Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479: Black Abyssal Dragon

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When Zhao Yuande looked at the appraisal results, he suddenly looked pale for a while. If this guy stung himself, I'm afraid he would be unable to bear it and will die directly!

Who would have thought that a little poisonous bee could actually poison a powerful fairyland realm!

But these ice vine flowers in front of him, he is very eager, it is not his style to return to Baoshan empty-handed.

Yin and Yang are covered by a sky mirror, and he believes that these dark black bees cannot be noticed at all.

Although the Biyou Black Bee is powerful, but the number is not very large, there are only about twenty or thirty heads. Zhao Yuande carefully observed that almost every ice vine flower has two or three heads lying on it.

Zhao Yuande looked in one direction. There were several sparse yellow flowers on the ice vine flower, but only a black bee guarded it.

The area of this ice vine is about tens of feet in size. If there is only one end, there are really few. Many small flowers are blooming in the blind area behind the black bee.

Zhao Yuande approached quietly. He was confident that he could pick a few flowers without disturbing the Biyou Black Bee.

It really turned out to be as he imagined. Behind this dark black bee, he picked four ice vine flowers in a row.

Zhao Yuande can't be excited, four ice vine flowers, he has the confidence to let them understand the origin of ice and become a **** emperor.

At this moment, his eyes inadvertently saw a hidden cave in the place covered by ice vines. The cave could only allow one person to enter, and a really familiar breath came from the cave.

This is the breath of Sun Yang!

Zhao Yuande suddenly showed a happy face, and he entered the cave in a flash.

The cave was dark and no fingers were visible, but there was a gust of wind blowing from the depth of the cave. It seemed that the depth of the cave was connected to another world.

Although it is dark here, but under Zhao Yuande's gaze, everything in it is very clear.

He walked inwards along the low cave, the wider and wider, and the warmer, the cave began to become winding and rugged, as if entering a mountain path.

"Huh! Here..." Zhao Yuande was so fast that he quickly reached the end of the cave, and found out that it was another huge black abyss, but the abyss seemed to have reached the bottom, and the ice that was gradually melting below could be seen Under the ice block is a deep black pool.

At this time, on a huge ice floe in the deep pool, several figures were fighting with a black dragon that protruded from the deep pool.

"Black Abyssal Poison Dragon, a second-grade fairy beast, which contains poison pill in the body, which can detoxify all poisons..."

"Brother Sun! What to do, this dragon is really terrible. We have already killed seven or eight people in battle. If we continue this way, we will all be killed here!" Shen Tu Yingjie's expression was extremely sad.

A sword in his hand swept out the bright sword awns from time to time, but it fell on the body of the Black Abyssal Dragon but it seemed to be tickling across the boots, and the other party didn't feel it at all.


At this time, a young man accidentally swept his calf by a poisonous mist of the Black Dragon Poison Dragon, and the calf suddenly turned into a smelly black water, and the black continued to spread upward, but in an instant, a person became a Beach black water.

"Third Brother!"

After Xu Yuan, who was next to Shen Tu Yingjie, died, his eyes were split.

"I fight with you!"

Xu Yuan's hair was full, and a terrible qi and blood broke out all over his body. At this moment, he even burned his body's blood directly in exchange for powerful power.

This is a desperate practice of the Shen Tujia. Burning the essence and blood will increase the strength to a sudden increase, but when it is burned, it will be weak for a long time.

"Xu Yuan... Don't!"

Shen Tu Yingjie didn't stop, Xu Yuan had rushed up, and slashed his head towards the abyss poison dragon.

"Everyone is fully supporting Xu Yuan!" Seeing this situation, a sadness also flashed in Sun Yang's eyes!

He set his sights on Zhao Shizi and Xuan Qi. If they were not there, I am afraid that these dozen people would have died in the mouth of this dragon.

And even so, what use is it!

Even if they join forces, they are not opponents of this abyss poison dragon, and it is only a matter of time now that they are defeated!

They have been fighting the abyssal dragon for a day and night here, and their fighting power has been lost.

Watching friends die in battle here, there is a despair growing in everyone's heart.

"Don't be discouraged, I have already felt that Zhao Yuande is gradually approaching us. As soon as he arrives, we will be saved!" Zhao XIV shouted at this time, and a chaotic spear erupted in his hands. Directly pushed the abyss poisonous dragon back a dozen feet.

"Yes! As long as Brother Zhao comes, we will be saved!" Sun Yang was also full of surprises, and exploded his last power against the abyss Duron.

The look of expectation also appeared in the eyes of others, and all of them burst out with the last power.

The eruption at this moment actually backed away the abyssal poison dragon repeatedly, and bursts of angry roaring sounds broke out in his mouth.

But although he said this on the surface, he was bitterly smiling.

Zhao Xie has said this several times, and this time I am afraid it is just a word of comfort.

Just as everyone's power gradually dried up and fell into crisis again, the Abyssal Duron finally couldn't bear this repressive feeling at this time anymore. The powerful force burst like a sea, and a black column of water sprayed from the mouth.

The black water column is like a black sky river falling from Jiutian and striking towards everyone.

Suddenly a strong stench smell filled the void, and many people couldn't help but feel dizzy in their minds, and several people who were lowered, and the loss was very serious, even stunned and passed out.

"Full protection, join hands to support the protective barrier!" Sun Yang saw this scene, and suddenly his heart sank to the bottom.

He knew that the jet of black water was spraying down, followed by a storm-like attack. They were probably just able to block the attack of the black water column at this time, but they were unable to stop the next attack.

"Sun Yang, let me flee with them, and one can escape one!" Zhao Shizi roared, his body rushed out, and the spear of chaos burst into its strongest power.

Everyone only saw a wave of emptiness around him. A terrifying power of the emptiness was continually rippling around, and even the black water column pouring down was solidified in the emptiness.

"Hurry up, go out and find Brother Zhao to save us!" Sun Yang was able to leave Zhao 14 here at this time, and even rushed up directly, and his hands were cut into the stars and joined the confrontation. in.