Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482: Surrender

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"Oh!" Zhao Yuande's face was slightly happy, and he returned directly to the other side of the world.

Sure enough, he saw that during the day Yu stood in front of him, his **** arm had completely recovered, but his eyes had changed from the original coldness to gentleness!

"Sure enough! And the spirit is very fit!" There was a trace of envy in Feng Cang's eyes.

"The first ancestor, otherwise I will get you one too?" Zhao Yuande asked Feng Cang to ask respectfully.

"Forget it! Although this kind of flesh is not bad, it is a restriction for me in the future!" Feng Cang shook his head.

"I don't care, but I am specializing in my soul and I will find a stronger body in the future. I'll change it again!" Xia Mingyu's face showed excitement only, moving his hands and feet to give the child a feeling of getting a new toy.

"That's right! Have the two ancestors ever heard of the ancient creature such as the ice dragon?" Zhao Yuande was just worried about the matter at this time, thinking that these two people were all supernatural characters in his lifetime, and he couldn't help asking.

"Ice Frost Dragon? Are you talking about the little guy in the Frost Abyss?" Xia Mingyu obviously knew the existence of this frost dragon.

"Good! That's it, I'm in the Ice Abyss now!" Zhao Yuande said how he entered the Ice Abyss and what he encountered in the Ice Abyss.

"Well! Zhiyangtongtian array, once an increase in the formation of Zhiyang Gods in the sea of stars, the power is quite good, according to your current cultivation practice is indeed unbreakable!" Feng Cangzi blinked, seems to be thinking What countermeasures.

"Hey! This is simple, let the ice dragon break the formation directly! I have communicated with this little guy once! As long as we can find a way to get it out, it will definitely help us! And... And maybe I can surrender it!" Xia Mingyu's face showed a hint of excitement.

"What! Can you surrender it?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but burst of ecstasy!

"You can't! It's too weak, especially the soul is too weak!" Xia Mingyu glanced at Zhao Yuande, obviously disdainful, "This little guy is very proud, if he doesn't have the power to suppress it, don't want to surrender it! I It's okay, and you... it's too far away!"

"Oh!" Facing these two ancestors who lived for hundreds of millions of years, Zhao Yuande didn't dare to say much, but nodded slightly.

"Your kid doesn't believe it!" Xia Mingyu clearly knew Zhao Yuande's thoughts and smiled at him, "Let you see how powerful my soul is!"

Immediately afterwards, Zhao Yuande felt a force of terrifying and terrifying souls, and his control of the other side of the world suddenly changed, and then Zhao Yuande felt that the world was overturned, and he seemed to be suppressed at once. Under a world that is vaster than the fairyland.

"Stop...stop now!" Zhao Yuande's face changed at this time!

"Hey! This is the spirit of the early fairy emperor, what do you think?" Zhao Yuande returned to the other side of the world at the next moment and found that nothing happened just now.

"All right! Don't show your little strength in front of the children!" Feng Cang beside him was obviously not happy.

"Yes! Yes! My brother-in-law said very much! My strength is really too small in front of my brother-in-law!" Hearing Feng Cang seemed unhappy, Xia Mingyu's face hurriedly showed a smile, and looked a little cautious. .

As soon as Zhao Yuande moved, he knew immediately that Xia Mingyu was able to say this, because Feng Cang was stronger than him!

Therefore, Feng Cang now has at least the soul of the gods beyond the early stage of the fairy emperor!

With only a glance left, only a few months later, this ancestor was able to reach this height, making Zhao Yuande's expectations for Feng Cang a little higher.

"Okay, now you send us out! I help Mingyu conquer the frost dragon!" Feng Cang looked at Zhao Yuande and nodded gently to him.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande answered respectfully.

"Thank you brother-in-law!" Xia Mingyu was also full of excitement.

Obviously, he is still not confident about his tame frost dragon, and now the help of Feng Cang should be stable.

"That's right! Yuande boy, don't call it the name of the ancestor in the future. I'm so uncomfortable, you just call my senior!" Xia Mingyu pulled Zhao Yuande.

"All right! Senior Xia!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

As for Feng Cang, that is his true ancestor, he can't be so casual.

Zhao Yuande sent Xia Mingyu and Feng Cang out of the other side of the world.

Xia Mingyu rushed down into the abyss, but Feng Cang was not in a hurry. He stood beside Zhao Yuande silently, but his eyes were deep, and turned into two chaotic rays of light shot below the abyss.


At this time, there was a roaring sound under the abyss, a cold air swept toward the upper direction, and Zhao Yuande saw Xia Mingyu's stabilization of his body in the cold air.

"Boy! Don't show that expression, I just got the body, and the manipulation is not yet skilled!" Seeing Zhao Yuande's strange expression, Xia Mingyu obviously had a trace of embarrassment.

"Oh! I know! Senior Xia needs no explanation, so let's surrender to the guy below!" Zhao Yuande waved to him.


A huge ice dragon rushed up from under the abyss, shaking his head like a real dragon.

Binglong opened his mouth and swallowed Xia Mingyu into his belly!

"The ancestor..." Zhao Yuande saw this scene and immediately looked anxiously towards Feng Cang.

"It's okay, he didn't die so easily!" Feng Cang waved his hand, beckoning him not to worry.


A golden mango shredded the ice dragon. Xia Mingyu rushed out of the ice dragon's abdomen.

The power of that magical power has far exceeded the power that the world can master.

Xia Mingyu's power was obviously not suppressed by the rules in this trial space!

This is what Zhao Yuande has in mind. It seems that the prince who once lived in a fairyland seems to know the loophole in this trial space and can really exert his power.

"Little fellow! I fight with you!" Xia Mingyu rushed toward the bottom of the abyss with an angry look on his face.


"I fight with you..."




Xia Mingyu flew up and down again and again by the power of terror.

"Brother-in-law! Don't watch the excitement!" Xia Mingyu spouted blood in a beating, and finally could not help it.

"I'm going! Be careful!" Feng Cang glanced at Zhao Yuande and patted his shoulder lightly.

"Careful ancestor!" Zhao Yuande said, and his body flew upward hundreds of miles again and again.