Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1468

Chapter 1468: Swallow The Coffin

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"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande nodded. At this time, his mood was not excited by the practice method of the Heavenly Eucharist, but instead there was a faint pressure on his body.

"Brother Zhao, I found a secret passage in the cave, which should lead to an underground tomb. I wonder if Brother Zhao is interested in exploring?" Sun Yang turned his eyes to a corner, where there was a very low Hole.

"Brother Sun, I can't accompany you with some things. Let XIV and Xuanqi accompany you!" Zhao Yuande's face showed an apologetic expression.

"Hey! Wait, you have to go with him. There is an underground fairy vein in that underground tomb. We need this fairy vein to lay a solid foundation for you!" Xia Mingyu's voice came to his mind at this time among.

"Oh! Okay, Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang was obviously disappointed.

"Or go together!" Zhao Yuande heard Xia Mingyu's words and had to speak again.

"Good! This is a good brother!" Sun Yang heard that Zhao Yuande had changed his mind, and suddenly his face showed excitement.

"Go!" Zhao Yuande also smiled on his face.

"Listen to my command, you will find the fairy veins soon! Let's go now!" Xia Mingyu's voice rang again, with a little anticipation in his voice.

With the guidance of Xia Mingyu, since they entered the underground mausoleum, they ran smoothly all the way without encountering any danger.

This made Sun Yang a little disappointed, but he just experienced a big battle. Through the battle, he has a new understanding of his physical control. The combat power has now more than doubled, so I am looking forward to being able to meet a strong man. The enemy asked him to try his hand.


At this moment, the two of them suddenly heard the sound of horror coming from the front.

"Someone is fighting in front!" Sun Yang heard this voice, and his eyes lit up suddenly, galloping along the passage and rushing towards the place where the fighting took place.

Zhao Yuande hurried to keep up, he got Xia Mingyu's instructions, the source of that fairy vein was in front.

The two entered a huge space and saw a spring of water gurgling with mist.

A huge bronze ancient coffin hangs over the spring water, and all the white mist that has emerged is absorbed by the bronze ancient coffin. A kind of creepy breath comes out of the ancient coffin.

In front of the spring, there were two groups of people fighting at this time. One of them was a few people who shouted during the day in the White Emperor Palace, while the other party, Zhao Yuande, felt a little bit uncomfortable.

But at this time, the two gangs are fighting fiercely, and their strength is quite.

Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang suddenly understood that the graveyard discovered by Xiao Xiao during the day was connected to the abyss.

"Who is fighting the Baidi Palace?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking Sun Yang.

"It should be the Meng family in the central fairyland, that person seems to be Meng Fei!" Sun Yang pointed to a young man who fought against the daytime scream.

"Meng Family? Meng Family of Emperor Ling Xiao?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised.

This Emperor Ling Xiao and the Emperor Lingxu are the rivals. There seems to be a deep hatred between the two, but the two are cultivated to be equal, and no one can help each other!

"Yes! It is the Meng family. They didn't expect them to come. They should have come in after we entered!" Sun Yang nodded, his eyes full of dignity.

"Brother Meng, do you have to fight for your life and death?" Xiao Xiao had noticed the arrival of Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang at this time during the day, and he couldn't help but show his fear.

"Of course not! As long as you obediently leave Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu is naturally too lazy to care about you!" Meng Fei, the young man of the Meng family, was arrogant and arrogant, watching the flashing light in his eyes during the day.

Although the Baidi Palace is very powerful in Baihezhou, it is said to be the same, but it is still a grade in front of the central Xianyu Meng family.

"Brother Meng! Didn't you see those two? If I left, Brother Meng would probably be chased away by them too!" Xiao Xiao stopped fighting with each other during the day, but stopped his hand, looking like a smile Holding each other.

"Howl during the day, don't think that I don't know your careful thinking, you must have hatred with those two, and want to unite me to kill them!" Meng Fei is naturally not a fool, and the glory of hatred in the daytime howl is clear. Things are probably.

"Yes! I do have hatred against them, and hatred! But if I leave, you guys will not be their opponents at all." Xiao Xiao looked at Meng Fei during the day, showing contempt in her eyes, and facing several white emperors. Gong's disciples beckoned, "Okay, stop!"

Meng Fei frowned, hearing Zhao Yuande's words, and looked at Zhao Yuande and others.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had approached Sun Yang. Zhao Yuande didn't even bother, but looked at the spring with interest and the bronze coffin suspended above it.

"Brother Zhao, what do you see?" Sun Yang naturally knew Zhao Yuande's ability and asked in a low voice.

"I'm not very interested in this coffin. I'm really interested in the spring water." Zhao Yuande just glanced at the bronze ancient coffin and skipped it. Finally, he focused his attention on the spring water, but soon he He looked back at the ancient coffin with dignified eyes.

He could feel the surging immortal power pouring out of the spring water, and then absorbed by the bronze ancient coffin. The ancient coffin was displayed here for a few thousand years, but the ancient coffin seems to be a bottomless hole and can never be Fill up.

"Swallowing the coffin from the ancient times, it can gather the spirit of fairy spirits, moisten the body in the coffin, so that it will never rot..."

"There are strange things in this ancient coffin!" Zhao Yuande looked at the ancient coffin with a solemn face, and whispered, "There may be a body of an ancient strong man hidden inside."

"Haha! It's nonsense, how could there be bodies of archaic strongmen in the trial space of the Hundred Heavens Kingdom! Are you trying to scare us away, and then you will monopolize this treasure yourself?" Meng Fei heard Zhao Yuande's words He laughed suddenly, but his eyes showed a murderous opportunity.

The purpose of his trial is this ancient coffin, but this is the order given by the ancestor himself, he must get this bronze ancient coffin.

Why is this ancient coffin at any cost? Anyone who dares to rob him will kill him without hesitation.

"Meng Fei! You and I teamed up to kill these two! Then the ancient coffin and the spring water belong to you, and I only want the treasures on both of them!" Xiao Hanzi's cold during the day, in order to kill Zhao Yuande, he even has treasures No more.

"Oh!" Meng Fei glanced at him during the day, and said in his mouth not too salty, "I also want something from that kid!"

After all, he pointed to Zhao Yuande, and his eyes looking at Xiao Xiao also showed a smile-like expression on his face.