Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1467

Chapter 1467: Heavenly Eucharist

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"Did you say... that thing?" Feng Cang seemed to think of it too, but there was no excitement and hope on his face, but he seemed even more confused.

"Yes, that's the thing, that thing is the most powerful treasure in my heavenly kingdom. If you can get it, not only will you be able to restore your speed, but as long as the state is enough, you can..." Xia Mingyu nodded. .

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but get anxious, what was that thing?

But when he was anxious, the eyes of the two men fell on him.

His eyes were full of hope, but then he shook his head helplessly.

"What's the matter? Two...two...the first ancestor!" Zhao Yuande didn't find a suitable word for two days, and finally used the name of the first ancestor.

"If you want to get that thing, you still need your help." Feng Cang continued with a slight sigh, "Hey! But this is really hopeless!"

"Yes! Hope is slim, basically..." Xia Mingyu said that there was a slight surprise on her face, "Wait, what did you just call us?"

"The first ancestor! Feng Cang Nai is my first ancestor, and I can only call my first ancestor!" Zhao Yuande answered honestly.

"So, do you have the blood of my royal family?" Xia Mingyu grasped the matter, and his eyes were more radiant.

"That's right! That one of the twelve levels said the same!" Zhao Yuande nodded, his face showing a confused look, he didn't understand what the other party meant.

"Yes! Why didn't I think, how did I not think!" Feng Cang seemed to think of something at this time, his face showing ecstasy.

"What are the two ancestors?" Zhao Yuande was really curious, which seemed to be related to his blood.

"Don't worry, you listen to me slowly!" Xia Mingyu's two golden lights flashed nonstop, seemingly caught in extreme excitement, he said, "Your blood flowing from the Chaos Giant is right in your body, but With the blood of our Xia family still flowing, I can practice my Xia family's exercises!"

"As long as you practice the Xia family exercises, you should be able to get you into the top ten in the trial palace in the two areas, and you can enter the ninth floor of the Void Treasury, and get the time of the ninth floor. After the Immortal Hall, as long as it is refined, you can modify the time flow rate, and your current state should be able to increase the time flow rate by 200 times!"

"Time increased by 200 times? What's the use? I can now increase the speed by 50 times in the inner world." Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Is it possible to increase it by 50 times now?" Feng Cang's eyes suddenly showed shock. "In this case, you can implement the plan in advance. Mingyu, you will teach Xia Jiagong to Yuande!"

"Fifty times! Barely enough!" Xia Mingyu's eyes shone with golden light, seeming to be doing his best. "Now I will pass on your Xia family's physical tempering method, the heavenly body!"

"Hundred Heavenly Body?" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt strange when he heard the name, but the blood in his body was surging uncontrollably at this time!

"Good! It is the Huntian Eucharist! An acquired eucharist that is not weaker than the Chaos Eucharist of your Chaos Giant Clan, but one that disappears with the demise of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom!" Xia Mingyu's words were full of There is a kind of pride, this is a kind of pride derived from the blood.

"Okay, don't stand stunned, start now!" Feng Cang's eyes are also shining with brilliance, "The holy body, but the terrible practice that even I was afraid of, was not my realm. I am afraid that the sovereign of the heavenly kingdom of Immortal will really lose to his hands!"

"So against the sky?" Zhao Yuande almost didn't believe his ears!

"Yes! It's so against the sky, don't you find the ranking in the trial level, why the top 100, even the top 200 are the princes of the heavenly kingdom, don't you feel a little strange?" Xia Mingyu smiled with a smile. Tao, "That's because they are all practicing the Eucharist!"

"So against the sky!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but jump in his heart.

He did not dare to imagine how powerful the heavenly kingdom was when it was at its heyday. A group of powerful beings comparable to the Chaos Eucharist would unify the second realm of fairy and demon if placed in the present.

It is even harder for him to imagine the sky when the original ancestor Feng Cang and the Heavenly Celestial Kingdom battled, and he would probably destroy the starry sky by waving their hands. What a spectacular battle they had.

"You are the Chaos Eucharist, and then practice the Huntian Eucharist. I am looking forward to your final growth! Maybe it will surpass me, and the flesh will become the Dao Zun!" Feng Cang's eyes lit up with blazing fire.

As long as Zhao Yuande's juniors can become enlightened in their flesh, they will certainly be able to tear apart the time forever. At that time, will Mingyue not...

"Is there enough time?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but mention this question. It is still seven or eight months before the end of the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. Even if it is spent in the trial space, it is only about thirty years.

"Well!" Xia Mingyu thought for a moment, and seemed to be calculating something, and finally nodded. "Although the time is tight, it is more than enough for you to break into the top ten. As long as you can enter the top ten, you can enter the ninth floor. Treasury, and then you exchange for the Time Immortal Hall, and I will try to get you into the top five, so that you can finally enter the ultimate treasury, and get the tenth floor of the Heavenly Eucharist! In this way, you will enter the trial space again. Your two kinds of Eucharist fellowships complement each other, and the speed has increased more than ten times!"

"Good! The holy body is focused on physical development, and my chaotic body is focused on the opening of nine stars. Although the two ends in the same direction, but if they complement each other, the speed will inevitably be ten times or even 100 times that of a single holy body. !" Feng Cang also nodded.

"Then I will explain it now, and then I will start!" At this time, there is Sun Yang outside, and he cannot directly enter the state of cultivation.

"Okay! Go back quickly! Our time is running out!" Xia Mingyu urged.

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande is out of the body world in some clouds, and he hasn't fully assumed the role until now.

I didn't expect to have another ancestor just in a blink of an eye, and to get the inheritance of the heavenly kingdom, but at the same time he also put a heavy burden on his shoulder!

"Brother Zhao! Why is he absent? Is there something going on? Is it related to that skeleton?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande's puzzled inquiry, and he had never seen it in Zhao Yuande in this state.

"Hey! Brother still don't know what to do at this time!" Zhao Yuande shook his head gently. These things were too shocking. If Sun Yang knew that it was not a good thing for him.

"Oh! That line!" Sun Yang nodded his head. He didn't take it for granted. Everyone has his own secret.