Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476: Torn

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He racked his brains and tried countless ways, but none of them worked, which made him look desperate.

For the first time, he felt a person's insignificance, the strength of the united people!

Although personal cultivation is suppressed here to the world, the real power is not suppressed!

These people connected everyone's power together through a large array, and the powerful power exerted by Zhao Yuande could not be imagined.

He knew that if he fell into battle, he could not escape!

"Don't let Sun Yang be trapped in the abyss of ice?" Zhao Yuande sensed the breath of Zhao Shizi and found that his aura seemed to be much weaker. It seems that there must be great danger under the abyss of ice.

Black Rock should be able to tear a large array directly, I simply rushed in and counted!

As long as they go in and find Sun Yang and they send them into their own inner world, they are safe.

The big abyss will never leave this ice abyss until the end of the trial!

Although this delays your own trials, the safety of your friends is more important than the trials!

Even if you do not participate in the trial, there is nothing. You can practice to that level sooner or later, and the loss of friends will make him permanently regret!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth and never hesitated!

He dived into the ground, sensing the closest distance to the ice abyss. He took out the black rock, and a ray of light formed an extremely sharp sword!


Heiyan Jian did not disappoint him, a piece of light that tore the large array directly, and his figure appeared directly in a very cold white ice cave!

"Someone tore the big formation and rushed into the abyss of ice!" An anxious shout suddenly came from the big formation.

"Take me!" A big, yellow-brown hand grabbed the camera directly in the direction of Zhao Yuande. Time, space, and earth could not stop the horror power of this big hand.

Zhao Yuande felt the horror power of this big hand, and his face suddenly changed, and he walked directly towards the depths of the ice abyss!

He also has no way to do it. If he is flying, he may be directly held by a big khaki hand, even if it is his body, he will be directly smashed!

In the ice cave, there is a crisis, and if you randomly travel through the void, you may appear directly in front of the danger.


Zhao Yuande had already walked out of the void, and suddenly saw a big mouth full of sensuous teeth directly biting towards himself.

"Damn it! Even you dare to bully me!" Zhao Yuande saw clearly that this was a huge ice dragon, and with one punch, the ice dragon hit the back and forth.

However, it is obvious that the ice dragon is physically strong, and Zhao Yuande's punch did not do his utmost, and he did not hurt the ice dragon at all.


The ice dragon was fierce, and a cold air erupted in his mouth, directly covering the whole passage.

Zhao Yuande just wanted to continue to shoot, but at this moment, he suddenly felt a strong crisis.

He didn't think about going directly through the void.


That big khaki hand directly squeezed the whole channel, and directly squeezed your ice dragon, who has no help from Zhao Yuande, into an ice slag!


Although Zhao Yuande walked through the void, he was still aware of all this, and he felt a sudden thrill in his heart.

He knew that if he was caught just now, he would be directly squeezed into a meat sauce!

"What kind of formation is this?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help feeling curious and frightened.

"This is Zhiyang Tongtian Array! If they are all cold physiques, their power will be three to five times greater than they can't be beaten!" The voice of the old man with a white beard passed into Zhao Yuande's ears, making him unable to help. like.

"Brother! How to crack this formation?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"There are too many strong players in the formation, and you can't crack it with your realm!" The old man with a white beard was helpless in his voice. "But because they are all cold physiques, their power increase effect is only ten times, otherwise the power increase. Fifty times, you are already dead!"

"Ten times!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but secretly shock. Now there are two or three hundred Han family disciples in the battle. Doesn't this mean the strength equivalent to two or three thousand people?

Although Zhao Yuande pretends to be unparalleled in flesh and blood, his strength can even destroy the planet, but now it is only about one hundred times that of ordinary practitioners.

After the other party blessed, the power was dozens of times that of their own, which is almost unimaginable.

As for the increase of fifty times, he dare not even think about it. I am afraid that fifty times is already close to the physical strength of the fairy lord. I am afraid that the body that he photographed can be saved without a tap!

"What should I do? Can't I escape their pursuit?"

When Zhao Yuande and the old man with white beard communicated, the big khaki hand came to him again, and he could not escape after he had shuttled the void twice.

"Its not impossible, I have a magical skill here called the Glacier Hand. As long as you can practice successfully, you can guide the cold aura of the ice abyss against the opponents Zhiyang Tongtian Formation, and because the opponent His physique is cold, and you can even hit these people hard!" White Beard said.

"Hurry and pass it on to me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a hint of joy in his heart.

"Well! This is a good place to practice the hand of the glacier. I will first teach you the cultivation method. As long as you can practice to the first step, it is enough to escape the killing of the big hand!" Prof. Gongfa to Zhao Yuande.

The Glacier Hand is actually not a very profound and powerful magical power, if it is about power, it can only be regarded as second-rate.

But now, it is just right!

The first step is actually the realization of the way of ice. If one can understand the law of ice, it will be easier.

And it happened that when Zhao Yuande understood many laws, he chose the law of ice, so that his understanding of the way of the ice can be regarded as some basis.

But now he is not quietly practicing, but is constantly avoiding the capture of the big yellow hand, at this time he has escaped seven or eight attacks by the big hand, the abyss of ice is alive by the big hand Thousands of miles were destroyed.

However, this ice abyss is indeed unfathomable, even if it is thousands of miles away, it is not bottomed out, and the cold below is getting heavier!

"Brother, I should have said everything, so I wont delay your cultivation! If it doesnt work, we will hide in the Black Rock Passage. Even if the Emperor appears, it wont hurt Black Rock, but by then Black Rock will be exposed. "The old man with white beard is actually not worried about what will happen to Zhao Yuande. In fact, Zhao Yuande still has several means of life-saving.