Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1461

Chapter 1461: Heavenly Bone Flower

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"This thing is very important to me, and it can restore my soul to a state where I can successfully win the house!" At this time, the excited voice of the old man with white beard trembles a little.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande took it and took it directly into the body world.

"Haha! Thank you, brother! I'm about to be liberated!" The old man with a white beard heard excited voices, but soon he stopped laughing again, "Put those red liquids away, that is the precious essence of stars, And the birth of the nightmare fetus, which contains horror energy and the source of the soul, has great benefits for cultivation!"

Upon hearing this, Zhao Yuande suddenly showed joy on his face and hurriedly collected the essence of the stars flowing on the ground.

Finally he looked at the dark red stone the size of the water tank, thought for a moment, and then directly into the body world.

Zhao Yuande jumped out of the ground and watched a smile on Sun Yang's face.

"Brother Zhao, what are you looking at me for?" Sun Yang touched his face in a puzzled manner, dusting off the dust on his body. "Why? Is there dirt on me?"

"I see, you guys are really lucky!" Zhao Yuande took out the two star cores and handed them to Sun Yang. "This thing is of great help to your starry sword!"

"Is this... star core?" Sun Yang is also well-informed. He didn't see clearly in the battle just now. He now holds it in his hand and recognizes it as a star core at a glance.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "If it is incorporated into your star sword, it can be used as a killer weapon, and you can destroy the powerful in God Realm without guarding!"

"Thank you, Brother Zhao! Thank you, Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang grabbed the star core in his hand and showed gratitude on his face.

At this time, the star core is no longer heated by the flame, nor urged by the nightmare fetal tire, and it is now cold.

"Okay! We are all brothers. Don't talk about these outliers!" Zhao Yuande patted Sun Yang's hand. "Come on! I think there is a strangeness in the front passage. The fragrance must come from the passage. Its coming out, lets go find out."

After Zhao Yuande finished speaking, he strode towards the curved and deep passage,

The channel is dark and deep, and from time to time there is a slight wind blowing from the channel, making people feel a burst of hair in his heart.

The two walked in the passage, and the passage was getting wider and wider, and finally they appeared in a huge underground cave.

In this underground karst cave, there are a lot of strange rocks. These strange rocks all emit a bright white light. I can hear the sound of dripping water dripping from the top of the cave.

Zhao Yuande's ear moved, and suddenly turned his attention to a cave wall, and suddenly heard waves of waves coming from behind the cave wall, as if there was a flowing river behind the cave wall.


Suddenly a burst of wind came from the cave, and the wind seemed to come from above.

When they looked up, they saw a dim light passing above the cave, and they could not see it if they didn't look closely.

"That hole seems to have been manually cut!" Sun Yang naturally saw the light.

"Manual chiseling, is it here..." Before Zhao Yuande finished his words, he heard a roar of the beast roaring not far away.


A white giant ape did not know where to rush out, his blood-red eyes radiated a mysterious light, and a breath of death spread out from his body, making Zhao Yuande and his two hearts burst into chills.

This white giant ape is about ten feet tall, running in a cave, flashing and moving, and extremely flexible.

"The purgatory ghost ape, the holy beast corpse refining, the body has a powerful death, erosion and angry..."

"This turned out to be an artificially made ghost ape. Brother Sun should never be careless!" Zhao Yuande frowned and felt that something seemed wrong.

But at this time he could not allow him to think about the origin of the other party. The big claws of the purgatory ghost ape had taken a thick death shot towards the two of them.

Although this infernal ghost ape was a first-class beast in its lifetime, it was re-refined after death, and its combat power has been greatly reduced.

Zhao Yuande, Sun Yang and Xiaojin teamed up to kill this purgatory ghost ape soon.

As soon as the Inferno Ghost died, his body exploded, and a black mist suddenly spread out.

Zhao Yuande clearly felt that there seemed to be something terrible in these black mists. Without hesitation, he summoned the yin and yang shining mirrors, and the three flavors rushed out, drowning those black mists instantly.


A strange scream that made the scalp numb came out of the black mist.

Something terrible was hidden in the black mist. If Zhao Yuande did not respond in time, I am afraid that these terrible things might invade them quietly.

"Brother Zhao, how do I feel panicked, where is this place?" Sun Yang looked at the black shadows of the size of the thumb still burning in the flame, and suddenly felt a little panic in his heart.

"I don't know!" Zhao Yuande was also frowning. He couldn't even kill these things even with the real taste of Sanwei. It really felt a little scary to think about.

"Are we going on?" Sun Yang's voice trembles obviously.

"Huh! This is the fragrance again. Where did they come from?" Zhao Yuande suddenly smelled the fragrance again and looked involuntarily toward the direction of the fragrance.

"There is a hole there!" Sun Yang exclaimed, suddenly pointing in the direction of the fragrance. "It seems... there is still a white light coming."

Zhao Yuande naturally saw the hole at this time, and there was a little white light in the hole.

"Click! Click!"

Those white lights turned out to be white bones with a slight white light. These white bones do not know how many years of erosion, but they are still as white as jade. At first glance, they are left by the strong who have cultivated to a very high level.

According to Zhao Yuande's estimation, the physical body of these strong men is at least equivalent to himself, and even stronger. At least he can't guarantee that his bones will be stronger.

These white bones are piled together randomly, and above the white bones pile, a white crystal flower is blooming.

"Helianthus angustifolia flower, Sipinxian grass, absorbs the essence of white bones, and can refine the bones..."

"This thing!" Zhao Yuande's face flashed with joy, but it instantly became dignified. Isn't such a fairy grass guarded by an unconscious purgatory ape?

Since the purgatory ape has lost consciousness, it will naturally not protect a fairy medicine. More importantly, this fairy medicine has no effect on it.

"Brother Zhao, why don't we go over and see?" Sun Yang asked with uncertain tone.

"Go and see!" Zhao Yuande nodded. Although he felt that it was not so simple, he thought that this is the Emperor District, and any powerful state of existence will be suppressed in the Emperor Realm, and there will be no scruples in his heart.