Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455: End Of Transformation

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"If you want to escape, it is impossible!" The speed of the blood eye is faster than that of the electric light, and then chased before Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt a feeling of powerlessness in his heart, how long can the other party persist?

"Bah!" Zhao Yuande felt his chest was torn by the opponent's claws again.

He even felt an indescribable sharp air burst into his body, tearing his internal organs all the time.


Zhao Yuande is running crazy and immortal, but his body is sharp and raging. Although he recovers quickly, the destruction is also fast.

"Swallow the vortex, swallow it for me!" Zhao Yuande shouted, swallowing the vortex in the body constantly, sucking the raging sharp air in the body quickly into the vortex, his body was quiet.

But at this moment, his body was dripping with blood again.

Under the repression of this unique force, Zhao Yuande had no temper and could only bear it silently.

It is a pity that the rules restrict him from using any treasures, otherwise Black Rock will cut the opponent's claws directly into two pieces.

Seeing the other party getting more and more courageous and fierce, Zhao Yuande could not help frowning.

If you continue this way, I am afraid that the other party is not exhausted, and you will lose your resistance due to the defeat of your blood, and you need to find a way.

At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly missed Zhao XIV. He was regarded as his own avatar and part of his power. If he can join the battle, he may have a chance to defeat.

Although there is no Zhao XIV, he can be transformed into three qualities in one gas, and now he can still produce two avatars, and the two avatars have 80% of its combat power.

"One gasification three clear!"

Zhao Yuande no longer delayed, thinking of rushing to summon the two avatars here and joining the battle.

"Eight disciples!" Blood Eyes frowned when he saw that Zhao Yuande had two avatars.

Bajing Palace is not easy to provoke. Although the White Tigers are powerful, they are mysterious races hidden in the endless void, but they are still much different from Bajing Palace. If the other party is an important disciple of Bajing Palace, killing him may have trouble.

"It turned out that there were two avatars. I'm afraid you are just the outer disciples of the Bajing Palace!" But when the blood eyes saw the appearance of the two avatars, their brows stretched out again.

Although it was only a moment of hesitation, Zhao Yuande seized a moment of opportunity, the body escaped and escaped, and the two avatars rushed up without fear of death, entangled the blood eyes.

Although the two avatars are only 80% of Zhao Yuande's strength, it is not a problem to entangle the blood eyes for a moment. Zhao Yuande took the opportunity to swallow an empty milk to replenish some of his deficient blood.

The vast life energy of the ethereal breast milk exploded in his body, constantly repairing his damaged flesh, filling the wasted blood, so that he quickly returned to the full state.

"Give me death!" Blood Eye was so irritated by the two avatars at this time that he screamed and turned the whole body into a blood-red storm, tearing the two avatars in an instant and then moving towards Zhao Yuande at an incredible speed. Swept away.

"Danger!" Zhao Yuande felt a burst of sweat suddenly. He felt that if he was caught in this red storm, he might be directly torn by the terrible tearing force.

But at this time, at his speed, I am afraid that after a maximum of one breath, he will be caught up by the blood-red storm, and at this time in his heart, there is a despair that has never occurred.

At this most critical moment, Zhao Yuande's body seemed to be suddenly opened by a door, a kind of sudden and bright, a kind of enlightenment, a wonderful feeling of integration.

"Kun Peng's real body! Shuttle me through the void!"

Zhao Yuande turned into Kunpeng, directly submerged into the void, but the next moment appeared in the place where the blood-red hurricane swept through!

At this most dangerous time, he exhibited a shuttle void that he could barely perform only when he entered Divine Realm!

"What!" There was a horrified voice from the **** eyes during the Hurricane Hurricane. He couldn't believe his ears.

To know that the void of the fairy world is extremely solid, it is one thing to break the void, and it is another thing to want to shuttle the void!

Even if his blood eyes have now entered the realm of the sacred beast peak, although he has realized the Void Avenue, but still can not achieve the Void shuttle!

"I don't believe it!" Blood Eye manipulated the Blood Red Hurricane and swept toward Zhao Yuande again.

But Zhao Yuande is obviously not a blind cat hitting a dead mouse, but a real preliminary grasp of the ability to shuttle through the void.

Although the distance of each shuttle was only a few tens of miles, but he was so unpredictable that he could not predict the direction, and turned the blood eyes into a headless fly.

"Damn! Damn!" Blood Eye roared wildly, so his transformation would be over, and as long as his transformation was over, his strength would definitely die in the other's hands.

Think of the other party's terrifying power, powerful destructive power, blood eyes have already started anxious.

At this time, Zhao Yuande has gradually found the feeling, the empty shuttle is more and more comfortable, and more and more relaxed!

He is also a special number, but only the late emperor's cultivation can already shuttle through the void in the fairyland. Although this is the reason why Kunpengs true body and Kunpengs inheritance are too against the sky, there is also his physical strength that is comparable to the power of the **** emperor. Relationship.

Looking for the void in the fairy world, but there are many dangers, and even more powerful void storms continue to wreak havoc. If you dont have a strong physical body, you may really collapse and die if you are not careful.

Now has control of the powerful ability to shuttle the void. Although every shuttle has a huge cost, it can't be used to hurry, but it can be used in combat.

It is important to know that the shuttle to the void consumes a lot of spiritual power and soul power, and it cannot be too frequent in combat, otherwise the huge consumption will affect your combat power.

However, the situation in front of him has to be shuttled continuously. Even the power of his present soul is close to the fairyland, and he will not consume light in a short time, but the spiritual power is a huge gap. He can only swallow all kinds of things. Replenishing the elixir of spiritual power to recover quickly, it really made him hurt and happy.


At this moment, Blood Eye suddenly felt an uncontrollable sense of tiredness in his heart, his face suddenly turned pale like snow, he knew his transformation was about to end!

It turned back violently and began to flee frantically while its transformation had not disappeared.

Its speed is incredible, and it escaped thousands of miles in an instant, but soon he hit a transparent light curtain and was bounced back fiercely.