Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1486

Chapter 1486: The Number Is Full

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Everyone was very excited when they saw the return to the safe area, but when they saw this scene, the flame of hatred in their hearts suddenly ignited again.

Everyone looked sullen and rushed out to avenge the dead.

"Brother Zhao, what do you do now?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande. He knew that only Zhao Yuande had the ability to take their revenge.

"This hatred must be reported, but you can't be in a hurry first. It is best to be able to unite all the people who are dissatisfied with the three families. Once a certain number is reached, I have the confidence to break the three families one by one!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment to continue Said, "But these people must be reliable. We are a surprise attack. In case of any disturbance, the other party may find out that they will kill us!"

"Well! It's not difficult at this time, just give it to me!" Sun Yang nodded, a nervous and excited expression appeared on his face, and he squeezed his hand on the indignant crowd. "Don't be impulsive, everyone. Now, the three major forces are close to a thousand people. When we go out, we are going to be a tribute. Now we have to draw some people as much as possible to strengthen our strength. Only in this way can the other party be afraid and it is possible to destroy them!"

"Okay! There should be more than a dozen people scattered in the Shen Tu family!" Shen Tu Yingjie stood up, "But now that the three forces are united, wouldn't we fall into their hands if we went out?"

"Brother Shen Tu, rest assured! I will go out to deter them, so that they will not dare to act rashly!" Zhao Yuande nodded and said lightly, "Everyone can go out to find people, I guarantee that the three forces will never pose a threat to you for the time being."

When everyone heard it, their eyes lit up.

Everyone knows Zhao Yuande's ability, especially if he can take them out of the abyss of ice, which makes everyone

"My Sun family came in about thirty people, but all of them were washed away. Now I will go out and find!" Sun Yang nodded, and his figure disappeared in front of everyone.

"There are also a few people in Xuanji Sect. It should be in the Emperor District now!" Jiang Jian said, and then stepped out, turning into a sword light and disappearing into the void.

Seeing the people leaving with determination, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but have a sense of pride in his heart. These people can trust him so unconditionally, which makes him pay more attention to these people.

"You go to find An Yunlan in Anjia!" Zhao Yuande saw that only the girl and Zhengyu were left at the end. Since she thought of something to them, "If she is hesitant, you say that the **** chef let you come!"

"Shen Chu?" The two looked at Zhao Yuande strangely.

"Okay, as long as she is willing to come, I will explain to her!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and his figure disappeared instantly.

The people of the three major forces have been on the spot for a full hour, but they never saw Zhao Yuande appear again. They did not know that Zhao Yuande went back and returned again.

"Cousin! Was it just consumed here? We came in to look for opportunities, to come to the trial palace, but can't go on like this!" Enchanted red-haired woman next to the silver-haired youth frowned.

"Hey! This person is really scary!" The silver-haired young man couldn't help but suffocate for a while. Although he was extremely powerful, he was suppressed by the world in the world!

At this time, if he is the original state, it is no better than sticking to this place, he can kill the opponent himself.

Almost everyone here has this idea in mind. Almost all of them are Divine Emperor Realm Emperor Realm, but Hanjia Gongji is mainly spiritual and divine soul. The physical body is very general. As soon as the realm is suppressed, they are suppressed by more than 70% of their strength. , So they feel suffocated!

"Otherwise we forget to go directly to the safe zone. Let's go through the twelve levels first and let the rewards go before we talk about it!" the red-haired woman suggested.

"Okay! Inform everyone not to relax, according to the current formation, we set off to the safe zone!" The silver-haired youth waved his hand.

"Yes!" This was the expression of relief on the red-haired woman's face.

The other two forces naturally had the same dialogue, and they soon all set out in the direction of the safe zone.

Standing in the sky, Zhao Yuande looked at the iron buckets of the three forces, felt the power of the powerful world released around them, and frowned.

However, their direction is the security zone, which is exactly in line with Zhao Yuande's intention. As long as they all enter the security zone, no one will be attacked by them outside, and his goal is considered to be achieved.

Originally, it was only a tea kung fu to return to the safe area. Because these guys had to guard against Zhao Yuande's sneak attack, it took a full half an hour to arrive.

After everyone entered the safe area, the entire safe area was stuffed like canned sardines, and people were next to each other.

"Everyone enters the trial palace for trial!" The silver-haired youth first gave orders to the family.

When they reached the safe area, these people all took a long breath, and the depression caused by the fear in their hearts gradually disappeared.

A relief expression appeared on each face.

Hearing the order to enter the Trial Palace, they all began to enter it in order.

However, it only entered seven people, and the eighth person was directly sent out with a step.

The man's doubts on his face looked at the people in a silly way.

"What the **** is going on?" the crowd asked, looking at him incredulously.

"He...he said...the number of people in this trial is full!" the man replied inconceivably. "Is there still a limit to the number of trials?"

"What happened!" The silver-haired youth stepped forward.

"Young Master, just now I was sent out into the Trial Palace. There was a voice suggesting that the number of people in this trial was full!" The man replied when he saw the silver-haired young man approaching, and bowed his head in a state of uneasiness.

"What!" The silver-haired youth suddenly changed his face when he heard this!

This time he came to test the palace!

His cultivation level was too high, he missed the trial of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom, and changes occurred in the trial area, so that people of his cultivation mode can also enter freely. He originally thought that he could take this opportunity to see the legendary trial palace.

More importantly, the family ancestor told him not to miss the Trial Palace, because only the Trial Palace is the greatest opportunity for the Xianguo trial, because each pass will have a rich reward!

Among these rewards, there are even six grades of immortals, powerful magical powers!

To this end, the Han family paid a huge amount of money to send all the outstanding children of the Han family's Divine Emperor Realm, Emperor Realm and World Realm.

The silver-haired young man can be said to be ashamed, wanting to show his hands and feet in the Palace of Trials, but did not expect such a thing to happen.