Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485: Narrow Path

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At this time, the three major forces have begun to evacuate here in an orderly manner. Each of them is careful, and they are all in a team of seven or eight people or even a dozen people. They are separated by thousands of feet before and after.

The most hated of Zhao Yuande is naturally the Han family, and the direction of the Han family's evacuation at this time also happened to pass through his hiding place.

"It's really a narrow road!" Zhao Yuande hides his body and looks at the cold family lined up in the sky, with a cruel sneer drawn in the corner of his mouth.

"Go! Xiaojin, let's go to kill!" Zhao Yuande watched the Han family's team flying over his head, and he followed him quietly.

The last person flying in the Han family was a team of eight. At this time, all of their eyes were shining, all watching the surroundings, and carefully sensing all the changes around them.

They dare not carelessly, nor dare to speak, so that the slight changes in the air flow in the air will affect their judgment.

And there is another team of people less than thirty feet in front of them. The two teams are so close to each other, they can completely echo each other. As long as there is wind and grass, they can come over immediately.


They all heard a burst of air.

They hadn't responded yet, but they saw only one big and one small golden light flying towards them at an incredible speed.

The two golden lights were like two heavenly swords, and then they appeared in front of them. At the speed of their brain's reaction, there was no sound in the throat, and they were cut into four halves by the two golden lights.

Blood spilled into the sky, and the stumped arm fell and fell.

The two golden lights disappeared into the void in no time. If it wasn't for the fierce scene, it really seemed to have never appeared.

"He...coming!" Another team only thirty feet away from them. Someone witnessed all this with their own eyes, and suddenly a terrified look appeared in their eyes!

"So fast"

Someone's eyes were dull, still unbelievably watching the broken void cut by the two golden lights just now.

"Immediately fell to the ground, gathered together, the power of the world to suppress the void, so that he no longer has the opportunity to take advantage!" Soon came the silver-haired youth's order.

It is a good idea to unleash the power of the world and suppress the void. Although it is very expensive, being able to control the void around you anytime, anywhere can avoid the tragedy just now.

The two golden lights are naturally Zhao Yuande and Xiao Jin. Zhao Yuande's incarnation of Kunpeng has the speed and power of terror that can cut the void, and Xiao Jin's speed is now a few points faster than that of Zhao Yuande.

They are simply a match made in heaven, and together they can easily kill a large group of cultivators of the same level.

The trembling Han family is now like a frightened bird.

But they waited for a long time, but nothing happened again.


A series of screams came from the sky in the distance.

The Han family's eyes all looked in the direction of the scream, and found that the two golden lights were much faster than the lightning, as if glancing at them, their eyes could not react at all.

"That kind of speed is simply not what our level can achieve. Who is he!" Some Han family members were shivering. He entered the trial area later. He had never seen Zhao Yuande's power before.

"I only know that he has mastered Kunpeng's true body, and the speed is incredible! And the rankings in the Trial Palace can be actively hidden, and the opponents of the same rank can be slaughtered at will..." Some people looked a little frightened, as if they thought of the legends of Zhao Yuande.

"We... so many of us, are we still afraid of him alone?" Someone's voice was obviously trembling, saying that he was not afraid of the terrible fear in his heart.


Just as everyone was talking in a whisper, they again saw two golden lights flash in the distance.

"That's the direction of the White Emperor Palace..."

"Demon! This man must be a demon!"

"'s a demon... he must be a terrible demon!"


Many people already had fear in their hearts at this time, and they began to guess wildly about Zhao Yuande's true identity.

Looking at the frightened faces of many disciples of the Han family, no matter how calm the silver-haired youth is at this moment, I can't help but feel some drumming!

Zhao Yuande slaughtered the three major forces once again, reducing them by more than 20 people. If the number of the previous deaths had already reached 40 people!

If this is placed in the outside world, it is simply stabbing the sky into a big hole. The three forces may hunt down Zhao Yuande to death, but here is the trial space, even if the immortal emperor comes in, it must be honestly clamped. The tail is lifelike.

Panic was boiling in the crowd, and everyone looked around in horror, waiting for the next attack.

But they did not know that Zhao Yuande had quietly retreated at this time and returned to the safe area.

Because the three forces besieged the ice abyss, there were not so many people in the security zone at this time, but Zhao Yuande still saw the girl at a glance.

Zhao Yuande's figure was blurred, and the shuttle void appeared directly in front of the girl.

"You... you're back!" The girl saw Zhao Yuande's figure appearing, and she suddenly showed surprise in her eyes.


Zhao Yuande waved at him, beckoning her to keep quiet.

The girl nodded quickly and covered her mouth!

Zhao Yuande walked with the girl to the tenth house, although it was also part of the security zone, but it was very quiet and empty.

Ordinary people stop at the first eight levels, the ninth level, the tenth level, and even the next two levels, basically no one will patronize, so even if the safety zone is overcrowded, in a fear of the unknown, many people will not come here .

Just like a haunted house, many people feel horrified when they hear it. Although they know that it will be fine during the daytime, they will bypass it subconsciously every time they pass by!

"Brother Zhengyu and they..." The girl asked cautiously when she saw no one around her. Her eyes were full of anticipation.

"It's all back!" Zhao Yuande chuckled, waved his sleeves, and a dozen figures appeared in front of him.

It was the Sun Family, Xuan Ji Sect, and Shen Tujia and so on.

"Brother!" The girl saw Zheng Yu's figure at the first glance, and she couldn't help but directly fell into his arms, and began to cry in self-defense.

"What's the matter? What about your sister?" Zheng Yu's face suddenly changed when he saw the girl, and then he seemed to guess something, and his beautiful face showed a very angry look.

But soon he felt the trembling of the girl in his arms, the clothes soaked in tears on his chest, and he felt guilt and compassion in his heart.

He patted the girl's back gently and said softly, "Okay! Okay! I know, I will definitely avenge my sister and sister, and I will let them repay blood and blood!"