Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Jixiangbaolou

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Just at the moment when the soul eater was about to pounce on him, his body burst into a bright golden brilliance in one year, and the endless thunder light poured out of his body like a tide, and instantly the sky-drenched soul eaters Insects drown.


Countless soul eaters uttered heartbreaking chirps at the same time, making everyone listen to the scalp tingling for a while.

"Humph! Die for me!" Zhao Yuande screamed, the thunder light skyrocketed, and all the soul eaters turned into scorched black bodies at this moment, and after turning to the ground, they turned into a piece of black dust and drifted with the wind.


Zhao Yuande looked up at a tall building not far away, and found that a man in black was panicking and turned to escape.

"I still want to go!"

There was a gap between his eyebrows and a black vertical eye opened slowly. A bright golden thunder was shot out of the vertical eye. The golden thunder seemed to cross the river of time and directly hit the back of the man in black. On the back, a big hole was put on his chest.

The man in black suddenly fell from the top of the building and fell hard in the middle of the road.

The people hiding in the shop saw this scene come out one after another, and they all looked at the fat boy with shock.

"This boy is so terrible! It can manipulate Lightning, is it Thunder Spirit's body?"

"What physique is not important, he has opened his eyes to the important thing!"

"Yes! That's right, the physique can be tempered the day after tomorrow, and all the bodies can still stretch the starry sky, and the sky eyes are different! Without a big chance, it can't be opened at all, and this young boy has huge power behind him!"

"This man in black may be the result of a power struggle!"


After listening to the debate after death, Zhao Yuande shook his head and smiled, strode toward the man in black and dragged him into an alley.

Half of the chest of the man in black was penetrated by thunder, and blood flowed outward like a fountain. Although he was not dead at this time, he could not live long enough.

The cultivation of the man in black is still in the late stage of Lingtai's pregnancy, and he has not entered the state of yin and yang, and there is no soul in the body. If the body is dead, he will be dead!

"Speak! How did you find me?" Zhao Yuande took out a pill and stuffed it into the mouth of the man in black. He looked at each other with a smile and waited for his reply.

Elixir enters the belly, and the wound on the chest of the black man has been restored to the naked eye. However, in just a few breaths, the face of the black man looked good, the dying state disappeared, he was killed by a pill The medicine came back alive.

"You... even willing to give up this immortality medicine!" The man in black looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief.

"How did you find me?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other impatiently. One big foot had stepped on the other's chest.

"Humph! Stop dreaming, I won't tell you!" The man in black just stunned, the expression on his face faded quickly, and once again became a cold-hearted killer.

"Then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande crushed each other's arm with a light foot, and grinned, "I tell you, I still have a lot of that kind of medicine, I will put all the bones in your body. Crush the roots and feed you one, and wait for you to come back again. What do you think?"

"I..." The man in black opened his mouth and tried to bite his tongue, but found that he had no strength in his body. Not to mention the tongue biting, the tofu may not be able to bite.

The man in black suddenly panicked. Although he was determined to die, he was not the kind of killer who had experienced death training. When he was so scared by Zhao Yuande, his heart was suddenly confused!

"I... am I not good enough?"



Only then did Zhao Yuande know that this person was a little leader of Wandujiao. They had a kind of bug with a strong sense of smell, and could track a person's odor from thousands of miles away.

It was based on such a bug that they tracked themselves down here.

Zhao Yuande knew that someone must have remembered the smell of himself with that bug during those thirty days.

He burned the man in black with a fire, so that all the insects would be wiped out.

Just now he revealed too many means. Many people saw the scene where they were assassinated. This news will soon be passed out, and it is easy to expose himself with the image of a small fat man.

No way, he could only change into a black skinny boy again, swaggering out of the alley.

"Hello, did you see a little fat man just now?" Zhao Yuande walked out of the alley and someone came up to ask.

"A fat man didn't see it. I only saw a fat man dragging a dead body!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be silly.

"Yes, the fat man dragging the dead body, is he going there now?"

"Flying over that big wall, it's gone!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the high wall at the end of the alley.

Everyone shook their heads and left, it seemed that the excitement was gone!

The black and thin boy transformed by Zhao Yuande stood on the street and set his sights on Jixiangbaolou again.

The man at Jixiangbaolou was also a teenager. He saw Zhao Yuande striding in and hurried up.

"This son, I don't know what you want to buy?" Zhao Yuande's clothes are good, and the workmanship is exquisite. At first glance, he is not ordinary, so the guy is very attentive and has a smile on his face.

"Well, introduce me to your treasure house!" Zhao Yuande always has a feeling that there may be something unexpected in this treasure house waiting for himself.

"This son, our Jixiangbao Building has seven floors, and each floor corresponds to a realm..." The man introduced Zhao Yuande hard, and Zhao Yuande generously gave him a piece of top grade jade as a tip.

The guy took the top grade jade, and was almost jumped. Know that one piece of top grade jade is equivalent to one hundred pieces of middle grade spirit jade, and this little guys salary is only one piece of middle grade spirit jade. As soon as he shot it, he struggled directly for less than ten years!

The buddy could not enter a higher level because it was repaired at a lower level, so he stopped before the third level and Zhao Yuande walked up to the third floor alone.

Most of the three are some third-level elixir spirit materials, as well as some low-level spiritual artifacts. Zhao Yuande lost his interest after just glancing. He turned around on the fourth floor and walked to the fifth floor with dissatisfaction. go with.

At this time he heard someone calling himself behind him.

"Sonson, on the fifth floor, there is a prohibition specifically for the Lingtai pregnant gods. If you go up so rashly, you may have to suffer a big loss!" A man kindly reminded behind him.

"Thanks!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the man slightly, then turned around and continued to walk towards the fifth floor. Those so-called prohibitions were in vain in front of him.