Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1454

Chapter 1454: Pressing

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No, there are yin and yang according to the sky mirror! The combination of this treasure and my **** should be considered part of my body.

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of yin and yang according to the sky mirror, and couldn't help but smile on his face.

After a try, he actually summoned the Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing. This discovery made Zhao Yuande almost jumped excitedly.

"Xuanyin real water comes out to me!" Zhao Yuande seized a moment of opportunity, and the Taoxuan's real water was blasted out from the yin and yang sky mirror, and the surrounding air was swept by the terrible cold current, even if the speed of the blood eyes was here. This terrible cold has also eased.

Zhao Yuande seized this little opportunity, the three stars in his body lit up instantly, and punched him towards the blood eye with a punch.

Zhao Yuande was forced by the opponent's stormy attack to even have no time to open the stars in the body. The opening of the three stars was suddenly ten times stronger than when he just resisted.

The white tiger's blood eyes rushed up and flew out with one punch by Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's first move suddenly launched a stormy attack. Kunpeng's real body and Void Avenue made him speed faster and faster, which has exceeded the speed of blood eyes.

Zhao Yuande finally seized the opportunity, and soon lifted his blood pressure to his head. His body was like a ball by Zhao Yuande, and it was rolling all over the floor.

"Roar! Your success angered me!"

The blood eye finally couldn't help it anymore and roared wildly.

His body suddenly turned bright red like blood, his roots were upright, the tiger's claws became sharper, and his breath became several times stronger than before.

Zhao Yuande felt a powerful crisis suddenly, his body flashing continuously in the void.

However, at this time, the blood blades of blood flashing over him attacked him at the same time. At the same time, the blood eyes also struck around him. The speed of the blood eyes was several times faster than that of the previous one, which had exceeded Zhao Yuande's speed.


Zhao Yuande only felt that he had a paw on his chest, and his body was almost torn into two halves by sharp claws, and blood was spilled all over the sky.

"not good!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande couldn't take the counterattack anymore. The body's blood and blood were running wildly. The body just flew out hundreds of feet away, and the terrible injury was basically healed!


There was a greedy gaze among the **** eyes.

"Hand over the cultivation method of the immortal body immediately, or die!"

"Go!" Zhao Yuande sneered, and the other party dared to threaten himself!

Blood Eye's combat power at this time has basically surpassed the Divine Emperor Realm, and the speed is so fast that Zhaoyuan is almost unable to react. At the same time, he is caught by a claw and **** sky, Zhao Yuande, who can not dodge, opened a huge back Mouth.

However, although Zhao Yuande's body can't stop the sharpness of his claws, Zhao Yuande's bones are harder than the other party's expectations.

If it werent for Zhao Yuandes hard bones, this claw would probably split Zhao Yuande from his waist, and it would become two halves.

Zhao Yuande's bones are hard, they were blessed by mysterious runes, and they can already be compared to a first-class fairy treasure. It is normal for the other party to be unable to destroy them.

Zhao Yuande hit the ground again, and the hard rock was directly smashed into powder by Zhao Yuande. Numerous rough cracks on the ground spread to the four sides, just like a cobweb.

"Damn it!" Zhao Yuande was suppressed, and he couldn't help but swear.

However, he knew that although the other party's outbreak is very powerful now, the outbreak must have sequelae. As long as the outbreak time can be sustained, Zhao Yuande believes that the other party will fall into a period of weakness, and it will be time for him to harvest.

Now as long as you stick to it, what you are waiting for is victory!

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

Zhao Yuande was like a sandbag, flying around everywhere, but he constantly urged the undead body and would not recover his injury.

Blood eyes clearly showed a fierce light. It was originally angry because it was brought here inexplicably. Unexpectedly, a human appeared. It habitually wanted to tear it into pieces, but found out The other party's strength is not weaker than himself.

When it fell into a disadvantage, it opened a violent state without hesitation, but did not expect to force out an undead body to Fan Fang!

The immortal body is a very powerful supernatural power. If it reaches even a high level of cultivation, it can even be reborn with blood, and it suddenly moves.

However, the other party seemed to have no meaning at all. It suddenly lost patience and decided to destroy the other party, leaving only the soul torture.

"Roar! Since you don't agree, then I will destroy your flesh!" Blood eyes turned into two huge tornadoes at this time, and the tornado tore the world, and came to Zhao Yuande in an instant.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that a huge crisis was coming. If he could not open more, he might be torn to pieces in a flash.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuande's leg was almost torn off, and the flesh and blood on the leg almost shattered, which seriously affected his speed.

"Tweet!" At this moment, Xiao Jin, holding his claws tightly on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, suddenly burst into his eyes with golden flames, and his body swelled violently, turning into three feet, grabbing Zhao Yuande and turning into a golden awn. The incredible speed escaped the terrible attack of the tornado.

"Humph! Golden-winged Dapeng? If you were an adult, I would be a little scared, but now you are dead! I will turn you into my **** food, and after swallowing you, I will definitely go up another level to reach the fairyland. "" Blood Eyes madly urged the tornado and struck Zhao Yuande and Xiao Jin again.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin glared at the blood eyes, tweeting constantly, and seemed very angry.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande took advantage of this opportunity to list and has completely recovered!

He took advantage of Xiao Jin to grab him by the shoulder and took him to fly, flipped the yin and yang according to the sky mirror, shot out the line of fire, formed a net of three flavors of real fire, and enveloped him towards the blood eyes.

"Sanwei Zhenhuo!" The blood eye is worthy of the White Tiger's bloodline of the heirloom. With extensive knowledge, he recognized Sanwei Zhenhuo.

Sanweizhenhuo is not a simple mortal fire, and this large net cover does not dare to look down upon.

"Crush me!"

It manipulated two huge tornadoes and swept towards the Sanwei real fire.

Zhao Yuande didn't think Sanwei Zhenhuo could hurt the other party, so he didn't urge his full strength when he shot.

The fire net was passed by the tornado, and the instantaneous smoke disappeared.

However, the strength of the tornado gradually faded at this time, dissipating between the sky and the earth.

Zhao Yuande also took advantage of this time and Xiao Jin escaped thousands of miles away.