Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Soul Eater

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"Brother Zhao..." Ji Yuling saw Zhao Yuande angry, and immediately became nervous. He quickly pulled Zhao Yuande and walked out of the door of the room. When he went out, he turned his head and stared at Zhang Haoran. "Uncle Zhang, you go back." Tell Grandpa that Yu Ling has grown up and has his own ideas, so he doesnt have to worry about me!

"Hey! I knew it!" Zhang Haoran shook his head and sighed, "I can say this to the old man! It's difficult to sandwich me between the two ends!"

"Brother Zhao, don't be angry, my grandfather doesn't mean that!" Ji Yuling took a few steps to chase out of the room, and stopped in front of Zhao Yuande. The delicate face was full of tears, "Brother Zhao is sorry, I don't know that Grandpa will In this way, Yu Ling no matter what Grandpa thinks, I will follow Brother Zhao even if I die!"

"Okay! Silly girl, how can I be angry with you, I just hate myself for being too weak!" Zhao Yuande gently hugged the girl in her arms, stroking her smooth long hair, but in the eyes It is showing pain.

He found that he now desperately needs strength and needs to be strong!

Back to the world's first gourmet, Zhao Yuande announced something.

"Everyone has a lot of accumulation during this period of time, and a large part of these accumulations are hidden in our bodies, and they have not been stimulated, so we need to experience!" Zhao Yuande looked around the three people, "You and the Black Wind are already both The yin and yang are in one environment, and all have experience of understanding the rules. I believe that as long as you go out to practice for a period of time, there will be a leap in progress."

"Hey! Real people's fists have long been hungry and unbearable!" Heifeng's eyes were full of vigorous fighting intentions.

"Brother Zhao, do you have any place to recommend to us?" Although Yi Jie was a bit bloody, he was a wise man and soon understood what Zhao Yuande meant.

"You should go to the wild central area, where the land is fertile and the beasts are everywhere, but what attracts me most is the richness of the elixir resources there. You collect ingredients while you practice. I want to wait for you to return to the field. The ingredients are enough!"

"Yu Ling, you are a disciple of the Ji family. You don't need to come out to take risks. You can directly enter the Moyun Cave of the Ji family, but don't venture into it. The cultivation on the third and fourth floors is best for you." Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Ji Yuling Gave her own opinion.

"What about Brother Zhao? Are you going there?" Ji Yuling was obviously anxious. Did Brother Zhao really want to be separated from me?

"I'm going to the sunset canyon, where I have the opportunity I need." Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, and there was a trace of reluctance in his eyes, but this reluctant thought was soon strangled by him, "Yu Ling, you want I know, our days are still very long in the future, and the separation is now for the future meeting!"

"Well! I know! But Sister Zhu has never returned, what should we do?" Ji Yuling thought of Zhu Luan.

"You are looking for someone to stay here first, and in case I wish Luan to return, I will take her to Ji's house first! If I never return, I will go to the underground world in person!" Zhao Yuande looked at the direction of the underground world exit, I remembered the master who died under the demon clan, and there was a murderous surge in my heart.

The world's first gourmet is temporarily closed. Zhao Yuande heads to the sunset canyon. The black wind and Yijie embark on a wild road, and Ji Yuling has already followed Zhang Haoran on the teleportation array to return to the Ji family at this time.

When Zhao Yuande walked out of the world's first food, he had already changed his appearance.

Now he is an image of a little fat man, with a big fat face and crystal clear jade skin, people can't help but have a urge to pinch.

He swaggered into the teleportation array of Shenxu City, and did not feel that someone was following.

The destination of the teleport is the windy city beside the sunset canyon. The windy city is the capital of the windy empire, and the windy empire is just a small country under the direct control of the Dali dynasty.

Because it is adjacent to the sunset canyon, and the fierce beasts rich in elixir and fire are in the sunset canyon, so many prosperous cultivators settle down here, earn spirit jade through hunting, and maintain cultivation.

He walked on the prosperous street and saw a lot of shops here, so he couldn't help but get interested in shopping.

While walking, he suddenly felt a whimsical breath followed him all the time. He couldn't help but wonder, he became like this, can anyone recognize himself?

After thinking about it for a long time, I didn't think of how the other party tracked himself, but fortunately it didn't matter.

I saw a magnificently decorated shop in front of me, with the sign of'Auspicious Treasure House' hanging on it.

"Auspicious treasure building! The name is good, do not know how the goods inside?" Zhao Yuande's mouth walked toward the store with a smile.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a fierce killing opportunity between his brows.

A strong wind screamed in his ear, and a silvery rainbow shone across the sky towards Zhao Yuande and was killed.

Zhao Yuande only practiced the eye of Thunder. His eyes were clearer than those of ordinary practitioners. He found that the silver Changhong was actually composed of a silver bug the size of a soybean.

"Soul Eater!"

When Zhao Yuande saw the appearance of these silver bugs, he was shocked!

Although these insect individuals are not strong, they are the most terrifying monsters when they are united enough to engulf the spirits of a powerful person in a realm.

Although Zhao Yuande regarded himself as powerful as the world's powerful, but he did not dare to easily try to feel swallowed by worms, he took a wave of a huge palm print and shot it directly to the silver Changhong.


This palm was really shot on the silver Changhong, which suddenly broke into thousands of silver stars, each of which was a soul eater.

These soul eaters squeaked and screamed, striking toward Zhao Yuande.

"Whoever dares to do it in the wind storm emperor!"

Suddenly, the city patrol TV saw the scene here.

But when I saw what was going on here, my face suddenly changed!

"Quick! Quickly escape! This is a soul eater...don't get it in your head!" The general headed seemed to be well-informed, instantly recognized the origin of these bugs, and ordered out loud to his sergeant .

Shouting for the head general, the street suddenly made a mess, and countless practitioners rushed into the surrounding shops to avoid disaster!

"What! That boy..."

At this time, someone saw that Zhao Yuande was still standing on the spot, and didn't even move!

Just when everyone thought that the boy was about to be overwhelmed by soul eaters, and the next moment the soul flew away, suddenly a light came from the boy!

"Hey! After self-condensing the thunder-born fetus, I haven't had time to experiment how powerful it is! You just gave me this opportunity today!" Zhao Yuande's face not only did not show any tension, but revealed a faint expectation.