Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1457

Chapter 1457: Haiyun City

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"Oh! Thank you, Brother Zhao! Thank you, Brother Zhao!" The man took a breath and thanked the poster, "Brother Zhao did not know that today was three months into the trial area, and there will be a auction according to the usual practice. It will start in Haiyun City, an indigenous city in the Emperor District! I heard that there are many rare materials in the two major areas. Even the testers will come up with precious treasures that they cant use and exchange them with each other. Now the auction is estimated to have begun!"

"Okay! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand to let the other party leave.

The man left in a hurry and soon disappeared into Zhao Yuande's field of vision.

Zhao Yuande thought about it for a moment, and couldn't help but reveal a clear light.

During this time, he has been busy rushing through customs, and has experienced nine battles in a row, making him a little exhausted. He should take this opportunity to relax and see how Sun Yang and others are doing now.

There should be many rare elixir in this auction. During this time, he successively beheaded many genius characters, especially Xuan Qi, a demon traitor. The top-grade fairy jade on his body has now skyrocketed to 400 million. It's time to go out and spend some money.

Thinking of this, his figure became Kunpeng, and then disappeared at the end of the sky.

After crossing the boundary between the two realms, he appeared in the Emperor District, and he quickly sensed the direction of Zhao Shishi.

Haiyun City is an indigenous city with a population of tens of millions. Although the most powerful cultivator is only the Emperor Realm, there is no particularly powerful strongman who can surrender all forces, so here are several large families in charge.

The Xia tribe is now in charge of Haiyun City. It is said that the Xia tribe was once a huge ethnic group in the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. Later, because it offended a real prince of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, it was put into permanent exile in the trial area.

At this time, in the central square of Haiyun City, countless people were eagerly looking at a hot woman, who was holding a three-leaf, three-flower, three-foot-long spirit grass in her hand. Introducing hard.

The beauty of the woman's red lips is like fire, and her plump waist is gently swinging, which is the most capable of causing men's raging bath fire.

"This plant is a three-leaf and three-flowered grass that can restore damaged spirits. Although this is only a nine-level elixir, its value is more than many first-level fairy medicines! The reserve price is a thousand high-grade fairy jade!" The enchanting eyes turned around and looked at the countless practitioners around, especially in one direction. There were hundreds of people who were out of tune with other people. It was the one who entered the trial this time.

"Thousands of fine jade!"

"One thousand and one hundred high-quality fairy jade!"

"Fifteen hundred"

"two thousand"


"Five thousand!"

With people's outcry, the final price was fixed at five thousand high-grade fairy jade.

Of course, the group of testers didn't over-price at all. They looked at this group of people with a scornful smile on their faces.

"Is there a price higher than 5,000!" The beautiful woman turned her attention to the area again.

"Ten thousand!" Some of the testers suddenly made a noise, and turned out to be a quiet-looking woman.

This woman is Duanmu Feiyun of Xuan Jizong. She is a disciple of Yao Shenzong. She is naturally proficient in alchemy, so she shot.

Seeing Duanmu Feiyun shot, the beautiful woman's eyes lit up, and she knew the good show was coming!

"Twenty thousand!"

Sure enough, some people raised their hands at this time, the price of 20,000.

Duanmu Feiyun frowned slightly when she saw the price. She knew that this elixir might be yellow again. The other party was from the Baidi Palace.

But she did not intend to let go of such a rare elixir, so she gritted her teeth and shouted, "Five thousand!"


The other party didn't seem to care about Xianyu at all, just looked at Duanmu Feiyun with contempt, a greasy arc in the corner of his mouth.


The beautiful woman couldn't help but brighten her eyes and opened her **** ruddy lips. The posture was really tempting, and many people couldn't help thinking.

"I give up!" Duanmu Feiyun shook his head helplessly, this price has exceeded the price of the outside world, she is silly to start again.

"Haha! It's your acquaintance!" Several people over Baidi Palace couldn't help but smile proudly, especially a slight expression of hatred on Xiao Xiao's face during the day.

The other party is Zhao Yuande's friend, he must target!

"How are you crazy during the day! I'm out of 100,000!" Someone raised his hand not far away, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "Oh! I don't feel any pain at all with the fairy jade of others! Just don't know some people Is it distressed?"

Xiao Xiaos face suddenly turned ugly during the day, but the other party won everything over him, including the 100 million immortal jade in his storage space. The other party showed that he was mocking him.

"Sun Yang! Good... good... we give up!" Xiao Xiao pointed at Sun Yang during the day, and you said a word for a long time.

"That's good!" Sun Yang didn't know what happened during this time. At this time, Xiu Wei had reached the later stage of the emperor. Looking at the daytime roaring eyes, there was no fear, but a kind of thick Sarcasm.

"Sun Yang, don't be too crazy, wait until you cry after the trial zone!" Xiao Xiao can't beat Sun Yang now, and now she can only watch the other party's words.

"I think it's you crying during the day!" At this time, Zhao Yuande's figure appeared beside Sun Yang out of thin air. His gaze toward Day Xiao was full of disdain.

He now has a 10% certainty that within two breaths he will kill the daytime scream, if the other party does not know him, he does not mind sending him to **** now.

"Hum!" Xiao Yuan saw Zhao Yuande in the daytime, and his heart twitched violently, and an extremely dangerous feeling rushed into his heart, making him feel full of change. Just sit down in a hurry.

"Brother Zhao!" Seeing Zhao Yuande appear, Sun Yang was immediately excited.

An Yunlan who was not far away, a few members of the Shen Tu family, everyone in the Xuanji Sect, and everyone in the Sun family also had many powerful forces that did not have malicious intentions towards Zhao Yuande.

"You haven't seen you for many days." Zhao Yuande arched his hands at these friendly people.

When the beautiful woman who presided over the auction saw Zhao Yuande appear, she immediately discolored all the testers, some of them were joy and some were frightened!

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande made a conclusion in her heart, that is, the first person in the trial!

At this time, countless practitioners all around looked at Zhao Yuande curiously. This guy didn't seem to have anything special. Why would it make everyone change color?

"Congratulations to this young man who got three leaves and three flowers. Next we will auction the next lot, Hanguang Jingsha. This is one..."

This treasure is the material of a refiner. All Zhao Yuande has no interest in it, but just chats with Sun Yang about some things that have happened recently.