Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1450

Chapter 1450: Eager To Try

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In the mysterious palace, he began to take Hun Tian Chong Yuan Dan, each of which improved his strength to a certain extent, and each one was constantly tempering his body...

I don't know how long it has passed. He has already taken twelve celestial beings. When the thirteenth one was eaten, he was frustrated and found that the power had been reduced a lot...

By the time the twenty-fifth, the medicinal power was almost insignificant...

Helpless Zhao Yuande collected the remaining eleven heavenly heavy Yuan Dan at this time!

He now finds helplessly that one fifth of the fourth star is not turned on!

"Okay! Since I took advantage of this opportunity, I simply used the Blood God Stone to comprehend several ancient demon avenues, and will push the cultivation base to the late Emperor's late stage or even the peak as soon as possible. Although the combat power has not improved much, it can still be in the next level. Played a certain role." Zhao Yuande thought about it for a while, but still made this decision.

Cultivation has no sun and moon, and time passes in a hurry.

Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes and put away the gluttonous real spirits in front of him.

This time he spent a lot of money and ran out of the hoarded materials, and only then realized three kinds of ancient demon avenues.

His choices for the blood **** stone are all targeted, and the ancient demon dragon whale blood **** stone, which helps him to practice swordsmanship, contains the earth-shattering changes of the dragon whale regretting the sea!

The ancient demon **** six-winged white tiger, which helps his speed, and the white tiger's way of storm gives him a powerful tearing force in his speed.

The ancient demon **** who helped his strength...

These three kinds of ancient demon avenues and the real body of Kunpeng that he learned before have improved his combat effectiveness, but it still cannot make up for the inability to increase the combat effectiveness of the fourth star.

Although he has reached the late stage of the Emperor Realm at this time, he can't sense the heavenly path of the Immortal Realm here, and he can't raise his realm to the Divine Emperor Realm!

"I don't know how long it has passed or how many levels they have passed!" Zhao Yuande got up slowly. Although the third house's promotion was not as great as expected, he still rejoiced.

He stepped out of the palace in one step and saw at first glance some pale-faced Sun Yang.

"What's the matter? Brother Sun?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see him like this.

"Hey! Brother Zhao, you can come out!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande coming out, his face suddenly showing a happy look.

"What the **** happened?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask curiously.

There is no hatred or anger in Sun Yang's eyes, only a deep helplessness, which makes him very curious.

"Brother Zhao! I have run out of panacea! Just wait for you to come out and lend me some money!" Sun Yang said helplessly, "Since the seventh pass, there has been no safety zone and no palace to restore, What a headache!"

"What! Are you in the seventh house?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised.

"Yeah! It's been nine days. Brother Zhao, what did you get in the third hurdle, it took so long to appear!" Sun Yang was also curious at this time.

"Come on, take this gourd elixir first!" Zhao Yuande handed the remaining eleven heavenly heavy elixir to the other party, and he was secretly glad in his heart that he hadn't swallowed these elixir in one breath.

"This... this is a second-ranking elixir! Or eleven..." Sun Yang's eyes widened, and his mouth widened in disbelief!

"Well! I got 36 in the third house!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly. "Only the eleven are left!"

"Brother Zhao, you should also keep a few spares." Sun Yang took out three of them and put them in his storage space. The rest were handed over to Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! What kind of brothers are you!" Zhao Yuande pushed the gourd back again. "You forgot, but I have a lot of materials, and the food produced is not as bad as the medicine!"

"Haha! Then I'm welcome!" Sun Yang happily put away the gourd, but soon his face showed a dignified color, "Brother Zhao, I have died many times in the seventh pass, Now that I have these medicines, I should be able to successfully pass the seventh level. As for the eighth level, I dare not think about it!"

"What about An Yunlan and Yao Diaozhu?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"Hey! Their family background is stronger than my grandson's family. They all have the Seventh Treasures bodyguards given by their ancestors. Now they have entered the eighth level! But I think the eighth level is already their limit. Because no treasures are allowed in the next four levels, you need to use your real strength to defeat your opponents!" Sun Yang's face couldn't help but reveal a trace of helplessness.

"No treasures are allowed!" Zhao Yuande was also shocked. "If the strong man with a sword loses his sword, what else to play!"

"Brother Zhao, our realm is not enough, as long as you understand the essence of kendo swordsmanship, it doesn't matter whether you have a sword in your hand! Even in this realm, the attack power is even stronger than the nine-pin fairy sword, but this is indeed legendary. Realm, although there are people of this realm among these heavens and tens of thousands of realms, it may be some powerful fairy emperors!" Sun Yang exclaimed.

"There is no sword in the hand, and everything in the world can be turned into a sword, and the power is more than the nine-grade fairy sword..." Zhao Yuande was slightly surprised. Although he had heard of such swordsmanship, he had never heard of anyone who had reached this level.

But the universe of the heavens is infinitely vast, and the strong are like clouds, so there may be people who have realized this kind of swordsmanship.

"Well, Brother Zhao doesn't talk to you anymore, I'm going to hurry up and resume cultivation!" Sun Yang swallowed a heavy pill and began to practice with his eyes closed.

Looking at the empty security zone at this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't help feeling curious. Where did these people go?

What he didn't expect was that the breakthrough of several of them caused a craze to break through, making everyone eager to try.

Some people who feel that cultivation is not enough have gone out to look for opportunities, and those who think cultivation is strong are directly starting to break through the barrier, so now even in the safety zone, they can't even see their personal shadows.

Zhao Yuande didn't care about this either, came to the third palace, looked at the jade bi above, and immediately found An Yunlan's name.

An Yunlan ranked 301, Yao Kongzhu ranked 309.

He came to the fourth house again, An Yunlan 299, Yao Kongzhu 305, and Sun Yang shot 322!

In front of the fifth house, An Yunlan 308, Yao Kongzhu 317, Sun Yang 321, 219!

Zhao Yuande felt more relieved as he looked down, and of course there was speculation in his heart.

The backgrounds of the two Anyao are much thicker than their Sun family, so their rankings are higher than that of Sun Yang. If they are on the same starting line, Sun Yang will not necessarily be worse than them!

However, by the ninth level, they all lost the blessings of Xianbao. I am afraid that their disadvantages will show up at once. Even if they can pass the level, I am afraid they are not as good as Sun Yang's ranking.