Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473: Assault

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"The girl is assured that I will unscrew the cold head's head and give it to the girl!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he had already speculated about it.

"In this case, you are waiting for me in the safety zone!" Zhao Yuande waved, and the two reappeared in the safety zone.

Zhao Yuande nodded at the girl, and his body disappeared into the void.

"Shuttle into the void!" The girl saw Zhao Yuande disappear into the void, and her mouth widened suddenly, her face even more unbelievable.

Her confidence in Zhao Yuande suddenly increased by a few points!

It is beyond the limits of her imagination to be able to shuttle the void freely in the Emperor Realm, which is already invincible!

At this time, there was a lot of noise and chaos in the security zone, and the cultivator who had just grabbed his collar just now came out. No one noticed the appearance and disappearance of Zhao Yuande.

At this time, the cultivator looked at the place where Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared, and his face suddenly showed extreme excitement.

He knew that the emergence of Zhao Yuande was the unlucky start of those three forces!

Zhao Yuande left the security zone and immediately covered his body with a yin and yang sky mirror.

He felt a little bit, and suddenly found that the breath of Zhao XIV is still at this time, probably located in the cold abyss of 120,000 miles northwest.

He began to exert his speed with all his might and set off towards the abyss of ice.

"Huh? Those should be disciples of the White Emperor Palace!" Zhao Yuande flew out thousands of miles, and saw more than a dozen practitioners flying in the air in a hurry, one of whom he had seen before. The black armor of the White Emperor Palace.

At this time, the **** warrior was with a flattering face beside a young man, and he seemed to be the new strong in the White Palace.

Zhao Yuande's eyes swept, and probably identified the person as the head. Sure enough, he was a disciple of the White Emperor Palace. This person is called Dayu Yu, and his body is powerful. It is a little stronger than the daytime roar!

These disciples are also disciples of the White Emperor Palace, but these are no longer Emperor Realm and World Realm, but all are Divine Emperor Realm!

They are obviously much stronger than the disciples who entered the White Emperor Palace earlier. Even if they were suppressed, their combat power was enough to defy all the geniuses of the Emperor Realm.

Zhao Yuande's figure flashed and quietly followed behind the group of people.


A sword light almost invisible to the naked eye flashed over, and the body of a disciple of the White Emperor Palace flying at the back was suddenly cut into two halves.

Blood was flying all over the sky, and the two halves of the flesh fell to the ground with a bang, and the bones were all spilled on the ground.

"Who!" Yu Zizi was cold during the day, and the soul was radiating towards the surroundings.

For a dozen or so people, you instantly dispersed the Quartet and started searching for the attackers.

However, no matter how they searched, no one was found.

"Could it be him!" The black warrior seemed to think of something, his face suddenly turned very ugly, and his whole body could not help shaking.

"Who is it? Hurry up!" Yu looked sullen during the day, looking at the **** armored man, his tone full of doubt.

"Yes... it's Zhao Yuande!" The black war armor had some trembling teeth at this time, and he looked around in horror, as if fearing that he could flash a sword light into the void and shoot him in two pieces.

The Black Warrior Dahan knows Zhao Yuande's horror deeply. He once experienced such a killing.

At that time the whole army was destroyed, even if he himself was killed by others.

If it were not for its own special means of rebirth, I am afraid it is dead now!

"Zhao Yuande? That's the kid you said?" Yu Zizi was cold during the day, and his face was murderous, "A disciple of the surname of a Sun family, the abandonment of Xuan Jizong dare to be so bold, today..."

But before Yu Hua's flowers were finished, he heard another scream not far away. A disciple's head flew high and exploded into a blood mist in mid-air.


During the day, Yu Zizi shone a cold light, and the palm of his hand pressed toward the left rear of the dead disciple.

Under this palm, as if the sky were falling apart, a magnificent giant mountain roared down from the void.

In the trail of the falling of the giant mountain, the void is broken, and the blazing flames soar!

However, the black warrior lord shook his head slightly at this time, and he already had a little bit of despair in his heart. He was already preparing to perform the rebirth technique again!


The giant mountain fell and smashed the earth into a huge pothole, but it didn't seem to hit anyone at all.


Another scream came from the other direction, a disciple's eyebrows were penetrated by a sword, and the sea of knowledge in it was broken, and the soul was annihilated!

"This..." Many of the disciples of the White Emperor Palace were already panicked at this time. They no longer had the enthusiasm that they just had, and their bodies could not help shaking.

"Let me get together, get together!" During the day, Yu palm fell down, and it was completely empty, which made his face very unhangable. Now that he saw the panic of the teachers, he could not help but anger.


Just as the crowd gathered together in a huddle, there was a sudden soft noise.

The three Baidi Palace disciples were almost in a row because they were too close to each other. A faint sword light silently penetrated the heads of the three in the void.

"You...who are you...why should we kill us! We are not his opponent at all..." A disciple of the White Emperor Palace was in front of the eyes of the three, seeing the heads of the three bursting at the same time. Blood Flower, could not help screaming in horror, and finally could not bear the fear in his heart, flying towards the distance.

When other disciples looked at this situation, they naturally felt terrified in their hearts. No matter what the order of the senior brother was, the seven or eight people who were promoted fled in all directions.

"Don't..." The **** warrior sighed, already desperate, and now even more desperate.

"Damn! Damn! You cowards, aren't the other person alone? You come back to me..." Yu Yu rushed to the crown during the day and yelled toward the void, "Zhao Yuande, you get out of Lao Tzu, you have the skill and the real knife. A real battle!"

"Hey! I can consider your request, but I have to catch up with your brothers and sisters now! I can't take care of them!" There was a cold and quiet voice from the void, and I heard a burst of heart in the daytime when I heard it. despair.

"You... you stop me!" During the day, Yu couldn't bear it anymore, and took out a black pill directly, and lost it towards the sky.

Dan Maru exploded in mid-air, and a white palace appeared in mid-air.

The White Palace will not disperse in the air for a long time.