Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1448

Chapter 1448: Independent Consciousness

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In the third level is a blood-red area filled with flowing magma. The terrible high temperature burns the surrounding space, making the entire space seem to be lit at any time.

Zhao Yuande saw a huge flame giant tortoise appearing in a magma pond, and was sleeping loudly at this time!

The whole body of the flaming tortoise is covered by the carapace. When sleeping, the head and tail of the limbs are all retracted into the huge carapace.

"Earth-Melting Fire Turtle Void Shadow, Third-grade Fairy Beast, has infinite flame power in its body..."

Zhao Yuande didn't hide anything, summoned the Yin-Yang Zhao Tian Jing, holding the black rock lightsaber, and slowly approached the deep-hearted melting fire turtle.

"Roar! Who broke into my sleeping place!" Zhao Yuande also planned to approach and open the raid, it is best to use a sword to cut off the head of this big guy, but did not expect that everyone has not taken two steps. The guy is already awake!

What makes Zhao Yuande a little shocked is that this guy not only wakes up, but also speaks, it seems as if he has his own wisdom!

"Tweet!" Zhao Yuande's small golden eyes on his shoulder also showed the difference. He turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, pointed his wings at the heart-melting fire turtle, and then pointed at himself.

Zhao Yuande immediately understood what Xiaojin meant. It wanted to ask why this big guy could talk, but he couldn't!

"Xiaojin is still small, and when he grows up, he can talk directly and communicate with me!" Zhao Yuande touched his little head with a spoil.

He said this is not a consolation. There must be a blood lineage in Xiaojin's head. When all the lines are unraveled, there will inevitably be multiple languages, and it will certainly also wrap up human language.

"Roar!" Seeing that Zhao Yuande had only spoken to Xiao Jin, the earth-melting mysterious black turtle suddenly angered suddenly when he ignored his own question.

"Two little things, die for me!"

The guy spouted a thick pillar of fire in his mouth, and the entire space was instantly burned and fragmented. Zhao Yuande felt a terrible flame force instantly locked himself, and he was slightly surprised.

But it was just a surprise. Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, took out a somewhat worn bronze oil lamp, and shook it gently.

"Xiaoqing! It's time to do things!"

"Well!" A slap-sized cyan boy emerged from the oil lamp.

When the cyan boy saw the flames coming like a wave, his eyes suddenly became excited.

He opened his mouth and drew lightly at the raging flame.

The flame was sucked into the abdomen by the blue boy as if Wanchuan had returned to the sea.

The cyan boy's body was obviously bigger, and there was even a hint of intoxication on his face.

"Master! I'm going to have a full meal!" The blue boy turned into a blue lotus with a smile, and rushed towards the magma lake that was rolling.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin looked at the blue child, his eyes full of envy, and his wings flew again and again, even asking Zhao Yuande why the blue child would talk so little, but he wouldn't!

"This..." Zhao Yuande really felt he had no way to explain it, and he didn't know what to say.

"Kill it! Let's talk about chopping this black turtle!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to rush to the earth-melting black turtle with the black rock sword in his hands.

When the earth-centered molten fire turtle saw the cyan boy rushing in, his eyes clearly had a very strong fear, but he found that the cyan boy just rushed into the lava lake, and did not engage in himself. This big guy only collected the fear, Facing Zhao Yuande's tail, he swept past.

"Death!" The black rock sword in Zhao Yuande's hand cut towards the tail like a Tianzhu.

A dazzling white sword-man's head stretched across the sky, and the terrifying power shattered the fragmentation of the void, and you could even see a little star light flicker in the void.

After the white swordmand passed, Zhao Yuande heard a scream of earth-shaking, a thick tail fell directly into the magma lake, splashing a huge wave of flames!

Zhao Yuande's sword cut off the tail of the earth-melting fire turtle!

This is a fairy beast of the Three Realms, which is equivalent to the powerful existence of the fairy realm, which is enough to show how many black forks this black rock has.


The geothermal melt fire mysterious turtle screamed and opened his mouth directly towards Zhao Yuande. Rows of fossils resembling Foshan Yue spirally distributed in his mouth, as long as something entered his mouth. Will be ground into a ball of pulp.

"Humph! Open me!"

Zhao Yuande's black rock sword was so sharply cut down, and another white sword light fell, and the head with a size of a few miles was directly split into two by the white sword light.

"Boom!" The huge body of the Earth's Molten Fire Turtle crashed into the magma lake. The magma flew all over the sky, and the horrible heat swept the whole world.

But at the next moment, the whole molten world suddenly became quiet. The magma in the magma lake did not know why it all turned into a piece of hard black rock, and the whole magma lake solidified into a solid. Black rocks.


The blue boy lightly hiccuped and flew back to the bronze oil lamp with a satisfied expression.

"Master, I am sleepy!"

There was a languid voice from the blue boy in the bronze oil lamp.

"Okay! You sleep!" Zhao Yuande nodded helplessly. This little guy's growth rate is frightening. Every time he absorbs a lot of flame power, he will fall into a deep sleep. I don't know whether it will become a chaotic blue next time I wake up next time. Lotus fire.

"Congratulations to you, you have successfully passed the test of the third level! You are ranked 29th! You can choose any treasure in the Void Treasure!" The ancient and majestic voice sounded at the right time.


Zhao Yuande frowned slightly when he heard this ranking. He solved the battle so quickly, and he was very clean and tidy. Why is he only 29th?

"No! This is a misunderstanding!" Zhao Yuande suddenly shook his head. "I knew beforehand that the relationship between the speed of the battle and the ranking is not great. I used too much external force, so even the second kill opponent is still still. In the twenty-ninth place!"

"Fighting speed does have something to do with the final ranking! But in the end, it depends on the overall strength. Your comprehensive strength reaches a peak, so there will be a ranking of 29th!" Zhao Yuande did not expect that ancient The second majestic voice sounded at this time, and he began to communicate with him.

"" Zhao Yuande froze for a while, and then it came back. "You even have your own sense of independence!"