Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446: Torn Apart

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The combination of fists and the ancient world made this terrifying big bird roll over in the void, and finally was knocked down by Zhao Yuande, crushing a large mountain range, the original fresh and natural landscape of the bird language disappeared suddenly, leaving only one A terrible big crack is on the ground.

Obviously, the Nether three-headed vulture was in the downwind during the physical impact, but this big guy didn't mean to succumb. The three heads flashed fiercely, and three big mouths opened and spouted three light **** of different colors.

In the middle is the golden ball of light, which suddenly changes into countless golden lightsabers, and continually shoots towards Zhao Yuande. Dao Fengfeng's golden sword lights make Zhao Yuande feel numb for a while.

The jet on the left spit out a black sphere of light. The black sphere of light exploded in an instant, and countless black insects like mosquitoes loomed over Zhao Yuande and Xiao Jin.

The human head on the right ejected a yellow sphere of light. The yellow sphere of light turned out to be a mass of yellow mucus that had been compressed numerous times. This yellow crush was released all of a sudden, and it was all a violent stench!

"I depend! This guy is so disgusting!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked scared when he saw this situation.

He was not afraid of Jin Jian. Those black bugs and yellow mucus made people feel numb and very sick.

"Burn me!" Zhao Yuande's head appeared a yin and yang sky mirror, and a line of fire was shot out to form a large flame net, toward the black bugs and yellow slime net in the sky.


A irritating scream sounded in my heart. The black bugs met the flame net and were instantly burned into a piece of coke, but in a temporary scream.

However, most of the yellow slime turned into a smaller slime through the flame net, and it was covered by Zhao Yuande!

"The old world is blocked by me!" Zhao Yuande raised his hand, and the shining glory of the old world appeared in rumble, blocking the yellow slime.

However, the yellow slime has terrible corrosiveness, and once it fell on the illusory deserted world, it suddenly corroded the huge deserted world into huge pits, just a momentary disintegration of the deserted world!

"Damn! Is this the water of Jiuyou Huangquan?" Zhao Yuande saw this situation and not only felt a powerless feeling in his heart.

"I'm running away!" Zhao Yuande turned into Kunpeng, taking advantage of the moment when the ancient world collapsed, and escaped hundreds of miles directly.

After escaping hundreds of miles, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a buzzing noise sounding behind him, and he suddenly saw those bugs that were not burned to death chasing him at a speed not weaker than him.

And at this time, his golden sword light appeared above his head. If he looked closely, this golden sword light turned out to be an illusory golden feather!

"I'll run away!" Zhao Yuande felt a little powerless at this time. He clearly had powerful power, but he was chased by these things and ran around everywhere. He felt a little stumped.

"Huh!" Just at this moment, the ghost three-headed vulture has rushed to the sky again, and the body suddenly burst into a black light, even shrinking suddenly.

However, although the body has shrunk, the fierce and domineering atmosphere has not changed at all, and it has even become stronger!

"Tweet!" Xiaojin rushed up at this time to start a battle with the narrow three-headed vulture.

Although Xiaojin's body is small, the speed far surpasses the other party, although he has never been able to attack the other party fatally, but the two claws also continuously leave blood marks on the head of the golden bird.

The golden Peng bird's head screamed again and again, and his mouth spouted out a golden sword light, but he still couldn't help Xiaojin.

The Nether Three-Headed Vulture was entangled by Xiaojin in a short time, unable to open an effective attack on Zhao Yuande.

"Xiaojin is good, I will get rid of this group of nasty bugs and go to help you!" Zhao Yuande once again urged the Yinyang Zhaotianjing three-flavor true fire, and issued a net of flame.

But the little bugs seemed to be smart in one go, and even bypassed the flame net, sweeping in all directions towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande couldn't dodge for a while and was thrown on the body by a small bug.

Although the bugs are only the size of mosquitoes, a pair of sharp teeth snapped on Zhao Yuande's skin at once, as if they were sharp scissors. They bite off Zhao Yuande's skin at once and then plunged in one end, and then began to **** crazy Zhao Yuande's blood!

The little bug that had absorbed the blood was getting bigger and bigger, and his skin bulged with a thumb-sized bag, and the little bug was still wriggling below, and it seemed to be laying eggs!

"I rely on!" Zhao Yuande felt a sudden pain, and saw this terrifying scene, his face changed suddenly!

He slapped the place where he was bitten without hesitation, and the powerful force rushed directly into the body, shattering the little bug with a white egg.

Then suddenly the skin tightened, and a stream of black blood spewed down the wound, which was considered to eliminate the hidden danger.

But if he thought that if he was surrounded by these little bugs, he might be eaten up in an instant.

"Stupid boy, show the mysterious water of mysterious face!" The words of old man with white beard came at this time.

Zhao Yuande has always used the yin and yang to illuminate the shade of the sky mirror to cover his breath. Now when he listens to the old man with a white beard, he quickly urges the yin.

Suddenly it seemed like a flooding Tianhe River, where endless black water rushed out from the dark side, and Zhao Yuande felt a chill that made people feel cold and swept over at once, and the temperature of the space was only instantaneously lowered by not knowing how much.

The whole piece of space was white, and at this time in the sky, heavy snow fell, and the heavy snow fell, and soon the whole world became white.

And those little black bugs were instantly frozen and all fell down, and Zhao Yuande's crisis was relieved!

Xuanyin Zhenshui seems to be alive. As he circled around Zhao Yuande's body, the golden lightsabers that were flying at this time all changed extremely slowly, even being eroded by the terrible cold, and the next moment was frozen into one. The lumps of ice fell to the ground and smashed.


It was at this time that Zhao Yuande heard Xiaojin's tweet, and he remembered the existence of the huge ghost three-headed vulture.

"Go to die!"

Zhao Yuande flew into the sky and collided with the Nether Three-Headed Vulture again.

Zhao Yuande's fist attack on the flesh, coupled with Xiaojin's constant harassment, the ghost three-headed vulture was split in the air without Zhao Yuande dispatching Black Rock.