Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480: Rescued

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"There is also me!" Xuan Ji was helpless at this time. Zhao Yuande asked him to protect Sun Yang. In case Sun Yang died, he couldn't live!

But he was immortal, and he could not threaten his attack at all, so he didn't hesitate much, he just rushed up.

The remaining dozen people, you look at me, I look at you!

They all saw the kind of firmness in the eyes of the other party, that kind of utter despair!

"We don't go, if everybody will die together!" No matter whether it is Shen Tujia, Sun's family, and Xuan Jizong's eyes, the last divine light burst out.

But after all, they are still struggling with beasts, their internal strength is almost dry, and it has been a miracle to be able to persist until now.

At this time, the abyssal poison dragon had its entire body rushed out of the water, and a huge body of thousands of feet swept across it. A clear root spike could be seen on the thick tail.

It is conceivable that if they were hit by this tail, they might suddenly become a mass of flesh and blood.

This abyssal poison dragon is almost reaching its limit at this time, and the day-to-day battle is coming down, which makes its consumption also great!

Especially the chaotic spear of Zhao Xie left a thick blood stain on his body. The blood bleeds all day and night to dye the entire pool of water black. If it is replaced with a smaller body, I am afraid that it has really lost blood. More dead!

It is the last resort to show off, intending to directly kill this group of nasty guys.

Despair appeared in everyone's eyes, and when the thick tail-like tail was about to be drawn, a voice came into their ears.

"Sorry, I'm late!"

Zhao Yuande's body suddenly came out of the void and stood in front of everyone.

The three stars on his body were all dazzling and dazzling, and behind them was a large and arrogant world, slowly appearing, and a terror that was powerful enough to suffocate everyone burst out.

"Fuck off with me!"

Zhao Yuande burst out with a punch, and the twelve brilliant colors were dazzling, and the huge deserted world was rumbled down.

Zhao Yuande's blow not only brought out twelve points of physical strength, but also unfolded the desolate world transformed by the boxing fist.


His fist first struck the thick pillar-like tail of the abyssal dragon, and there was a sharp cracking sound.

Immediately after the suppression of the Fade World, it seemed like a real big world. Although the power was suppressed in the world, the power was still shocking.

"Click! Click!"

Another series of crisp sounds came!

The entire tail of the abyssal dragon was crushed into a pile of mud by the double power!

The bones shattered, flesh and blood splattered, and the dark blood flowed all over the sky. The abyssed poison dragon howled and plunged into the deep pool.

He didn't dare to fight anymore, and escaped in vain!

"Brother Zhao is really here to save us! We survived!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande, who was like a soldier of heaven, with tears in his eyes.

There is life in desperation, death is still alive, a thousand times... This is all the feeling in the hearts of everyone at this time.

But immediately their eyes were all focused on Zhao Yuande, which was full of gratitude!

"Brother Sun, Brother Shen Tu... Everyone is suffering!" Zhao Yuande's eyes swept the crowd one by one, and his eyes also showed admiration and comfort.

Although the fighting power of this group of people is not as good as this abyssal poison dragon, but it is still able to fight with it for such a long time, it is enough to show the tough character of these people, and those who can survive this battle, will definitely benefit from this in the future Combat, as long as it does not fall at least after the sun is the strong level of the fairy monarch.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for your life-saving grace!" Everyone bowed together, grateful.

Zhao Yuande scanned them one by one, looking at familiar faces, and he couldn't help showing a happy smile on his face.

Sun Yang, Sun Daoyun, Sun Xiaoqi, Sun Xiaomeng, Sun Miaoyu, Sun Qing'er, Shen Tu Yingjie, Shen Tu Bing'er, Shen Tu Rulan, Jiang Jian, Zheng Yu, Duan Mu Fei Yun!

Except for Zhao XIV and Xuan Qi, only these twelve people were sober at this time.

From the eyes of these people, he saw that these people would become their faithful allies in the future!

"Okay! You are all tired, let's all rest in my inner world! I will bring you out of the ice abyss safely!" Zhao Yuande nodded to everyone.

Everyone nodded their heads. If they were not supported by a strong belief now, they might have fallen to the ground long ago.

"Don't resist!" Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves and sent everyone into his own body.

As soon as everyone disappeared, Zhao Yuande began to look over the abyss.

There were two adjacent abysses, but Zhao Yuande didn't seem to see the entrance of the other abyss outside.

If there is another entrance, it might be able to escape the ice abyss without knowing it, and then go back and attack the Baidi Palace, Tianyi Palace and the Han family.

But soon Zhao Yuande was disappointed and suspended under a dark dome. He realized that this abyss was just a branch of the ice abyss, and there was no other exit at all.

Helpless, he could only return the same way, and carefully shuttled back and forth from that one, wanting to go back to where he was just now.

However, it was useless to be careful. At this time, a Biyou black bee entered the channel and collided with Zhao Yuande.

Suddenly, one person and one bee started the war. Although Zhao Yuande beheaded the black bee in only one breath, he heard a buzzing of wings flapping outside.

"not good!"

Zhao Yuande's face suddenly turned very ugly, and he appeared outside the hole in a flash, but? Seeing the black pressure of the black bee turned into a black hurricane, he swept directly towards Zhao Yuande.

And in the black hurricane, there was a sting of steel needles pouring down towards him, scaring him to retreat into the hole in a hurry.

The hole is narrow and can withstand one person, and the body of the poisonous bee is three feet long. It can rush in two or three at once, and no more can't fly!

And only two or three poisonous bees, as long as they are careful about the poison needles they shoot, they can't help Zhao Yuande!

Since then, Zhao Yuande has also been regarded as an undisclosed husband.

Although these poisonous bees are classified at the level of holy beasts, their combat power is really not good, just because their toxicity can kill the powerful fairyland.

Especially in such a narrow space, they can not play the advantage of flexible flight, and soon hundreds of Biyu poisonous bees were killed by Zhao Yuande in batches.