Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1452

Chapter 1452: Royal Blood

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Zhao Yuande was shocked, but then he was relieved,

The eighth level is the last level they can get through. They naturally have to do their best. They are desperate. It is not impossible to enter the top 250!

However, although he was reassuring about An Yunlan, he did not dare to guarantee that the other party would not tell Mrs. An about the matter, and even less so that Mrs. An would not pass on the matter!

"Don't spread An Xianzi!" Zhao Yuande said to An Yunlan, "This time is the first 42!"

"What..." An Yunlan's eyes flickered!

This ranking shocked her. Although she had already speculated, she still shocked her!

"Brother Zhao! You lied to her again! This time it was forty-two!" Sun Yang did know that Zhao Yuande was deceiving each other again at this time.

"It's not okay to cheat her! She can't keep my secret like Brother Zhao, otherwise An Family knows that at this time, I am afraid it is not a good thing for me! Maybe there will be many right and wrong!" Zhao Yuande replied helplessly.

"That's true! How can she compare with me, we are brothers! Haha!" Sun Yang heard Zhao Yuande say that it was an unconditional trust in himself, and he couldn't help laughing.

"It seems that Brother Zhao should be able to pass the ninth level, even the tenth level!" An Yunlan's face showed a look of great expectation, "I heard that after passing the ninth level, you can choose freely in the Void Treasure, really Look forward to!"

"..." Zhao Yuande almost couldn't help but tell the other party, as long as he entered the top 50, he was free to choose his favorite treasure in the Void Treasure!

"Okay everyone, I'm going to go through the barrier!" Zhao Yuande waved to everyone, but secretly passed on the message to Sun Yang Road, "You'd better practice to go to the trial palace in the Emperor District for a while, I think there The benefits will not be too small!"

"Well! I know! But now we need to consolidate cultivation practice, it is better to be able to upgrade cultivation practice to the later stage of Emperor Realm, otherwise there is really no assurance!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Okay! I will leave Zhao Shizi and Xuan Qi beside you. You can summon them at the key moment!" Zhao Yuande flicked the fingers and sent them into Sun Yang's body world.

Sun Yang's face suddenly showed a happy look, with these two strong men beside him, even if he encountered the daytime screams, he was not afraid.

Zhao Yuande stepped into the fifth hurdle, and his figure disappeared in front of everyone.

"Hey! Brother Zhao is really too strong. We are nothing like him. The usual sense of genius superiority has long since disappeared. I felt a sense of inferiority in front of him!" Shen Tu Yingjie grumbled, helpless. .

"Okay brother, work hard! Brother Zhao is still working hard against the sky. There is no reason why we should not work hard, otherwise we can only be thrown farther and farther away!" Sun Yang has gradually cultivated his self-confidence at this time. .

He has been with Zhao Yuande for too long. He has seen too many magical powers and knows that he cannot compare with his pervert, so he has already set himself a goal in his heart.

That is to be able to follow Zhao Yuande all the time without being pulled too far!

"Brother Zhao is different from us. I feel that sooner or later he is a dragon that soars above the nine days, and we are just those ordinary beings looking up to him!" Duan Mufeiyun silently looked at the place where Zhao Yuande disappeared, his eyes showing A touch of loss.

"You may be right, but even if we are looking forward to his ordinary existence, we must work hard. I am afraid that many people behind us can't even see his shadow. Compared to them, we are still lucky!" An Yunlan nodded lightly, although there was a loss on his face, but more of a fighting spirit.

"Come on!" Sun Yang waved his fist hard, and then strode toward the safety zone.

The fifth hurdle is a Canglong, which is obviously stronger than the previous four hurdles, and it is no longer a ghost, but a real holy beast!

Dont look at the fact that the rank is greatly reduced, but the combat power is stronger than the phantom of the third-grade fairy beast!

The holy beast is equivalent to a strong state of God Emperor Realm. Although this Canglong is not comparable to the God Realm of the Peak Realm, it is still terrifying.

Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry at this time, just collided with the opponent with his physical strength.

Xiao Jin's excitement is responsible for harassing each other, constantly creating opportunities for Zhao Yuande!

However, the strength of this Canglong was obviously stronger than that of the pheasant. Zhao Yuande was almost torn directly by him several times in a row, but fortunately, he had an undead body, and he turned it into danger many times.

After three days and three nights of war, he finally grinded this Canglong to death!

As soon as Cang Long died, Zhao Yuande also immediately lay down on the ground. Almost half of his body's blood was exhausted. If the other party did not die, he would die!

Of course he cant die here, and he will send you out at the last moment of crisis.

However, if you go in again, Canglong will also fully restore its strongest state.

This time the ranking is 31st, obviously his performance is quite good!

He did not choose the Green Dragon Dun Tian Fu, nor did he choose Yinhuijia, but chose a second-grade immortal Batiancao that he had not seen before.

This immortal grass lives in a terrible starry sky monster's lair. This starry sky monster is named as domineering, and its body is powerful, and it constantly swims in the starry sky to devour other starry sky monsters.

The domineering grass is contaminated with the breath of this starry sky monster, and it is of great help for refining the flesh!

Zhao Yuande killed the Canglong and lay down on the ground to rest for a while before slowly getting up.

"May I take this corpse of the dragon?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"You have the blood of the royal family, you can do it naturally!" the ancient and majestic voice replied, "but other people really can't!"

When Zhao Yuande heard it, his face suddenly showed rejoicing!

This huge dragon is thousands of miles long, and there is huge energy in the flesh and blood. He took out the gluttonous true spirit tripping politely, cut a large piece of flesh and blood on the body of the dragon, and then added various auxiliary materials to make Out of the dragon broth.

The various materials on Canglong's body made Zhao Yuande a big profit, and he left a small portion of Canglong's flesh and blood, and swallowed his stomach with everything else.

Of course, Xiao Jin didn't talk, but it was too small. It took a little effort to receive such a huge energy.

So Xiaojin only ate a few tens of kilograms of flesh and blood and could no longer eat it. He crouched on Zhao Yuande's shoulder and began to practice silently.