Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481: Deep Sleep

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Zhao Yuande drilled the hole and looked around. Sure enough, he found that all the poisonous bees lying on the ice vine flowers had disappeared. Suddenly, in his heart, he began to collect these ice vine flowers.

The number of ice vine flowers is about one or two hundred. When Zhao Yuande collected about fifty or so, his ears moved slightly, and he heard a series of buzzing sounds beneath the abyss.

His face suddenly changed, he directly uprooted an ice vine flower into the world inside his body, and then his figure disappeared into the void.

The next moment, he appeared again in that channel.

The soul looked into the outside world, and his face suddenly turned pale.

The densely packed black bees outside, there are tens of thousands, almost covering the whole abyss.

He didn't dare to breathe, he hurriedly retreated into the abyss where Sun Yang had fought, and sealed the hole to prevent his breath from passing through.

He then summoned the yin and yang shining mirror to cover his breath.

Anyway, he still can't escape the abyss of ice, he is not in a hurry, he patiently drilled a barely able cave on the stone wall, and he sat inside and began to slowly recover the consumed power.

I don't know how long it took. Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and felt that all consumption was restored.

He carefully tried to explore the soul into the cave, and found that no Biyu Black Bee entered the passage, and all the tens of thousands of Biyu Black Bee disappeared.

He couldn't help but sigh of relief, covering his body and re-passing the passage.

At this time, the black bee has reappeared on the ice vine flowers. Since Zhao Yuande got a lot of ice vine flowers and an entire plant of ice vines, he no longer greedily hit those ice vine flowers. .

Instead, he continued to explore carefully under the abyss.

After falling hundreds of miles away, he found no fewer than 1,000 ice vines on the walls of the abyss, and there were tens of thousands of ice vine flowers!

Several rare ice vine flowers in the outside world have appeared so suddenly here. If all can be collected, Zhao Yuande's wealth may be able to withstand a big force!

However, Zhao Yuande didn't have the guts to gather, because he found dozens of huge beehives one after another, and the black bees in and out of the beehives came in and out, and he even saw many powerful soldier bees comparable to the first-grade fairy beast Patrol.

According to his estimate, there must be a more powerful queen queen, queen bee in the hive!

There was a fascinating fragrance in the beehive. Zhao Yuande knew that it was the honey brewed by these dark black bees collecting ice vine flowers.

Although he knew that this kind of honey must be powerful, he was probably able to reach the second grade, but he did not dare to take risks!

In front of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Biyou black bees, even a strong man in the fairyland does not dare to take this risk.

He could only hold back the greed in his heart, and carefully continued to dive under the ice abyss.

At this time, he finally knew why no one who entered the ice abyss could go out. This is really dangerous!

He gradually fell, and the temperature below became colder and colder!

After a hurricane-like cold wave blowing from below the abyss, Zhao Yuande couldn't help shivering.

There are no ice vine flowers and no beehives here, only some dead bodies of some black bees frozen on the walls of the cave!

Apparently, these Biyou black bees accidentally entered this area and were frozen here.

At this time, Zhao Yuande could clearly feel that some of his blood was to be frozen!

He hurriedly urged the surging blood in his body, and quietly transformed his physique into a true evil spirit.

As soon as his physique changed, Zhao Yuande immediately felt that he seemed to be a fish entering the water. The previous feeling of being frozen suddenly disappeared, and the whole person wandered in the cold wave very freely.

He could clearly feel that the gate in the blood sea was slowly swallowing the cold wave, and he had a feeling of gradually becoming stronger.

Just when he was a little flirtatious and proud, he suddenly heard a very regular voice.

"Snoring! Snoring..."

It was as if someone was sleeping soundly, a slight shout in the nostrils.

"Is there any other creature sleeping here?" Zhao Yuande, who couldn't help but wonder, followed this voice and slowly fell with the tumbling cold wave.

The further down, the colder the waves are, the more snoring sounds become more and more regular, just like a person breathing and breathing between breaths!

Thousands of miles have fallen, and the sound seems to be thundering at this time. The tumbling of the cold wave also carries extremely terrifying power, and it is getting colder and colder!

Zhao Yuande feels that if he continues to be in the cold wave, he may be transformed into a true evil spirit, and he can't bear this temperature, and will be frozen into ice.

After falling hundreds of miles again, Zhao Yuande could already see the bottom of the abyss.

The deeper the abyss, the more spacious and huge. Now Zhao Yuande finally sees the bottom of the abyss. The vastness and boundlessness cannot detect how wide.

At this time, there was a huge creature lying on the bottom of the abyss and sleeping!

"Frozen Dragon, Sixth-grade Fairy Beast, True Dragon Bloodline of the Ancestor..."

Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel shocked. He didn't expect such a big guy to be hiding at the bottom of this abyss!

Sixth-grade fairy beast, this is already a powerful existence equivalent to the peak of the fairy king, and this is the blood line of the true dragon of the ancestor. If it exerts all its power, I am afraid that even a strong player in the early days of the fairy emperor can compete!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande couldn't help the scalp tingling!

Although this big guy is suppressed in the realm of the world, the power of the flesh can still destroy the world. He is weak in front of him like a little ant!

If you want to fight against each other in strength, you must start with at least six stars!

If the other person wakes up this time, I'm afraid I can eat myself in one bite!

But he soon thought of the Han family above, and they arranged the Zhiyang Tongtian array.

If this big guy wakes up, maybe he can break Zhiyangtongtian array with only a breath!

"Snoring! Snoring..." Thunderous bursts of thunder, and Zhao Yuande's shaking head couldn't help but feel dizzy.

As long as he rises first, stay away from this big guy, otherwise he was shocked before he could find a way out.

"Yuande! My new body has been merged, when will I let it out!" At this time, Zhao Yuande's ear heard Xia Mingyu's voice.