Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484: Wind Chirping

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Once out of the ice abyss, Xia Mingyu disappeared into Zhao Yuande's field of vision while riding the ice dragon, and Feng Cang still returned to his inner world at this time to continue his cultivation.

Out of the ice abyss, Zhao Yuande did not rush to share this good news with Sun Yang because they are still recovering at the moment.

He quietly sneaked into the outer periphery of the Han family's encirclement and began his assassination plan.

At the outermost periphery of the Han family's encirclement, three Han family disciples gathered at this time to discuss the terrorist incident that occurred in the ice abyss just now.

"Hey! Did you see that ice dragon just now? The head, with the faucet alone, is tens of thousands of feet long, and each of the scales is the size of a palace!"

"I also saw that that kind of power is almost comparable to the ancestor of the fairy monarch!"

"It seems that there is something wrong, why is the power of this ice dragon beyond the world, is it not subject to the rules?"

"This... this is possible, ah!"

A man was talking and suddenly saw a sword pierce his eyebrow, and then his head exploded directly.

"Someone! Come out for me!"

"Sudden attack! Sudden attack!"

The remaining two saw their companions explode in front of their faces, and they were all terrified.

However, they had just finished speaking, and they felt that their neck was directly pinched by a powerful hand, and then they heard the sound of a bone fracture.

And then...they flew their heads into the air and then exploded directly!

Many disciples of the Han family heard the screams of these three people, and they all came in this direction, but except for the three headless bodies on the ground, neither figure was seen.

"Brother! No, we have three brothers who were killed!" The matter immediately reached the ears of the silver-haired youth.

"What! Who did it?" The face of the silver-haired youth changed slightly, and he couldn't help but jump in his heart. He knew that what he was worried about had finally happened.

It seems that the ice dragon must have been made by Zhao Yuande, otherwise how could it be so coincident that an ice dragon rushed out of the ice abyss!

"Immediately raise everyone's vigilance, and immediately send an alarm when you meet an unknown person!"

"yes, Sir!"

The command of the silver-haired youth instantly caused panic to everyone, but they had heard that dozens of disciples in the Baidi Palace were silently killed by people, and they hadn't even seen the figure!

Now this matter is spread over their heads, so that they can not be afraid!

However, the following continuous news of someone being assassinated was all a fatal blow, and all the heads shattered, as if there was any deep hatred between the Han family.

"Damn! Damn! How did our Han family provoke this guy and let him do nothing at all!" The silver-haired young man's eyes were bloodshot and his face was black and black, and he hammered a punch on the ground in front of him, "Immediately Bring everyone together, at least ten people as a team, don't act without permission!"

At this time, in a place not far from here, Tianyizong's people are gathering together in twos and threes, chatting about the sky.

"Hey! You said this time, the kid named Zhao Yuande, can really die in the abyss of ice?"

"Do you know how terrifying the Abyss of Ice is? I still asked such a childish question, who have you safely walked out of from these hundreds of millions of years!"

"That's the case, it seems that we don't have to worry about this guy in the future...ah!"


One of them was talking, and suddenly a scream was made, and his head flew high.

The other man just shouted in horror and found a sword light shot from the void, directly into his eyebrows.

Many days ago, a disciple saw this scene, and a person's name appeared in their hearts!

"Zhao Yuande! It must be him, everyone be careful, this guy escaped from the ice abyss!"

"Five people form a big five-element formation, don't give him a chance..."




The Tianyizong people were chaotic and gathered together, but the big formation had not yet been formed, and several screams came in a row.

Many of them have heard about how Zhao Yuande killed more than a dozen people in Baidi Palace during the daytime, and panic spread in Tianyizong's hearts.

But at this time, he left Tianyizong's site again and came to the place where Baidi Palace occupies.

There are the most people in the Baidi Palace, with more than 300 people. However, they just saw that there was some chaos in the Tianyi camp, but they did not know what happened.

Zhao Yuande shuttled among more than 300 disciples in the White Emperor's Palace, looking for some single-handed people to continually shoot and kill, but in just a dozen breathing time, he had beheaded nine people in a row.

After the Baidi Palace reacted, Zhao Yuande never appeared again.

The three major forces, eight or nine hundred people, were all screaming at this time!

But at this time, Zhao Yuande stood in the void and watched the formation of three heavy formations, defending the camp like an iron barrel, and there was a trace of helplessness on his face.

But after all, he was a very patient person, and he simply found a hidden place and summoned Zhao Shizi to let him observe the actions of these three forces.

I simply entered the trial space of the other side of the world, and began to use 50 times the time flow rate to practice.

He was in the ice abyss just now, and it was considered to have experienced successive battles, and he also realized some mysteries of the magical glacier hand. It was just at this opportunity to master this clock magical skill.

When practicing, time is always passing and fast.

When Zhao Yuande woke up again, he received a message from Zhao Fourteen, saying that the three forces had gradually begun to evacuate the ice abyss.

Zhao Yuande was about to leave the other side of the world, and he saw a golden light blaze towards himself. It turned out that Xiao Jin felt his breath.

At this time, Xiao Jin's body was once again full and three feet long, and the breath on his body was a little bit magnificent, especially the golden eyes of his eyes, exuding a very fierce and fierce breath.

However, when it flew in front of Zhao Yuande, it was again transformed into a slap size that steadily fell on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, gently rubbing Zhao Yuande's cheek with his head.

"What's wrong, are you bored here?" Zhao Yuande touched Xiao Jin's little head, and there was a faint look on his face.

"Tweet!" Xiao Jin nodded vigorously, his eyes full of expectation.

You have to know that a powerful presence like Golden Winged Dapeng has grown up in endless killings since childhood, and it can only become stronger during battles. Fierce beast.

"Okay! Then we will go out and fight together!"

Zhao Yuande naturally knew these truths too, and his body flashed back to the outside world.