Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465: Cause And Effect

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The war between the two has become fierce, and Sun Yang has already pushed a skeleton close to Zhao Yuande's hundred feet at this time.

After another impact, the skull suddenly felt that something was not right, and the spirit of the fairy around him seemed to be moving, but he hadn't waited for him to understand, and suddenly found that the light and shadow flashed in front of him, and had appeared in a strange world.

"It's done! Brother Sun, don't resist, I will throw you into my world too!" Zhao Yuande's words sounded in Sun Yang's knowledge of the sea.

Sun Yang was wondering why the other party disappeared at once. Hearing Zhao Yuande's words at this time, he gave up resistance without hesitation. He also felt that the light and shadow had changed, and he appeared in Zhao Yuande's inner world.

At this time, Sun Yang was so determined that in Zhao Yuande's inner world, no matter how the other party jumped, he couldn't escape his palm, and now he just went all out to fight the other party to the end.

"Take me a punch!" Sun Yang went all out without hesitation, this time he really did not reserve a little, using 12% of his strength.

Just kidding, Zhao Yuande has absolute control over the inner world of Zhao Yuande. As long as Zhao Yuande has a thought skeleton, he will become a prisoner of the order. What else is terrible for him, go all out!

At this time, the skeleton's eyes blinked with golden light. It already felt that things were not good, but it didn't have time to think about anything else, because the madman on the opposite side is now even more crazy.

"Boom boom!"

The sound of successive collisions sounded, and Sun Yang became more and more courageous.

Zhao Yuande's voice also appeared here at this time, and Xiao Jin's eyes also looked golden.

"Where is this? Why am I here~!" There was a slight tremor in the skull's voice, and it felt that his life was already in the hands of others.

"This is my inner world!" Zhao Yuande's voice was flat. "Now you should consider how to face Brother Sun. Only if you can persevere under Brother Sun's attack will you be qualified to speak with me!"

" shouldn't be..." There was a panic in the skeleton's voice.

The inner world of others... It seems that I am finished!

"Boom boom!"

Sun Yang fought more and more courageously, the sound of punches and punches kept coming, the skull was shocked, and he already had a defeat. He was beaten by Sun Yang and flew several mountains in a row.


Sun Yang shouted excitedly, rushing up to continue another battle.

After three hours, the skeleton's unwilling blast crashed to the ground, and the golden light gradually dimmed.

The skyflower bone flower above him had been torn off by Sun Yang during the fight, and he seemed to have lost his support.

Sun Yang pinched the dayflower bone flower in his hand, breathing heavily.

"Zhao...Brother Zhao...I... did it!" Sun Yang finished the sentence, suddenly his body shivered for a while, and he collapsed to the ground at the next moment.

Zhao Yuande stuffed Sun Yang with a panacea, turned his head to look at the dimly lit skull, and a light smile appeared on his face.

"You... what are you going to do!" Two golden lights of the skull flashed, and there seemed to be a fear.

"Speak it out! Tell your true origins!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a taunt in his eyes.

"I... I'm just a skeleton. I forgot my original identity!" Although the skeleton's voice was full of dryness, it was not intended to tell Zhao Yuande the truth.

"This is my world. I want you to tell the truth! There are some ways!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled faintly. "Brother, this guy is not honest. Or would you be taught by the elderly?"

The old man with a white beard appeared beside Zhao Yuande at this time, his eyes full of smiles.

"Hey! Brother, this is delicious. Can I eat it after I have asked everything?"

The old man with a white beard almost scared the skull to death. Its body was trembling constantly at this time, and the two golden lights in his eyes had obvious fluctuations.

It can obviously feel the seemingly kind old man with a white beard opposite, full of infinite maliciousness to himself!

" are you going to do." The skeleton backed up again and again, as if it had met the villain's wife.

This skeleton existed hundreds of millions of years ago. At that time, it died here. After a million years of sleep, after waking up, it found the corpse of the Xianyang fairy body, and then gradually gave birth to want to leave. The idea here.

It has been awakened for tens of millions of years now, after a lot of planning, it finally has the current strength!

It sent the scent of the dayflower bone flower out of the abyss, and wanted to attract people into the abyss and then it won again.

And for this plan, it also cooperates with the nightmare fetus outside, the nightmare fetus only needs the soul, but he needs the flesh.

Unexpectedly, the nightmare demon tire was beheaded by Zhao Yuande, and he ended up with this.

"Say everything you know, and I can consider forgiving you once!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded faintly. Although the voice was cold, it was very pleasant to listen to in the skull's ears.

"I said! I said!" The skeleton looked at the old man with white beard and could not wait to say, "I am..."

Zhao Yuande did not expect that this guy turned out to be a prince in the heavenly kingdom of the heavens, and was once the supreme existence of the fairyland, but because he blended into the power struggle of the prince, the prince he supported finally failed and was finally sent to the trial In the palace.

He was suppressed by the emperor realm because of cultivation, and he was eventually beheaded by a trial prince and died here.

However, this guy died dead, just died in this cave mansion, and was gradually awakened by the influence of the nightmare fetus.

As soon as he woke up, he was chaotic, and he didn't know anything. If it was not because he was an immortal emperor in front of him, the gods and souls would be extremely powerful after waking up, and they might have been swallowed by the nightmare fetus!

He wandered through this underground world and eventually found a huge group of tombs.

He devoured some weaker undead in the tomb group to enhance his cultivation. Finally, during the trial opening of the palace, a genius from the Yangxian body died in the exploration of the tomb group.

He just started this plan...

Hearing the other party's description, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown slightly.

This guy turned out to be a prince in the Huntian fairyland. In this way, he still has a slight blood relationship with him, which can barely be regarded as one of his predecessors.

Now that he has this relationship, Zhao Yuande can't let the old man with a white beard swallow it up.

"Oh! Brother, there is some cause and effect between this guy and me, you still don't want to..." Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with white beard a little sorry.

"Hey! It's a pity! It's a pity! Brother, if he's not honest, you are calling me!" The old man with a white beard blinked at Zhao Yuande. Although he said so, his soul passed on to Zhao Yuande, "OK! I know Well, this guy is your ancestor, how can I be so embarrassed!"

"Thank you, Brother!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to the other party, and he said indeed, "Brother, rest assured, if this guy is not honest, I will definitely give him to you!"