Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477: Nether Viper

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"Okay!" Although Zhao Yuande had the means, he didn't want to use it here, and he could only start to avoid the attacks of the big hands, and concentrate on the side to practice the hand of the glacier.

The hand of the glacier is actually a method of applying ice power, but it is different from the ordinary imperial method. It is to integrate the body directly into the hands of the glacier and release its strongest potential!

This is simple to say, but the most difficult thing is how to combine the body and the glacier into a big hand. This requires a very deep understanding of the Ice Avenue.

Zhao Yuande is now fleeing in panic, unable to devote himself entirely to it, so he cannot meet the requirements for a while.

"What to do! What to do!" Zhao Yuande's head is sweating a little now, and the attack of the big yellow hand is too powerful, and it seems that he has completely locked himself, not to mention the yin and yang sky mirror to cover his body in a hurry. Even if it can be concealed, the capture range with a big hand can also directly show the grasp of yourself!

"Hey! Brother, you still haven't grasped the essence of my Taoism inheritance! Have you forgotten the cold beads that were previously condensed?" Old White Beard sighed at this moment.

"Yes! Hanshazhu! Hanshazhu!" Zhao Yuande suddenly opened his mind suddenly, and the Hanshazhu hidden in his body flew out instantly, forming a clear blue door in his blood sea.

The cold air swallowed in the gate, and the swallowing vortex inside Zhao Yuande began to frantically absorb the cold air in the ice abyss.

In just an instant, Zhao Yuande's physique became the cold-sharp body of Han Sha, and because of the basis of his chaotic holy body, the body of Han Sha was still continually escalating and changing... in the end it turned into Han Shazhen Spiritual body!

Although the true spirit body of Hansha is not as good as the four holy bodies, it is almost the same as the physical lines of immortal body.

After having a cold spirit, he suddenly felt that the icy air around him suddenly became very intimate. He seemed to be a fish returning to the sea and becoming free.


Zhao Yuande once again escaped the capture of the earthy big hand, and then his body suddenly merged into the void, disappeared!

"Brother, that Zhao Yuande disappeared all of a sudden!" A young man in charge of the Great Array suddenly shouted in shock from the top to the Yangtong Sky Array.

"This person is really terrifying. No wonder he can kill Tian Yu, and he can kill all ten geniuses of my cold family. We control the large array of attacks for dozens of times in a row, and none of them left him!" Another young man also frowned. wrinkle.

"It's okay! Although this person is powerful, but where is the abyss of ice, life restricted area! These tens of millions of years haven't heard of anyone who can come out from inside, he's useless even against the sky!"

"You can't take it lightly, this person is so powerful, and can tear the Zhiyang Tongtian array that hundreds of us joined together, maybe he will have any means we can't imagine!"

"Okay! He must have played some kind of hole card, but his ultimate goal is to save those people, and we only need to hold the exit firmly with a large array, he can't escape our palm!" , A young man with silver hair, a gleam of wisdom flashed between his eyes.

"Big Brother Wise!" Several youths presiding over the large array showed flattering faces.

"Take care of your own eyes, don't let go, you can use the projection of Zhutian Divine Sword at all times at critical moments!" The silver-haired youth's figure was cold and ruthless, making people feel numb for a while.


At this time, Zhao Yuande turned into a true spirit of Hansha, his body had merged with the terrible cold in the ice abyss, and he moved towards the depths of the ice abyss as the cold returned.

"Haha! It's magical, but I didn't expect to become the true spirit of Hansha. If I turn this true spirit into a avatar, then I have two real avatars!" Zhao Yuande's excited mouth widened. Laughed.

Without the harassment of the Han family's big yellow hands, he quickly infiltrated the depths of the five or six thousand miles of the ice abyss.

There is no snow white here, but a piece of dark blue. A white lotus plant has appeared on the glorious cave wall. These snow lotus fragrances make people feel comfortable for a while!

"These are the nine-level elixir of Wanzai Hanlian, and luck is not bad!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and a white lotus plant flew up and fell into his body world.

Just when he was excitedly charging, a huge head quietly protruded from the depths of the abyss, and bit directly towards Zhao Yuande!

Zhao Yuande felt the crisis, and his body flew away from it.


You can clearly hear the sound of two rows of teeth colliding violently, and then a foul odor came from behind. The stimulating Zhao Yuande's head fainted, and he almost planted it directly.

"Very toxic!" Zhao Yuande was shocked secretly in his heart, but he was a chaotic holy body, and he still had an undead body. He would still feel this way. If ordinary people smell this stench, they will definitely pass out to death. Directly killed!

Thinking of here, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but also secretly worried. I wonder where Sun Yang is now?

As soon as he came in, he felt that Zhao Shiwei was in the abyss, but he could not specifically sense where it was, as if some strange power under this abyss was affecting him.

Zhao Yuande turned his head, and suddenly saw a huge black head, with black scales flashing on the head, a pair of blood-red eyes full of houses, and the open mouth with rows of sharp teeth arranged densely in the whole mouth. Dark green saliva dripping from the corner of the mouth!

"Nether Viper, the peak of the holy beast, the body is highly toxic, poisoning under the fairyland will die..."

Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised. This big guy turned out to be a ghostly viper, and it has strong toxicity. If anyone else encounters it, I am afraid it will definitely die!

It's no wonder that so many years have passed, that no one has gone out of the abyss of ice. I am afraid that this ghostly dragon has a large part of the reason.

However, Zhao Yuande is not very afraid of it. First of all, because of his special physique, he does not invade. As long as the other party does not bite himself, it should be fine!

And his own physical terror power should be more powerful than it. If he fights, the other party might suffer.

More importantly, his physical defense has been greatly improved. I am afraid that even if the opponent bites himself, he may not be able to bite his skin!