Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1475

Chapter 1475: Large Array

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"This guy..." Xia Mingyu glanced at Feng Cang with a smile on his lips.

Zhao Yuande withdrew from the inner world and returned to the trial space.

However, instead of being happy because he beheaded dozens of people in the Baidi Palace, he felt an uneasy and deep worry.

Although these dozen people solved it with only a dozen breaths in his hands, they are indeed rivals to Sun Yang!

Especially in this daytime universe, the fighting power definitely does not belong to Sun Yang.

No wonder they can be forced into the ice abyss, I hope they are all right!

Zhao Yuande's figure flickered and flew towards the abyss of ice.

Soon after he flew away, a large group of practitioners came from all directions, all gathered here.

One of the young men who looked like twenty-seven or eighty-eight, his appearance was somewhat similar to that of the daytime tsunami.

At this time, the daytime roar was following him by day, and he looked very respectful.

"It's Dayu's squad! They encountered an attack! Except for Daytime Yu and the eighth division, the other people's bodies are here!" Daytime Xiao no longer had the posture of the young master at this time, but went up to check personally.

"Oh! What the **** is it? Is it the Taoist priest of the Xuanmen of the Central Immortal Territory? Or An Yunlan from Anjia?" Anjia should be mentioned during the day, and there was a trace of helplessness on his face, "If it is An An Yunlan, we are really not good..."

"No! It's definitely not An Yunlan, but a guy named Zhao Yuande. Only this person has such a terrifying ability in the trial space!" Xiao Xiao said during the day that Zhao Yuande's name was somewhat biting, but he was deeply Know how terrible Zhao Yuande is.

"Zhao Yuande... is that terrible guy you mentioned?" During the day, he should see the fear on his brother's face and frown slightly.

"Good! Brother, don't take it lightly, I think...feel..." Xiao Xiao said during the day that he felt two words, so he didn't go on.

"What do you think?" The brother should be glanced during the day, his eyes suddenly cold.

"I think... even your eldest brother is not his opponent!" Xiao Xiao replied carefully during the day.

"Humph!" He should sneer coldly during the day, but the anger on his face turned to dignity in the next moment. "Really! I don't have the ability to wipe out the daylight here in a dozen breaths!"

"So Brother, we have to catch Han Family and Tian Yizong. The ten people in Han Family were killed by this guy. If they knew that he would appear, they would kill him with all their strength!" The hate flashed in the daytime. , "Wait until the Han family consumes him almost, we will shoot..."

"Well! Just do what you said! Send a letter to the Han family and say that their enemies have appeared!" Nod should be nodded during the day and ordered to several Baidi Palace disciples around him.

Although Zhao Yuande encountered several people in Baidi Palace and Tian Yizong again, he never stopped.

When the ice abyss was less than ten thousand miles away, Zhao Yuande found a group of people rushing towards the ice abyss.

There were hundreds of people in this group, all of them were chilly, and Zhao Yuande immediately concluded that they were Han family.

There are so many people on the other side, Zhao Yuande did not dare to act rashly. The joint attack of hundreds of people can almost cover a thousand square meters of space. Even if he is fast, he may be forced out!

He does not have the confidence to face these people head-on!

These people obviously got some news. They stopped in front of the abyss of ice and began to arrange some powerful formation. It seemed that they wanted to stop Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a bit of worry on his face. This Han family is a super family. No one can guarantee what terrible formation they have. Once these people are allowed to arrange the formation here, I am afraid that they will save Sun Yang themselves. I'm afraid there will be a lot of trouble.

However, Zhao Yuande soon discovered that a large group of Han family members roared, and there were nearly two hundred people!

In addition to the Han family, there are people in the Baidi Palace not far away.

The three major forces add up to a thousand people!

They have now surrounded here and there, seeming to be standing by.

"It seems really troublesome!" Zhao Yuande could not help frowning.

He felt a crisis more and more. The large array arranged by the Han family seemed to be extracting the power of the whole world, so that the spirit of the fairy in the entire void was instantly reduced by half!

"Do you want to give up?" Zhao Yuande's soul quietly probed into the ice abyss that was enveloped by the large array, and suddenly felt a terrible force of heaven and earth is turning around the large array. His soul is now close to the fairyland, but It is still impossible to pass through the large array.

"That guy is here! We are probing our big formation!" Suddenly a pleasant voice came from the Han family, "I will immediately start the big formation and take me this unknown and dead guy!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the violent fluctuations of the power of heaven and earth. A large, yellowish hand condensed in the void, and he shot directly towards Zhao Yuande without any errors.

"This piece of heaven and earth has already felt the position of the other party and sealed off the void!" The Han family's voice sounded again.

Suddenly dozens of Han family disciples began to seal their palms, and suddenly the whole void began to gradually solidify, and a chill came to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart and walked directly towards the distance.


As soon as Zhao Yuande left, the void suddenly formed a huge piece of crystal ice and cracked into countless pieces!

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. If he hadn't escaped in time just now, I'm afraid it would really be frozen inside. Although it won't be frozen, it will immediately appear in front of everyone!

At that time, not only the Han family, but also the Baidi Palace, Tianyizong people!

Zhao Yuande was no more conceited and could not escape to the point of being able to escape from the hands of thousands of people!

"It's really awful this time!" Zhao Yuande walked a thousand miles away, looking worriedly at the frozen abyss surrounded by water!

At this time, a thick tornado was constantly rotating above the head of the ice abyss, and the spirit of the fairy around him was being drawn into it at an incredible speed.

For the first time, Zhao Yuande felt that something was so difficult, which made him a little overwhelmed!

"Let's try the underground first!" Zhao Yuande was helpless. Under no circumstances, he could only dive underground.

Although he knew that this path would certainly not work, he still had a slight fluke in his heart.

But when he moved into the ground and found a hazy white brilliance extending under the endless earth, his face suddenly bitter!