Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1449

Chapter 1449: Select

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"Yes! I do have an independent consciousness, but I have been sleeping! After hundreds of millions of years, you are the first to have a royal bloodline, so I am awakened by the power of your bloodline!" Ancient Majesty Rong's voice thundered in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"Royal bloodline?" Zhao Yuande froze, but immediately remembered Feng Cang's story.

This ancestor combined with the princess of the Huntian fairy country so that he had Zhao Yuande, so he is really the royal blood of the Huntian fairy country.

"Good! Royal blood!" said the ancient majestic voice, "As long as you can successfully pass the test of the twelve levels, you can inherit the treasures of the heavenly kingdom!"

"The Treasure of Inheritance!" Zhao Yuande was so happy in his heart that he couldn't help but ask, "What if someone else passes the twelve tests?"

"Without the blood of the royal family, there will be no extra reward even if you pass the 12-level test! They are all robbers who steal the luck of the fairy country. If I have no rules, I will definitely kill all these robbers!" Ancient Majesty There was a hint of hatred in his voice.

"Oh! Okay! Send me to the Treasury of the Void to choose the treasure first!" Zhao Yuande felt that the news he got was a bit shocking. He didn't expect his bloodline to have such benefits. This news needs to be digested.

"As you wish!" The ancient and majestic voice fell slowly, and he appeared again in a void surrounded by bright stars.

But this time the stars are obviously much less than the last time, and they are even more shining and bright!

The stars in the void kept turning, and Zhao Yuande swept the soul involuntarily.

"On the seventh floor of the Void Treasure, there were originally 360 treasures. After hundreds of millions of years, there are only 298 remaining. You can take any of these treasures!" The ancient majestic voice thundered Echoed in the void.

298 pieces!

After so many years, a total of sixty-two items were selected, which shows what!

It shows that there are very few people in the top 30, and it can be seen how difficult it is to test the Heavenly Kingdom!

It was at this time that Zhao Yuande's careful liver suddenly jumped up and down.

Because he found an eight-grade fairy treasure!

This is a small gourd, which looks simple and vicissitudes, but Zhao Yuande obviously feels that there is a violent amount that can destroy the world.

Zhao Yuande even felt that as long as he uncovered the gourd plug, he could directly destroy a strong man in the fairyland.

"Huntian Immortal Gourd, Eight Grade Immortal Treasure, and the nineteenth fruit from the roots of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, which contains the Huntian Immortal Thunder..."

"Goodong!" Zhao Yuande swallowed subconsciously.

However, the amount of information in it made Zhao Yuande feel numb with some scalp!

The ancestral root of the heavenly kingdom? Nineteen? The sky is extinct?

What is the ancestral root of the Heavenly Kingdom? Is it a gourd vine? Why is it called ancestral root?

The nineteenth piece is the eighth grade fairy treasure. What grade are the other eighteen pieces? What level is Zugen?

What is the Thundercracker Thunder? But when I heard the name, I knew it was terrible! Do you want to destroy the fairy?

Zhao Yuande was excited, but he did not intend to directly select this heavenly gourd, but hurriedly took back his attention.

The treasures here are good, but he can only choose one, so be careful, or you have to start screening as you did on the sixth floor!

Don't cheats on exercises! No refining materials...

Soon he scanned 298 treasures, and after screening, only 137 were left!

Twenty-one of Fu Mi, each of which is powerful, can destroy stars, can blow away hundreds of millions of miles, and can be created by heaven and earth...

Twenty-nine pieces of Xianbao, seven pieces and eight pieces, twenty-two pieces and seven pieces!

Forty-nine magical pills...

Thirty-eight other rare treasures...

Zhao Yuande looked disturbed, and even a pair of eyes couldn't extricate himself.

If possible, he really took all these treasures as his own!

But he knew it was just a dream.

He also finally understood why so many immortal forces are not far away!

The place where the trial is located does not have the power of the great sect, and it is necessary to go to this celestial kingdom to try it. It turns out that their purpose is these treasures!

In the end, he finally selected some treasures that he believed would have the greatest effect on himself.

The eight-grade Xianbao Hun Tianxian gourd is the first one, and the others include Phoenix Feather God Armor, Nine Feather Fan, Kunpeng True Blood, Ancestor True Dragon Essence Blood, Hun Tian Chong Yuan Dan, Qiong Xian Jade Brew, Zhu Xie God Swords, evil sword gladioli...

There are twelve pieces in total, all of which are cherished treasures, making Zhao Yuande unable to give up for a while.

Especially Zhuxie Shenjian and Zhuxie Jianlan, one of them is Qipinxian sword, and one is Wupinxiancao. If they can get it together, their sword will be sublimated, especially The latter can get the evil sword sword, and it has a very powerful restraint effect on evil monsters.

However, Zhao Yuande knew that he could only choose one!

Now what he needs most is to increase his own strength. In this foreign matter, he is not lacking, except that Black Rock is much stronger than the Zhuxie Shenjian.

He turned his eyes to Kunpeng true blood again!

This drop of real blood is fist-sized and crystal-clear. One of Kunpeng's phantoms disappears, and a force of vanity looms out.

If you choose this drop of Kunpeng True Blood, it will be of great benefit to your Kunpeng True Body, and there is a terrifying void power in it. If you combine it with the original void in the blood of the ancestor Void Beast, he feels that he can let The speed of traveling through the void by yourself is a few points faster!

However, the horror energy contained in this drop of Kunpeng's real blood seems to have been pumped away. It seems that the energy in it is too large to be controlled by the world.

He looked at the ancestor Zhenlong's essence blood again. Although this drop of essence blood had powerful energy, it seemed to contain some very powerful heritage.

He now has no time to study other powerful inheritances, so this drop of ancestor true dragon essence and blood is very hesitant!

There are thirty-six gourds in Huntian Chongyuandan, each of which is gleaming and rounded and contains huge energy. If you get these 36 Huntian Chongyuandan, Zhao Yuande feels that she can hope to open the fourth star!

The Qiongxianyu Brew is a pot of immortal wine, in which the immortal spirit is lingering, and it seems from a distance that it seems to contain a hazy rhyme!

"Hey! I still choose Huntian Chongyuan Dan!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other treasures and stretched out his hand helplessly, the gourd Huntian Chongyuan Dan fell into his hands.

"Huntian Zhongyuan Pill, the second-grade pill, contains the power of a huge essence, which can wash the body and temper the muscles and bones..."

"I want to practice for a while!" Zhao Yuande came to the Void Treasury and made his own request to the Void.