Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1469

Chapter 1469: False Eucharist

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"Meng Fei! Don't go too far!" Xiao Xiao's face changed during the day, but he knew that Zhao Yuande's origin was extraordinary, and he was very powerful. There must be a lot of wealth on his body.

"Then forget it! I can win them without cooperating with you!" Meng Fei said faintly and confidently.

"This..." Xiao Xiao during the day knew how powerful Ling Xiao Xian Emperor was, and the other party must have the treasures given by Ling Xiao Xian Emperor, maybe it could really...

"Hurry up if you don't agree, or even you will kill together in a while!" Meng Fei became more and more mad, listening to howl in the daytime, it seemed like he was slap in the face.

"You..." Xiao Xiao pointed at Meng Fei's fingers trembling in the daytime, and he was speechless, but soon the fierce light flashed in his eyes, his face barely smiled, and he gritted his teeth, "Okay! I promise you!"

"It's almost the same!" Meng Fei nodded complacently, and smiled, "Howling during the day, you will soon know how correct your choice is! In fact, I just played with you just now."

At this time in the daytime, at this time, I suddenly felt a terrible breath coming from the other person's body. He couldn't help but change his face. Only then did he know that the other party was not saying anything.

Zhao Yuande naturally felt this kind of breath. He could not help but turned his head curiously and looked at Meng Fei, with a slight difference in his eyes.

"Boy, don't pretend, come and die!" Meng Fei looked at Zhao Yuande, his face showing a bit of cruelty.

"It's just a pseudo-holy body!" Zhao Yuande glanced at each other with a faint tone, with a bit of ridicule, "Emperor Ling Xiao didn't know how much effort it took to get you this pseudo-holy body, if you say I will take you Slaughter, will Emperor Ling Xiao go crazy!"

"You... who are you! How do you know..." Meng Fei's face suddenly changed when he heard Zhao Yuande's words.

This is the secret of the Meng family, the entire Meng family is also only Lingxiao fairy emperor, his father and he know!

He was a congenital real body of thunder fire, and was later discovered by the ancestors. The ancestors spent a huge price, so that he realized a trace of the power of chaos in chaos. After more than ten years of physical refinement at no cost, it was only finally With the power of a little chaotic thunder fire body.

"Haha! I have seen the genuine chaotic thunder fire body, and your pseudo-holy body can't hide my eyes." Zhao Yuande's face showed a contemptuous smile.

"Good! Very good! Now that you recognize it, you must die!" Meng Fei calmed down quickly. He looked reckless and arrogant, but his heart was very calm, and his character was very tenacious, otherwise Ling Xiao Xiandi How could he let him take this ancient coffin.

"Brother Sun is ready to fight! The others will give it to you, and this Meng Fei will give it to me!" Zhao Yuande turned his head and nodded to Sun Yang.

"Haha! I've been waiting for this moment!" Sun Yang size, summoned Zhao Shizi and Xuan Qi, and took the daytime Xiao and the Meng family with three people, although it was a bit reluctant, but if they were held back , But there is no problem at all.

"Kill!" Meng Fei's eyes gleamed with thunder, and his body was full of flames. He drank and punched Zhao Yuande.

The silver brilliance flashed on his hand, and he carried a pair of exaggerated silver gloves.

The sharp sharp spikes on the glove, the tiny barbs, and the terrifying sharpness radiate, making people feel a little hairy after watching it.


Zhao Yuande blasted out with one punch, but he didn't even avoid the punch on the other side. It seemed that he didn't see the terrible and vicious spiked barbs on those gloves.


The two fists bumped together.

Meng Fei only felt a strong force coming from his arm, and his arms were sore that he almost lost consciousness.

Meng Fei was shocked. He couldn't believe how he looked at his gloves. All the spikes and barbs on it had been smashed alive at this time, but the opponent's fist seemed to be fine at this time!

Zhao Yuande also felt a shock under this punch. The other party was indeed a pseudo-holy body. Although there was still a gap from his true holy body, it was not far away.

Of course, he hasn't exploded the power of Samsung yet, and in the end, the other party must still be inferior to himself.

At this time, the battle between Sun Yang and Xiao Xiao has already begun!

Both of them are also very powerful, especially here is the Emperor District, Sun Yang's state has not yet reached the peak of the Emperor, and the cultivation is weak.

However, at this time, Sun Yang's combat power was not part of the daytime roar. There was no needless temptation in the two men's battle.

Zhao Fourteen blocked several disciples of the White Emperor's Palace, and these disciples were all geniuses and were not weak hands, so Zhao Yuande could not kill them in a short time, but it was enough to stop them. More than enough.

There is no problem with Xuan Qi, he is immortal, he is not afraid of the other partys powerful attacks, but the other party is ultimately a genius of the Meng family. Come to siege Xuan Qi is really amazing.

At this time, Meng Fei's body thundered, the breath of his body rose sharply, and the blood was like a flood that opened the gate, rushing out, so that the whole space could not help but squeeze.

"Okay! You deserve my outburst!" Meng Fei looked very serious at this time, and he no longer had the arrogant look just now, but his face was very solemn.

"Oh! That's right! That's right!" Zhao Yuande felt the other person's breath, and he couldn't help but show a smile, "But... there is still a certain gap between you and Zhang Fan, you are not my opponent!"

Zhao Yuan was weak in German, but he didn't dare to look down too much at this time. The three stars lit up instantly, making his whole body seem to be shrouded in starlight.

"Zhang Fan? Who is he?" Although Meng Fei was ready to go now, he still asked this sentence curiously.

"You don't even know him?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, "Zhang Fan is a real chaotic thunder fire body, and his master is the true one demon emperor of one of the three giants of the devil world!"

"True chaotic thunder fire body! Really a demon emperor!" Meng Fei's face suddenly showed a shocked look.

"Okay! Now I will show you what is the true Eucharist!" Zhao Yuande's words were sent by the soul.

With Meng Fei's cleverness, he immediately understood the meaning contained in Zhao Yuande's words.

" are..." There was a hint of fear in Meng Fei's eyes. He wanted to say something, but at this time Zhao Yuande had launched a powerful and fierce attack.