Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1462

Chapter 1462: Giant Skull

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There was a joyous cry from the little blonde, and there seemed to be an excitement in his eyes.

They quickly approached the hole and became more and more able to see the situation in the hole.

There is not only a pile of white bones in the cave, but also a black furnace tripod in the depths. The furnace tripod is gray, and after years of erosion, it seems that there are some potholes on it.

There is a dark red stone beneath the furnace tripod, and there is a sense of heat coming from that stone. It seems that a flame world is covered under the stone.

"It seems that I have lived with an alchemist once?" Zhao Yuande looked at the black furnace and couldn't help but reveal a strange color on his face.

"A alchemy master?" Sun Yang suddenly heard a smile on Zhao Yuande's face, "Then... the furnace is so tightly covered, will there still be a panacea in it?"

"This...not sure." Zhao Yuande shook his head, "but we will know soon!"


At this moment, the little gold on Zhao Yuande's shoulder suddenly yelled, and the excitement in the golden eyes had just disappeared, replaced by a kind of terror.

"What's wrong with Xiaojin?" Zhao Yuande also felt a little bit wrong.


Xiao Jin grabbed the clothes on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, and his body shivered slightly.

"You mean, did you feel the danger?" Although Zhao Yuande didn't understand each other's bird language, the two quickly knew what the other meant.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang felt an unusual breath floating in the air.

"Click! Click!"

A sound of bone collision and friction suddenly sounded in the cave.

The two looked back, and their body suddenly shivered.

They only saw a pair of skeleton racks drilled out of the earth. These skeleton racks don't know how many. Anyway, a piece of white flowers and flowers can't judge the quantity at all. Their eyes flash a little blue light. To Zhao Yuande this direction.

"This... this is too infiltrating!" Sun Yang shivered, and stepped back involuntarily.

This is not because the fighting power of these skeletons is strong, but it is a fear from deep inside, a fear of a pair of unknown things.

"These guys are not strong!" Although Zhao Yuande has some hair in his heart, he can feel that the strength of these skeletons is at most equivalent to that of ordinary domain realm.

"But... but there are too many!" Sun Yang's teeth trembled a little.

Although he has experienced many hardships and battles with many fierce monsters, it is the first time he has faced countless dead skeletons like today.

"Do it!" Zhao Yuande simply broke the nearest skeleton with a punch and rushed into the skeleton group without fear.

Wherever Zhao Yuande went, the bones splattered and the clicks kept coming, making people listen to bursts of scalp tingling.

"Come out!" Sun Yang saw that Zhao Yuande had already slain into the group of skeletons, and suddenly he also gritted his teeth, and directly pulled out the heavenly Promise knife, and a meteor fell from the sky...

And Xiaojin also tried to tear a skull with his claws at this time, and it soon discovered that these skeletons were weakly exploded...

As Zhao Yuande said, the fighting power of these bones is too low to withstand their blows, but in just ten breaths, one third of the skeleton bones have been wiped out by two birds and one bird. Too.

Sun Yang and Xiao Jin had completely lost their fear at this time, and were very excited.

"Brother Sun, be careful. I feel that it is not as simple as what we see!" Zhao Yuande said with a warning.


I dont know why, the whole huge cave began to tremble, and a tall skeleton slowly revealed a head from the ground, just a head was full of height!

"This is... this is... a person's head? Who is so huge in the end?" Sun Yang's eyes showed a shocked look, according to this ratio this person should be at least a thousand feet tall.

Cultivators can use secret methods to make their bodies bigger. Thousands of feet are actually nothing, but these people will become smaller after death, and they still have thousands of feet after death. This is too rare.

"Is it the blood of the White Emperor?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help thinking of the daytime scream, the real height of this guy was hundreds of feet.

"Baidi Bloodline? There are some possibilities. There are not many humans with such a tall body in the fairy world. In addition to the Baidi Palace, there are the Giants of the Wild Ridge, the Giants of the Thousand Mountains, the Giants of the Ghost... these are impossible, they are not qualified. Take part in the trial!" Sun Yang said seven or eight giant races, but he denied them one by one.

"It seems that the White Emperor Palace is the most suspected. This boneless bone is really likely to be the strong man of the White Emperor Palace." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Looking at the color of this skeleton, I am afraid that at least he was a strong man in the fairyland. How could this existence enter the trial space? What did they come in to do?" Sun Yang frowned.

"Is it possible to be a descendant of the White Emperor's Palace, and the inner world carries a strong man in the fairyland?" Zhao Yuande said.

"It's possible, but what's the point of this? After entering, he was suppressed and cultivated, and he couldn't play the cultivation behavior of the fairy land at all. It was only equivalent to taking a helper from the Emperor Realm!"

"What secrets might they have!" Zhao Yuande looked at the skeleton almost going out of the ground, and there was a dignified color in his eyes. "But before that, we still have to find a way to kill everyone. Come on, guys!"

"Okay!" Sun Yang shook his armless sword in a handshake, and countless stars fell again between heaven and earth. Each star was a blade of light...

Endless bones and skeletons, cut into pieces like straw, fell down, but the mood of the two is getting heavier and heavier.

Because the huge skull put too much pressure on them.

"Roar!" Deep in the pupil of the huge skull, two blazing lights flashed, and a roar from the depths of the soul rang through the cave.

"You deal with these small ones first, and I will deal with the big ones!" Zhao Yuande felt the pressure of the huge skeleton on himself, but at this time the fighting in his chest was also burning, and he faced the huge skeleton fearlessly. Rushed past.


The first collision between Zhao Yuande and the huge skeleton caused a trembling of the entire cave.

Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was hit by a big mountain, he could not help but flew out, rolled continuously in the air, and finally crashed into the wall of the cave.

The cave wall shattered, and Zhao Yuande fell deep into the cave wall.