairy treasure! "An Yunlan walked to Zhao Yuande with a charming smile on his face."

If he can bring this brother Zhao to his home, it will surely be a great help for his home!

At this time, Yao Kongzhu's face was slightly vicious, and she had made up her mind. Since she has become an enemy, she must be removed!

As long as there is room for trial, he will sue the family ancestor and send the assassin to kill Zhao Yuande at all costs.

"An Xianzi laughed! I'm part of the Sun family. You just pulled me in front of Brother Sun, but some..." Zhao Yuande smiled lightly without saying much.