Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1458

Chapter 1458: Dark Abyss

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"Brother Zhao, we found a Jedi in the Emperor District. Among them, there are tempting medicinal fragrances from time to time. We think at least they are all a kind of fairy medicine. I wonder if Brother Zhao is interested?" Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande said For a while, I suddenly thought of this matter.

"Jedi? What kind of Jedi?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

In this trial space, is there a place that no one has ever discovered? This is basically impossible.

After hundreds of millions of years of mining and exploration, the chance resources in the trial space have been very few!

"A dark abyss, without bottoming out, just keeps smelling out." Sun Yang passed on to Zhao Yuande.

"Dark abyss? How deep is it that the soul can't be detected?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be curious.

"Exploration is not the end!" Sun Yang shook his head, and at least explored thousands of miles, but there was still no end.

"That's it!" Zhao Yuande touched his chin and nodded. "The scent can pass through the abyss for thousands of miles. Indeed, the level will not be too low. We are going to go and see!"

"Right! It seems that the group of guys who have screamed during the day seem to have also found a secret place, digging secretly. It is said to be an ancient burial mound full of danger, as if the burial mound is not indigenous or For testers, the space inside the burial mound is infinitely large, and there are countless encounters. You can see that there are only a few people in the White Emperor Palace during the daytime, and others are guarding the burial mound!" Sun Yang turned his eyes on The White Emperor Palace.

"Oh! There is such a thing!"

The ancient burial mound, infinite space, full of danger! Zhao Yuande's interest was suddenly hooked.

"After the auction is over for a while, let's go to that abyss first! The abyss is not far from the tomb. We can have a sudden attack and hold the tomb's initiative in our hands." Sun Yang looked at the daytime roar, his face He smiled proudly.

When I saw Sun Yang's smile during the day, his heart suddenly burst out. His strength was comparable to that of Sun Yang. The supporters behind him were similar, so he was able to occupy the mysterious grave.

Now that Zhao Yuande has returned, the situation has suddenly turned sharply, and he knows he can't keep that place!

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he made a decision that made his heart bleed!

During the day Xiao Xiao greeted everyone around him and turned away, his face showed a determined color.

Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande were somewhat surprised to watch Xiao Xiao hurriedly leave during the day. Although he had some speculation in his heart, he did not keep up.

Seeing the day's whistling leave, the beautiful woman who presided over the auction also sighed at this time. She knew that as soon as the group left, the price could not be raised!

Sure enough, the next auction will almost become Zhao Yuande's home court. As long as the elixir comes out, Zhao Yuande will all follow the price, and as long as Zhao Yuande follows the price, everyone else will obediently close his mouth and dare not follow up.

In two hours, Zhao Yuande photographed thousands of elixir of elixir and spent more than 30 million top grade immortal jade, which made the faces of everyone in Haiyun City who organized the auction full of joy.

The next exchange of testers Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang hurriedly left the auction venue and rushed towards the endless abyss.

On the way to the endless abyss, the two received a message that the White Emperor Palace was completely opened to take out the tomb, as long as the testers can enter.

This made Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang both secretly surprised by the decisiveness of the daytime roar.

"Brother Zhao, or shall we go to the tomb first? Anyway, no one will find out the endless abyss. It is not too late to go after we come out of the tomb!" Sun Yang's heart was inevitable.

"No hurry! No hurry!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "According to my estimation, they didn't fully explore the burial mound during the day, and they are still in the stage of blinding their eyes. We're going a little early now! And even if they get it Cant we grab the treasure in the grave? We dont have to be polite to people like Xiao during the day!"

"Haha! Brother Zhao said very much!" Sun Yang's eyes suddenly lit up, and the fierce light burst out, and it seemed that he was already about to move.


The two were flying fast, but a dozen breathing times appeared before a layer of high mountains.

Sun Yang took Zhao Yuande into a secluded valley, and at the end of the valley there was a huge python coiled into a snake mountain.

"We hide our bodies, and the bottomless abyss is in the cave behind this python." Sun Yang whispered, afraid to attract the attention of this python.

"You're smart, and you still have this python in front of you." Zhao Yuande's face showed a satisfied smile.

"Cough!" Sun Yang coughed embarrassedly, with an embarrassed expression on his face. "In fact, we didn't have this big python when we first came! It was the idea proposed by the guy Xuan Qi later. "

"All right! I didn't say it!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grin, showing a helpless expression.

"Brother Zhao, you are too kind!"


The two dived into the cave.

The space in the cave is vast, and Sun Yang took Zhao Yuande among them, and finally came to a hole in Heigonglongdong.

With Zhao Yuande's eyesight, he could see the hole straight down, and he didn't know how many miles he had gone.

"It's really deep. I'll try it out." Zhao Yuande's eyes can see thousands of miles away at this time, but he can't see how deep the abyss is, not only arousing his curiosity.

He separated a ray of soul and explored down the hole.

After falling for thousands of miles, I finally saw the bottom of the abyss, and a winding passage appeared at the bottom of the abyss.

His soul wanted to continue along the channel, and suddenly a powerful crisis came, and his soul was engulfed by unknown danger before it could be recovered!

"Ah!" Zhao Yuande was destroyed by a ray of soul. Although he was not seriously injured, he still frowned and gave a scream.

"What's wrong with Brother Zhao?" Sun Yang suddenly saw shock in his face when he saw the situation.

"I found the bottom of the abyss, but another channel appeared, and my soul was destroyed before entering the channel!" Zhao Yuande rubbed his aching head.

"There are dangers below! Let's not count them!" Sun Yang was really a little afraid, even if Zhao Yuande's spirits were destroyed, how dangerous was the following.

"I didn't feel a trace of anger underneath, but rather a gloomy feeling, as if it was not some kind of creature, but some kind of monster undead!" Zhao Yuande replied frowning, but he smelled something next time A strange fragrance came from below, his eyes lit up suddenly, and he was pleasantly surprised, "Huh! This fragrance..."