Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483: Hallucination

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Feng Cang's figure disappeared in place in an instant, and Zhao Yuande saw a huge figure appear in the abyss at the next moment.

This figure is standing upright, and I don't know how many miles it is!


Zhao Yuande only heard a horrified cry from the bottom of the abyss, and then quieted down below.

"It turns out! The original ancestors are so powerful!" Zhao Yuande's mouth was trembling at this time. If he knew it earlier, he would still ask Qiuyuan what to do, and directly ask the ancestors to take the shot to break the Yangtong Tian array!

But after a while, I saw Feng Cang reappearing in front of me. From this time, Xia Mingyu was holding a black rope, and at the other end was a three-foot-long dragon. Ice dragon!

"Hehe!" Xia Mingyu came to Zhao Yuande's side and flaunted the rope in his hand, blinking against Zhao Yuande.

"Senior Xia, this ice dragon?" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiaolong, his face showing expectations.

"No problem, this little guy wants to break through to the Yangtong sky array. It's very simple." Xia Mingyu glanced at the ice dragon, and he didn't know what language Guru had spoken in his mouth.

The ice dragon began to shake his head straight, but then Xia Mingyu pointed to Zhao Yuande and Feng Cang, and he grumbled again.

The eyes of the Frost Ice Dragon swept on Zhao Yuande's body, and fell on Feng Cang's body without staying. Then the whole body was a trembling, then turned his head and nodded for a while.

Although Zhao Yuande couldn't understand what the other party was saying, he could vaguely step on it. The other party was obviously the wind and wind to frighten the ice dragon.

Apparently, the ice dragon had just eaten Feng Cang's bitterness and was afraid of him, so he nodded.

"Oh! This guy only accepted, not scaring it!" Xia Mingyu was obviously embarrassed.

"Okay! Start now!" Feng Cang waved his hands impatiently.

"Okay! Everything listens to my brother-in-law!" After Feng Cang's shot just now, Xia Mingyu obviously felt strong pressure, and his heart was even more awe-inspiring towards Feng Cang.

"Take us up first!" Xia Mingyu patted the head of the ice dragon and pointed far away.

The ice dragon looked at Feng Cang subconsciously, then nodded and growled.

The body of the ice dragon began to swell and then swelled. The body of the original one or three feet was suddenly filled with most of the abyss, especially the lower body was still curled up. In these thousands of miles high, you It was not yet possible for God to fully unfold.

And the black chain in Xia Mingyu's hands expanded as the ice dragon's body expanded into a tens of thousands of thick chains.

Zhao Yuande had already seen the extraordinary nature of this black chain, and now he was even more surprised. Where did Xia Mingyu come from this treasure?

"Come on!" Xia Mingyu directly jumped onto the head of the ice dragon, waving at Zhao Yuande and Feng Cang.

Zhao Yuande felt the terrifying power extinguished inadvertently by the ice dragon, and his body shivered for a while, but he still clenched his teeth and jumped directly onto the head of the ice dragon.

Feng Cang disappeared directly on the spot, and appeared next to Chaoyuan at the next moment.

When Feng Cang's feet stepped on the head of the ice dragon, the ice dragon couldn't help but shudder, and there was a horrifying whine in his throat!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be curious. Just a moment ago, the ancestor scared this big guy like this. How did the ancestor ruin it?

When Zhao Yuande was curious, he only felt that the ice dragon under him suddenly took off, and the speed was almost so fast that he fell without a foothold.

He stabilized his body, only to see the scene changes around him, but in an instant he saw the entrance of the abyss of ice, and a hazy light shrouded above it.

"Look! What is that?"

A disciple of the Han family presided over the large array, and he saw a huge dark shadow appearing in the abyss of ice, and he was pale and scared.

"That's a dragon...Ice Dragon!"

"What is it going to do! Hurry up... Hurry up!"


Just as everyone watched in horror as the ice dragon opened its huge dragon mouth and blew a white gas towards their Zhiyang Tongtian formation, they instantly felt a burst of cold coming from their bodies. It is a cold physique, but there is still a feeling that the blood pressure is frozen.

They felt a force of unhindered resistance and wanted to open up a large array to let this white gas out, but it was too late!


Zhiyangtongtian array seemed to be covered with a thick layer of ice at once, and then there was a click, and then a huge crack spread from the frozen large array.

"Wow!" The frozen ice burst to the ground like glass.


Several people in charge of the large array opened a mouthful of bright red blood, and their faces suddenly turned pale.

Especially the silver-haired young man sitting in the middle of the array. His face was extremely pale. The whole person staggered and almost fell to the ground.

"Brother! How are you?"

"Brother! Are you okay!"


People all around rushed forward, trying to support the silver-haired young man.


The silver-haired youth roared, and firmed his footsteps.

"Who can tell what this is, why is it so powerful, isn't it suppressed here in the world?" The silver-haired youth roared again and again, his eyes showing unwillingness.

Zhiyangtongtian array broke open, and several pieces of Xianbao that suppressed the yang qi all shattered.

If he took advantage of this opportunity, Zhao Yuande ran out, I am afraid that the endless assassination is waiting for them.

Everyone was silent, with a fearful expression on their faces.

"Brother! That dragon is gone!" At this moment a voice came into everyone's ears, and everyone turned to look into the abyss, the huge ice dragon actually disappeared silently!

"Is it just an illusion?" Some people rubbed their eyes and were puzzled.

"You hallucinations! Hallucinations can break our large array, can hallucinations seriously hurt us?"

"Who saw, did anyone escape the abyss with Ice Dragon just now?"

"did not see"


"Give me a cold shaji nine turnaround immediately to prevent that person from escaping!" The silver-haired youth's complexion is very unsightly, but he still doesn't think it is related to Zhao Yuande at this time, but the ice dragon has been underneath for a long time, Want to go out and see!

But what they didn't know was that at this time, Zhao Yuande had taken advantage of everyone's shock, and rushed out of the abyss of ice to cover his body with the yin and yang sky mirror.