Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1471

Chapter 1471: Practice

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Just as Zhao Yuande flew towards the Trial Palace, the original big lake suddenly exploded, a thick fire column rose into the sky, the red magma, and the thick black smoke instantly flooded the whole area, the original scenery was pleasant, The mountains with peaks and peaks suddenly turned into a **** on earth.

And the ocean in the distance is also skyrocketing at this time, only a few moments to flood a large area of the city, the sea water seems to swell suddenly, I don't know how many times, and began to drown toward the mainland.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande sighed slightly, but a large number of indigenous people lived on the beach. They did not know how many people would die in this catastrophe.

"Don't sigh, if you want to be strong, you have to pay a certain price! These people's ancestors are all death row prisoners in the fairyland, and it is a lucky thing to live to now!" Xia Mingyu seemed to know what Zhao Yuande was thinking at this time.

"In any case, it was my reason that made them suffer!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, his face showing a bit of guilt.

"It's okay, not many people can die, they are all cultivators!" Xia Mingyu suddenly said sharply, "If you really want to make up for these people, it is not impossible!"

"What way?" Although Zhao Yuande is decisive in killing, he is not the kind of bloodthirsty killer. He also has his own limit. So many people die because of him. If he can make up for it, his heart will be better.

"As long as you can take these people out, it's OK!" Xia Mingyu said.

"Bring them out of the trial space? I'm afraid it's wrong!" Zhao Yuande's face appeared hesitant.

"If you are not at ease, just place them in your inner world, and don't let them go out!" Xia Mingyu said, "After these people enter your inner world, as long as your state continues to rise, their state will be able to continue. Ascension, you dont have to die because you cant reach a higher level!"

"It would be cruel to encircle them in an inner world like this!" Zhao Yuande hesitated.

"You are to save them! These people were born in the great array of stars and stars. Although they were born with very high talents, they were not recognized by the rules of the fairy world. They would be wiped out by the rules of the fairy world as soon as they stepped on the outside world. , And the only way is to be a servant of you, you try to let them live in your inner world, and it is already a gift to them!" Xia Mingyu explained.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded and looked at the earth again. At this time, it was already a vast sea. He could see a group of indigenous cultivators flying towards a majestic mountain in the distance.

Ninety-nine percent of the whole land has been submerged by seawater, and only some majestic mountains are standing in the sea at this time.

"Don't worry about other things first, first go to the safety zone and enter your trial space. I will first teach you the cultivation method of the heavenly body, and use the fairy veins to lay your foundation!" Xia Mingyu saw Zhao Yuande His expression returned to calm, and he urged again.

"Okay! In seven or eight months, I strive to be able to fulfill the requirements of the two ancestors." Zhao Yuande felt a heavy burden and felt a sense of urgency.

What surprised Zhao Yuande was that the sky broke down on the other side of the Emperor District, and the sea submerged the world. After entering the world zone, there was no change at this time, and it was the same as the original.

He returned to the safe area and recruited Sun Yang from the inner world.

"Brother Zhao, how did it really collapse?" Sun Yang asked curiously.

"Not only has it collapsed, the Emperor District has now become a world of water!" Zhao Yuande re-delivered Zhao Shizi and Xuan Qi into Sun Yang's body. "Now I am going to retreat. Brother Sun can take a look everywhere. Although the current combat strength still cannot pass the ninth level, the difference is not very far away. I think if you go out and encounter a little chance, you should be able to try it!"

"Well! I know, but I dont have any grasp now! Im going to try in the Trial Palace in the Emperor District first. I think that although I cant pass the fifth level with my combat power, I still have some confidence in the first four levels. !" Sun Yang nodded.

"Every level is best to do your best, don't use those so-called hole cards, then you lose the meaning of the trial!" Zhao Yuande reminded the other party.

"Brother Zhao, don't worry, I know it!" Sun Yang nodded.

When Sun Yang left, Zhao Yuande returned to the safe area again. At this time, many trial practitioners closed their eyes to practice.

Zhao Yuande returned to the inner world and took out that fairy vein.

"Unfortunately, I don't have a physical body now, otherwise I can give you a cloudy sky!" Xia Mingyu slightly regretted.

"Anyway! Anyway, my exercises are special, and I guarantee that no energy will be wasted!" Zhao Yuande said quickly.

Just kidding, if his engulfing vortex is urged with all his strength, he can instantly engulf the spirit of fairy spirits for tens of miles.

"That's good! Let's start now!" Xia Mingyu didn't ask Zhao Yuande what kind of exercises, but directly began to teach Zhao Yuande the practice method of Huntian Eucharist.

Although the fairy vein is not large, it is able to maintain the supply of fairy spirits throughout the Emperor District.

Now it seems to be a long snake coiled around Zhao Yuande's body. Zhao Yuande's pores are all open at this time, constantly absorbing the fairy gas in the fairy vein, and then according to the practice method of the heavenly body sacred body, he began to continuously refine his own Flesh!

Because Chao Yuande's Chaos Saint is now manifested in three stars, the physical strength is already extremely powerful, so the first three layers of the Heavenly Holy Body, that is, the three layers of the foundation, the cultivation is very smooth.

Soon he successfully broke through the first layer, the second layer, and even the third layer!

The speed of this practice made Xia Mingyu stunned, and kept opening his mouth to praise.

The side of the wind was always silent, and there was a trace of excitement on his face.

Cultivated to the third level, although his physical strength did not increase much, but the physical body, bones, and even the strength of the meridians have been greatly improved.

And his blood sea has also been completely tempered at this time, stronger than before, and his knowledge of the sea has become extremely stable...

However, the third layer is easier, and the fourth layer is more difficult. It is not because the fairy vein has run out, but the promotion of this heavenly body not only requires huge energy, but also requires intense fighting to stimulate.

Therefore, on the fourth floor, Zhao Yuande has never been able to enter, which makes Xia Mingyu anxious.

But its useless to be anxious. What you need most now is to find a place to fight!

After practicing to the third level, it has been three years in the body world!

However, in the outside world, it is only 21 or 12 days.