Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: Ice Vine Flower

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Nether Viper saw that he didn't bite Zhao Yuande, suddenly a blood-red flame jumped, Zhangkou spit out a black mist towards Zhao Yuande!

"Beast! This is your own death, don't blame me!"

Zhao Yuande turned into Kunpeng, then disappeared into the void, and appeared directly on the head of Nether Viper next time!

The body turned into a big blue hand strangely, and inserted directly into the eyeball of Nether Viper.

The air around the big hand freezes, and time seems to condense at this moment!

How could the Nether Viper think of Zhao Yuande's speed so fast that he didn't react for a while, and the big blue hand that Zhao Yuande transformed was directly inserted into the eyes of Nether Viper.

However, there was no eyeball blasting, the sky was full of **** light, but the hand was inserted into the eye at once, and a terrible chill suddenly spread around, instantly freezing the entire eyeball of the Nether Viper. Up, even the cold has spread to other places, and it continues to spread around!

"Crush me!" Zhao Yuande snorted loudly, and his big blue hand shook.

"Click! Click!"

The house-sized eyeballs, as well as the surrounding eye sockets, turned into a piece of ice slag, and it fell into the endless abyss.

"Oh!" The Nether Viper roared and shook his head wildly, directly throwing some unskilled Zhao Yuande from the glacier away.

At this time, the small half of the head of the Nether Viper was covered with a thick layer of frost, and a **** big pit with a size of dozens of feet appeared in the place of the original eyeball.


The Nether Viper rushed towards Zhao Yuande frantically, and the blaze fired from the eye under him.

It was at this time that from the bottom of the abyss, a thick tail swept toward Zhao Yuande at the same time, sweeping the solid cave walls out of a huge crack.

"Hey! Struggling to die!"

Zhao Yuande just tried the hand of the glacier that he just realized. Now he sees the power and feels pretty good, but he is not skilled in the operation and is not suitable for fighting.

The three stars in his body lit up in an instant, and his palm turned into a big sky, grabbing directly at the tail that swept over the other party.

Although the opponent is a sacred beast at the pinnacle of realm, his strength is suppressed in the world. Many powerful methods cannot be used at all, and he can only rely on a strong physical body and terrible venom to attack.

However, these are more than enough to deal with others, but when encountering Zhao Yuande's pervert that can shuttle through the void and become Kunpeng, it is a bit stretched!

Venom can't cause damage to Zhao Yuande. Is Zhao Yuande's flesh powerful and far less powerful, so it is tragic.

Zhao Yuande grabbed the tail of the Nether Viper with a big hand. Although a sharp spike sprang up on the tail, the thorn flashed a blue light above it, but he couldn't pierce Zhao Yuande's palm at all, and was suddenly pinched by the giant's palm. Smash.

Zhao Yuande directly rounded the tail of the Nether Viper without any politeness, and began to lash hard towards the cave wall.

Thousands of feet of Nether Viper, like a long black whip, was discussed by Zhao Yuande and crackled.

"Oh! Woo!"

The Nether Viper screamed constantly, the huge snake head was almost completely broken at this time, and there were cracks on its body!


Zhao Yuande finally whipped against the cave wall, and the Nether Viper was torn apart.

Although this is a holy beast, the material on his body also has a certain value, but it is highly poisonous. Zhao Yuande cant be bothered to collect his broken body for a little bit of material, and throws away a tail that he holds in his hand. Throw directly into the abyss.

But at this moment, he heard a few roars from the endless abyss in the endless dark place.

A few terrible breaths were coming at him at an incredible speed from below the abyss.

Feeling a terrible breath and a strong stench, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but change his face.

"It turns out that there is more than one Nether Viper! Although I'm not afraid, I don't want to fight this poisonous guy!" Zhao Yuande's depressed face summoned the Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing, covering his own Body shape.

At the moment when Zhao Yuande's body disappeared, the two heads reminded the larger Nether Viper to rush up from under the abyss. The two Nether Viper dragons were entwined, the scales on their bodies were larger, and the eyes were bloodier, especially on the body. The breath of his faintly reached the level of a first-grade fairy beast.

Seeing these two big guys, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sweat from his head. If he wanted to defeat the two ghost viper dragons, it was very difficult, or even impossible.

He hurriedly and quietly fell against the cave wall, he didn't want to provoke the two big guys.

The two big guys are very manic, rushing upwards, and destroying the cave wall wantonly, breaking the pieces of the surrounding cave wall fragments, countless pieces of ice, and falling into the abyss.

However, Zhao Yuande fell very fast, and soon disappeared into the depths of the abyss. The two big guys vented nothing. They finally found nothing but finally sank into the abyss helplessly, and the abyss became quiet again.

At this time, hiding in the depths of the abyss, Zhao Yuande in a small ice cave saw that there was no more ice falling on the top of his head, and a large stone was put down in his heart.

He went out of the ice cave and continued to go deep into the abyss.

At this time, the abyss is getting wider and wider, with a radius of tens of thousands of miles, and the temperature is getting lower and lower. The dark walls of the surrounding walls have begun to appear.

From time to time, there appeared a strange black vine meandering on the wall of the cave, the leaves were black and ink, and the light yellow flowers were dotted on the vines, which seemed to be alive.

"This is an ice vine flower!" Zhao Yuande looked at the pale yellow flowers and couldn't help but show a faint smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Ice vine flower, a product of immortality, contains the origin of cold ice..."

This is a very rare fairy medicine. The elixir master can use it to make Jindan, the source of ice. Zhao Yuande looked at the recipe. With several ingredients, people can also understand the source of ice!

Realizing the power of the source can enter the realm of God Emperor!

Although Zhao Yuande was a little excited at this time, he did not dare to pick these ice vine flowers.

Because he saw a black monster with a length of three feet on the black vines. These monsters were long and narrow, with long and thin tail spines flashing a blue luster.

"Biyou Black Bee, Sacred Beast, and the tail venom poison can directly kill the strong of the fairy realm..."