Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: Xia Mingyu

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Although Sun Yang on the side saw an old man with a white beard out of nowhere, he didn't feel strange, but just looked at it quietly.

He knew that Zhao Yuande had a lot of secrets in his body, and it was not uncommon for the older brothers with white beards to be older, even if there was a senior fairy elder brother, he was not surprised.

At this time, the once prince of the heavenly kingdom, now the skeleton, was relieved to hear the dialogue between the two, and finally did not need to be eaten by this old man with white beard.

"Okay! Since you are the prince of the Heavenly Kingdom, I have something to ask you! But before that, you'd better tell me your name." Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a slightly indifferent tone.

"My name is Xia Mingyu, but it is the North King of Huntianxian Kingdom." The skull's face seemed to be full of memories, and the name and identity made him tremble.

How many years! Today he finally mentioned his name again!

"Xia Mingyu? Do you know the Xia Mingyue of the Heavenly Kingdom?" When Zhao Yuande heard the name, he couldn't help but think of Feng Cang, the patriarch of his chaos giant clan, and his favorite woman was Xia Mingyue!

"Ming Yue? How do you know the moon? That's my sister!" Zhao Yuande mentioned that the moon was not tight, the skeleton screamed.

"You... your sister?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder. "How can you be sure that Xia Mingyue is your sister? Won't there be people with the same name and surname?"

"Our Heavenly Kingdom is also called Xia Kingdom. The words in our generation are all plain words, and the bright moon is my sister." Skull answered honestly.

"This..." Zhao Yuande was obviously a little ignorant. This sounded like the first uncle of the ancestor. Then... Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown.

"I'll take you to see someone!" Zhao Yuande thought of Feng Cang, and the first ancestor should know about it.

"Brother Sun, let me send you out first!" Zhao Yuande only thought that Sun Yang was still behind him at this time, although he did not think that the other party would talk nonsense, but some secrets still don't tell him well, the means of the fairy emperor Unimaginable, an immortal emperor wanted to know what was in the head of a small emperor realm, should not be too strenuous.

"Exactly! I think it's too boring here!" Sun Yang naturally knew that Zhao Yuande had his own secret, so he didn't take it for granted.

"Thank you Brother Sun for your understanding!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands, still grateful.

"Okay! Brother Zhao, do we still need to say this? Hurry up and send me out!" Sun Yang waved his hand, his face smiling broadly.

Zhao Yuande waved Sun Yang out of the inner world, and then took the skeleton directly into the other side of the world.

In the area where Feng Cang lived, he quickly found Feng Cang, which had condensed human figures at this time, but one of his eyes was dazzling, and his hand was as real as it was.

"The ancestor, I found a person who claimed to be Xia Mingyu in the trial space!" Zhao Yuande still respected Feng Cang very much, bowed slightly when speaking, and his attitude was very sincere.

"Xia Mingyu!" There was some shock on Feng Cang's face, and one of the pupils emitted a chaotic light.

This eye is obviously the only one he has left.

His eyes fell on the skull in an instant, and the light in his eyes kept glancing at the skull.

"You are... Feng Cang!" Skeleton froze on the spot when he saw Feng Cang. When the opponent's eyes fell on him, he suddenly shouted in shock.

"Yes, it's me!" Feng Cang glanced for a long time, and then nodded slowly. "Ming Yu, how come you are like this, why are you here?"

Zhao Yuande was relieved when he saw that this person did not lie.

"I was..." Xia Mingyu repeated the words to Zhao Yuande again.

"Hey! I reminded you that the three princes did not have the chance to succeed to the throne. I didn't expect you to help him!" Feng Cang sighed, his face showing helplessness.

"! I didn't expect that we will meet here again in hundreds of millions of years! Sister-she..." Xia Mingyu seemed a bit against the term "brother-in-law". The color of anticipation looks at Feng Cang.

"Ming Yue she... she missed me... she turned into a zombie because she didn't leave her alone. I was trying to wake her up, but I still don't think of any way!" Feng Cang said of Ming Yue, her face suddenly showed a little bit The color of despair.

"Ming Yue she... was so infatuated!" Xia Mingyu's voice was also full of sorrow, and the words were full of expectation, "Can... Can I take me to see her?"

"Good!" Feng Cang took the two of them into a room quickly.

This house is equipped with a strong prohibition, a red-haired monster is constantly tearing the things in the room, and makes a whining noise.

"Mingyue!" Xia Mingyu's voice shuddered obviously when she saw the red-haired monster.

"Oh!" The red-haired monster looked at the **** eyes toward the skeleton, and there seemed to be a faint color in his eyes, but then he started waving his claws wildly and scratching around.

" can this be good!" Xia Mingyu's voice trembled, and the light in his eyes was dim.

Zhao Yuande sighed softly in his heart. He didn't talk much, but watched quietly on the side.

Of these three contemporaries, one left only eyes and one hand, and only one soul left, and the worst one turned into an inhuman zombie!

"I thought of a way, but now there is no way to achieve it, maybe I can only try it if I return to the heyday!" Feng Cang's face showed a dignity and utterness, but soon gradually dimmed.

"What way?" Xia Mingyu's eyes flashed suddenly.

"True power to control time! If I can travel through time, maybe I will be able to get back the souls that have been lost in Mingyue!" Feng Cangdao said.

"Really control the power of time! How is that possible... Even the guy from Zhou has only the power to control part of the time! But it can only travel for thousands of years before and after... Want to travel for hundreds of millions of years...Unless it is Dao Zun!" Xia Mingyu Suddenly became depressed.

If you can really control the power of time, I am afraid that it is invincible in the entire void.

"Hey! I know this is difficult, but I haven't tried how to know it! I won't give up for the moon." Feng Cang clenched his fists, his face showing a very firm look.

"If you are the truth, there are actually some ways, but hope is a little slim!" Xia Mingyu seemed to suddenly remember something, his eyes lit up, but then dimmed again.